9 October 2010

Wham bam, thank you ma'am!

So called because today's gonna have to be a quickie. Off to spend the night with my awesome friend, some Chinese food, some gin and the X-Factor (yes, I watch that shit. I can't help it. I don't vote though and I never buy the god awful music that comes out of it. Mind you, I did vote for Will Young and I do have a Girls Aloud album. What?!) and I have to shower and get out pronto!
Today I am wearing ugly clothes. I spent the morning swinging through the trees and being dragged through woodchip at Go Ape. I AM action woman. Seriously, I'm a ball hair away (apologies to those of a sensitive disposition. I nearly peed when I first heard that phrase and I've never tired of it. Technically, if you're being Scottish, it's a baw hair too) from jumping on a plane to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior, so actionous am I! So, today's ugly clothes aside, let's look at something nicer I wore this week. Something which included pair of shoes # 24!

Believe it or not (and when I look at them sometimes, I really don't), they're from bargain emporium Matalan. Really. They were about 7 quid in the sale a year or so ago. They're purple faux suede with a faux snakeskin platform and conical heel. I love a conical heel, I love a platform and I'm a fan of purple too. So, really, an all round winner, innit?
And much like yesterday, we have an indoor and outdoor look to go with them - can I get an 'ooh!'!? You may have realised that I'm really rather digging my H&M aviator because here it is again. You may also be growing tired of the sight of the grey Urban Outfitters dress I have on AGAIN. What can I say, I don't have either a limitless wardrobe or budget. However, I think I'm gonna hop back on my sewing machine again soon and try knocking up some purdy little dresses.

And let's take it indoors:

And it's a slightly mental look again! Darn red eye! Anyway, underneath the jacket and dress, shaweeeeeee, we have black and pink heart print Uniqlo leggings (my tubby legs love their leggings) and a purple H&M  belt and cardi, plus my super cute ASOS, like-the-socks-you-wore-at-school ankle socks with frill. I love them. If your shoes are remotely loose though they rub a bugger at the heel! I learned this the hard way.And you better believe it's time for a close up!

My necklace was from eBay aaaaages ago when I was into quirky plastic necklaces. Sometimes, I feel the urge to whip back out one of those plastic necklaces. Time for zoom: 

Time to go wash people - over and out! Unless you have any worthwhile singstar suggestions for after the X-Factor. Dude, did you think a night of chat, X-Factor, Chinese and gin could POSSIBLY be complete without singstar. We're so gonna put those stage show brats to shame...uh-huh. Oh yeah. OK, I should stop. Now.

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