26 August 2011

Matalan Style Project AKA a begging post

Hey guys! How are you all? As usual I am all busy-ed up to the max and am even working away tomorrow (Saturday). Yup, rocking the 6 day week! Today was a good one though - we got take away Wagamama for lunch at work and, after accidentally ending up at a pub quiz the night before, it was very welcome!

Now, today I am mainly chatting about being involved in the Matalan Style Project. Please click here to vote for me! Yup, lil ol' me is practically famous. Sort of. The lovely girls at Matalan contacted me a wee while back to ask if I'd be interested in being involved in their challenge which involves styling up a Matalan outfit for £50. The theme they contacted me about was rock chick. Which, frankly, is perfect - I spent most of my teens working one version or other of rock chick. There was indie chick, skatey chick, grungy chick, slightly hippie rock chick...it was totes my thing. Plus, I had an awesome scowl to go with it. So, it seemed only natural that when it came to styling up Rock Chick for Matalan, regression was the key! I am taking it back to the 90s! Here are all the looks:

Please click through, scroll to the bottom and vote Little Scribbler by commenting!
Now, the other girls all look very slim, beautiful and glamorous but I reckon I've nailed it. What? If you don't blow your own trumpet, then who will? So considering me hooting and blowing away like Sonya off Eastenders. Here's a closer look at the combo:

Pleeeeeeease click through, scroll to the bottom and pop Little Scribbler in the comment box. I don't even mind if you say I look smelly!
The skank hair, the dark lippie, the floral DM-a-like boots artfully untied, the lace collar, the baggy men's check shirt (oh yes, I thought big-picture enough to throw menswear into the mix. Surely Courtney wore Kurt's shirts all the time!) - it all says grungy RAWK. The rest are too pretty, too clean, too smiley (I'm not a hater this is just my campaign speech!) - vote for the dirty, smelly looking girl who clearly has beer in her hair and belly (I never drink beer FYI) and all over her shoes, having come fresh from the mosh pit where she was ROCKING. VOTE LITTLE SCRIBBLER!

Perhaps I should become a campaign/speech writer.

21 August 2011

I pledge my allegiance to SHOES!

Yay! Yay for shoes! Let's be clear, I work in shoes so I'm surrounded by them all the time and can't help getting obsessed by them. However, the wider shoe world must just see me coming and laugh gleefully, rubbing their hands, safe in the knowledge their tills will soon be ringing. case in point: these Jeffrey Campbells:

You may recall I blogged about them a while back. And, as you may be able to tell (if you're a foot pervert or just, like, obsessed with me or something), these are them on my feet. Oh yes, I found myself with a little spare cashola and I made the dream a reality. It's like freakin' X factor or something, isn't it? Without the sob story or looking like total freakazoid and having the voice of an angel stuff going on. I do enjoy a freaky person with an amazers voice. It makes you question all your preconceptions and judgements and that's a nice thing. Until you realise that you're judgemental and have all kinds of preconceived ideas and really you should probably wash your mouth and brain out with nasty caustic soap. Anyway, look how happy me and the shoes are. Woo!

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell @ Solestruck, Dress: Tesco, Shirt: Primark, Belt: H&M, Hairband: can't remember, badge: work
Jumpin'. So these are pair # 67. If you can't see what's awesome about them you're clearly blind. Or hate America so much you can't see past the design being like their flag. My feelings towards America are fairly neutral. Most people I've met there or from there are very nice and I shall judge it based on that. Ooh, except one girl who went out with a dude we knew. She was a massive douche. Still, see how I do not judge the rest of America on that basis #nonjudgemental. #noreally. Point being that I don't really give a crap about any flag and if you present me with a candy stripe heel and navy canvas upper resplendent with bold white star print, PLUS a fuck off platform and adorable t-bar all wrapped up in a totally comfy shoe, I am YOURS baby! Or you're mine. Whatever. Here they are again for your ogling pleasure. Brace yourself! I'm off to read some of my fave blogs!

