21 August 2011

I pledge my allegiance to SHOES!

Yay! Yay for shoes! Let's be clear, I work in shoes so I'm surrounded by them all the time and can't help getting obsessed by them. However, the wider shoe world must just see me coming and laugh gleefully, rubbing their hands, safe in the knowledge their tills will soon be ringing. case in point: these Jeffrey Campbells:

You may recall I blogged about them a while back. And, as you may be able to tell (if you're a foot pervert or just, like, obsessed with me or something), these are them on my feet. Oh yes, I found myself with a little spare cashola and I made the dream a reality. It's like freakin' X factor or something, isn't it? Without the sob story or looking like total freakazoid and having the voice of an angel stuff going on. I do enjoy a freaky person with an amazers voice. It makes you question all your preconceptions and judgements and that's a nice thing. Until you realise that you're judgemental and have all kinds of preconceived ideas and really you should probably wash your mouth and brain out with nasty caustic soap. Anyway, look how happy me and the shoes are. Woo!

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell @ Solestruck, Dress: Tesco, Shirt: Primark, Belt: H&M, Hairband: can't remember, badge: work
Jumpin'. So these are pair # 67. If you can't see what's awesome about them you're clearly blind. Or hate America so much you can't see past the design being like their flag. My feelings towards America are fairly neutral. Most people I've met there or from there are very nice and I shall judge it based on that. Ooh, except one girl who went out with a dude we knew. She was a massive douche. Still, see how I do not judge the rest of America on that basis #nonjudgemental. #noreally. Point being that I don't really give a crap about any flag and if you present me with a candy stripe heel and navy canvas upper resplendent with bold white star print, PLUS a fuck off platform and adorable t-bar all wrapped up in a totally comfy shoe, I am YOURS baby! Or you're mine. Whatever. Here they are again for your ogling pleasure. Brace yourself! I'm off to read some of my fave blogs!


Gem said...

I LOVE these!! I just bought a stars and strips bandana on ebay for £1 and I wear it all the time in my hair. I don't think I could ever walk in those though :(

sacramento said...

Perfect shoes, and they go sooooooooooo well with your outfit.
You make me laugh!!!

Helga! said...

Love 'em! Stars,stripes,red white & blue-what's not to love! I adore those colours & patterns,who gives a toss that they are on someones flag!!! The style is just amazing,I'd love it in every pattern/colour if I possibly could!
Ah,shoes.My wet dream!I bought 4 pairs this weeknd,for $30NZ all up,so I'm pretty happy!

Vix said...

I absolutely love those shoes! If they were mine I'd be obsessed with my feet and never look up. x

Nelly said...

Gorgeous love em.

Carol said...

Ooh, look how amazingly awesome they are? Yep, these were definitely worth it. I am scared to look at Solestruck just now...

Caz x