25 May 2010

Err...why does the World Cup have to infiltrate everything?

Get excited people, it's time for my first picture. But, brace yourself, it's not a good one...

Yes, that's right. Some people feel that they're not doing business right unless they cash in on the World Friggin' cup. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of pretty, silky underwear and of girls enjoying the beautiful game (couldn't give a shit about it myself, but there you go) but a line must be drawn somewhere. There is NO excuse for wearing football 'fashion' any more than there is for wearing Skechers...they're another story for another day though.

24 May 2010

hot, hot heat

So, wow - it's been a beautiful weekend! Especially for us pasty Scottish folk. But the hot weather got me to thinking about fashion crimes commited when the temperature soars AND those who get it right when the mercury rises.

On Saturday, I chose to rock (if I do say so myself), my gorgeous new yellow leopard print maxi dress, courtesy of H and M, belted at the waist so as not to look like a moo-moo. Fling on some gold Havaianas (the most comfortable flip flop) and I was hot to trot. Of course it was far too hot to trot anywhere, so I made do with a casual stroll.

Now, there were some lovely ladies out there working fabulous looks. I'm favouring rolled up denim cut off shorts with an oversized slouchy vest or cotton top worked with some slouchy military sandals - check out these lovelies from schuh! Anything that says casual and comfortable yet chic works for me. Sadlly, my legs are not fortunate enough to be knocking about in shorts but I just look on enviously and give silent fashion points to anyone I see doing a good job with them.

What doesn't work? Hmm - black skinnies, black top, tan leather jacket? Any other day, I'd rate it as understated chic. On a HOT day, it's a sweaty mess of a no-no! Ditto military boots. I am LOVING them and am so on for them being worked for S/S - it's schuh ones I'm feeling again - but, on a day so hot, they're all wrong. However, my pet hate is the very British, 'no idea what to do on a hot day' wearers of inappropriate-unless-in-a-gym (and even them you're pushing it) jersey leisure wear. It does no favour and makes the lithest of people look lumpy. And slobby. Oh dear. Still, maybe better that than a crispy yet wobbly overexposed torso, eh?

Ladies, if in doubt, flaunt what you got, and hide what you don't with cool cotton. God bless the maxi dress...

ps - Baz Luhrmann (or Mary Schmich) had it bang on with the sunscreen!

18 May 2010


Yes, it's predictable but the blog title's clearly inspired by fashion's fave trash columnist.

I love leopard print, t-shirts dresses, sequins and anything shiny! And cardigans and lurex!

In the beginning...

Hello everyone.

Or noone! Hopefully there'll be some someones looking at this sometime soon though, eh?! I'm starting this to flex my pen shaped muscle, so to speak, after discovering an enjoyment of writing through my job. And since my job involved bits and bobs of writing here and there, I guess that's kinda lucky!

I'm loving all over fashion but I'm not a slave to the trends nor a huge worker of some of them. I have thigh shaped obstacles when it comes to certain things, especially if they're too short or tight! I've tried kidding on that I'm one of those who'd live on beans for a month and spend the money on clothes but it's just not true. I spend the money on the bean upgrade AND the clothes. And the shoes - ooh the shoes! Anyhoo, it doesn't stop me wanting to share prettinesses I've found or indeed opinions!

Most likely, I'll try a bit of being funny or satirical on here. Bear with me - I'm just testing it out. And bear with me if the blog's a bit shit to start off with. I'm sure I'll find my groove soon!