18 August 2011

Vintage at Southbank

You may have heard, a coupla of weeks ago, that it was Vintage at Southbank (this year's version of last year's Vintage at Goodwood festival). I was in London at the time and was lucky enough to win VIP tickets from ASOS! I won them via a photo competition where you had to send a pic of you styled to fit a certain era. I won the 80s category with this beaut:

To be fair, the outfit was originally for fancy dress. Either way, I freakin' love this dress that I got in a Peebles charity shop for £7 "because a strap was broken". Well, I whapped the straps off as soon as I got it home - with boning like this baby has, they weren't needed!

Anyway, winning the comp got me to thinking about some of my fave outfits featuring vintage items. Being very much a mix of high street and second hand, with more of the high street, the vintage bits in my wardrobe tend to be highlights. So here are some of my favourite items:

Vintage skirt: Gigi Vintage £7

Vintage Michel Adam dress Tarquin and Petunia. The best thing about winter will be being able to wear this jumper dress again - it's far too warm for it just now.

Vintage dress £12.50 from a website who's name I now can't remember but I do know it closed down - sad times. Amazing dress - I feel like a fancy princess (yup, not JUST a princess but a fancy princess) in it.

Skirt £4 at a local flea market and bag from Beyond Retro.
Dress from Judy's Affordable Vintage market. It was £15 I think. Love this dress!
I love a cheeky wee vintage or second hand piece to add some variation or a point of difference to the wardrobe! And, on a vintage tip, here are some pics from the event which, to be honest, was only ok! haha! Put it this way, I'm glad I didn't pay for the tickets, but being treated to VIP for free was awesome!

London looks beautiful from the VIP balcony. Plus, it was roasting! Being Scottish, this was an unusual experience for me.

Mr Scribbler doesn't get the concept of 'full length photo' and cut off my feet. My feet! Not my face, or arse or a bingo wing, my feet. To be fair, I was just wearing Birkenstocks. Too much 'on the feet all day action' not to be in comfort. I chose to rock a vintage skirt and nipped waist for the occasion. And free champagne and Haagen Dazs.

Hair in rollers. You could totes get your hair did 'n' that but there's bugger all you can do with hair my length so a rollered quiff it was. And some more free champagne. Well, it's be rude not to.

The finished quiff. Posey mirror shot alert!

A display made of vinyl covers. How smug does Bazza Manilow look?

Freakin yummy free afternoon tea. Did I mention we were VIP?

I went for a scone and Mr S busted out a slice of the enormous stuff. People were all ignoring it. Folk in London need to learn to get stuck the fuck into the free shit. #tightScot

Our wee programme for the day. Wayne Hemmingway was supposed to talk at 1 but didn't turn up. We left, he turned up after we went and stayed for 10 mins, claiming a late one the night before. Rock 'n' roll or rude. You decide. I'm going RUDE WAYNE, YOU'RE FREAKIN' RUDE!

A purdy dress at the vintage market outside. Yup the best bit was the FREE stuff outside - haha!

Some pretty ceramic gubbins.    

9 August 2011

Doing a happy dance

I'm not sure why, truth be told, but I look purdy happy and dancey here, right? Maybe it's cause I'm wearing pink leopard print shoes and that shizzle just makes me wanna dance! They're shoes #66 in my challenge to wear ALL of my shoes (ridic sized collection) in a year.

Now, about the challenge. I really must get a wriggle on and see what I've not worn yet because if I don't use it, I lose it! Well, sell it or give it to charity. The things is, over the last year, my shoe collection has changed a lot. Part way through the year, I realised there were some pairs I was never going to wear so I just got rid of them. I've bought goodness knows how many extra pairs (it's a habit). There have also been a few 'deaths' in the shoe collection. It's certainly been an interesting year in the shoe-drobe. Anyway, I shall endeavour to pull out some kind of summary in the very close future in preparation for it all coming to an end!

Here are this post's shoes in slightly closer up glory. If you look closely at the toe next to my big toe on my left foot, you can just about make out the plaster I have airbrushed off. I also airbrushed some nasty cuts on my right foot - I'm not that vain but I didn't want to subject you to the yuk of it! These pics are in fact ones I took ages ago and, if I remember correctly, my feet took a beating in my first flip-flop outing of the year. Much rubbing happened and, voila, the skin was gone! Bloody flip flops - so weird how you can have pairs you wear all the time and they're grand then one day, a much loved and worn pair just takes the skin off ya! Ouch!

Shoes: Primark - about £4
One thing that hasn't injured me (but has dyed my finger bright green - cheap metal) is my awesome owl ring, which you can nearly make out in the outfit shot - here he is in all his awesome glory. I friggin' love this ring!

Have a lovely Tuesday evening!

7 August 2011

My favourite price is...

...free! Yes indeed, I am a self confessed bargainista and, while I do splash out from time to time, as a general rule, if it's a bargain, it is more likely to reel me in. So, for ages, I've been blethering to Mr Scribbler about wanting a glass fronted cabinet in which to display/store my unboxed shoes (what else really would I do with it!?) and I keep meaning to check out Gumtree and eBay. I did a while back and there was nothing locally/cheap enough and I keep forgetting to look back. However, today, as we drove home from the train station in the pissing rain, properly pissing rain, I spied a cabinet outside our local random junk shop. On occasion, if they've leave something outside, it's going free and I figured, on account of the aforementioned pissing rain, it may indeed be free - why would you leave something you were selling out in that? So I pestered Mr S and back we headed up the road for a closer look. It was perfect and it was free! I felt like Vintage Vix (constant amazing bargain finds and an awesome house - you should check back her old posts for her house posts if you've not read them)! But it didn't fit in the car - massive bummer. I am a bit of a weakling when it come to the ol' arms and my grip is shit. So that made for an interesting and pathetic stagger (with me having to stop every few steps to readjust my grip and shake my weedy arms) home. Let's not even discuss carrying it up three flights of stairs. However, here it is in it's dark shiny glory.

And, yes it is covered in rain. I didn't just spray it with a hose to add weight to the first part of this post. I have now cleaned it down - it was manky and had a spider's old skin inside it - and have begun sanding. Man, that's a bitch. I'm just thinking whether I know anyone who'll have an electric sander! My plan is to paint it a twee pastel-y duck egg colour to girlie the fuck out of it. T'will be tres chic and macaroon pretty! And look how ornate the feet are! I literally can't believe this was free!

Here's the Elle MacPherson getting her face in my blog post - yup, Top Model just isn't big enough to contain her ego (have you seen it this season?) so she had to get her mug all up in Little Scribbler - even if it is being covered in sanding dust. You're welcome Elle. Then, yes, next to it is Elle Magazine's Runway Edit. Nothing is sacred in my house.

I shall be sure to keep you up to date on my progress with the cabinet and to share pics of it in it's completed shoe filled state! Whether you want to hear about it or not.

3 August 2011

The bargain boots come out to play!

The bargain boots of a coupla posts ago (£20 down from £215 in Urban Outfitters - I never get fed up saying it), came out with me to see Harry Potter last week. They were very excited. Especially as I had a coupon thing for the posh seats at an Edinburgh cinema and you get a big squishy leather couch and foot stools! Amazing! So comfy, I actually took the boots off for the film.

Shirt and dress: H&M, boots: Urban Outfitters, Hairband: San Francisco (yup, I bought it from the WHOLE city), necklace: Lady Luck Rules OK.
In spite of how it appears, I'm not actually asleep. Although it was a late one the night before after hours of sunshine drinking so I was very sleepy. However, I stayed awake all the way through Haz-Po (as I see Heat Magazine are calling Harry Potter. Don't judge me - sometimes I treat myself to Heat when I'm travelling.) and I enjoyed it very much, though it was less emotionally wrenching than the previous film. It was also better than Bridesmaids which I saw last week too - has anyone else seen it and can't figure out what the fuss is about? They drop the 'c' bomb and some chick shits in the road so all of a sudden it isn't a cliched chick flick? At this point I'd like to say that I usually LOVE a cliched chick flick but this just didn't do it for me.
Back to the boots, pair number 65 in the shoe wearing challenge, which have since been to work with me too so they're down to a tenner a wear so far. Not too shabby. Sometimes cost per wear really does make sense. For example, I have a Warehouse leopard cardi that cost about £45 - waaaay more than I'd normally pay for a cardigan but I loved it so much I treated myself and it's now so worn it's getting tatty and has holey armpits but, lordy, have I had good cost per wear usage so far! Anyway, I feel these boots are definitely going to work out to be a winner in the fash maths stakes!

That's all for this evening folks!