26 August 2011

Matalan Style Project AKA a begging post

Hey guys! How are you all? As usual I am all busy-ed up to the max and am even working away tomorrow (Saturday). Yup, rocking the 6 day week! Today was a good one though - we got take away Wagamama for lunch at work and, after accidentally ending up at a pub quiz the night before, it was very welcome!

Now, today I am mainly chatting about being involved in the Matalan Style Project. Please click here to vote for me! Yup, lil ol' me is practically famous. Sort of. The lovely girls at Matalan contacted me a wee while back to ask if I'd be interested in being involved in their challenge which involves styling up a Matalan outfit for £50. The theme they contacted me about was rock chick. Which, frankly, is perfect - I spent most of my teens working one version or other of rock chick. There was indie chick, skatey chick, grungy chick, slightly hippie rock chick...it was totes my thing. Plus, I had an awesome scowl to go with it. So, it seemed only natural that when it came to styling up Rock Chick for Matalan, regression was the key! I am taking it back to the 90s! Here are all the looks:

Please click through, scroll to the bottom and vote Little Scribbler by commenting!
Now, the other girls all look very slim, beautiful and glamorous but I reckon I've nailed it. What? If you don't blow your own trumpet, then who will? So considering me hooting and blowing away like Sonya off Eastenders. Here's a closer look at the combo:

Pleeeeeeease click through, scroll to the bottom and pop Little Scribbler in the comment box. I don't even mind if you say I look smelly!
The skank hair, the dark lippie, the floral DM-a-like boots artfully untied, the lace collar, the baggy men's check shirt (oh yes, I thought big-picture enough to throw menswear into the mix. Surely Courtney wore Kurt's shirts all the time!) - it all says grungy RAWK. The rest are too pretty, too clean, too smiley (I'm not a hater this is just my campaign speech!) - vote for the dirty, smelly looking girl who clearly has beer in her hair and belly (I never drink beer FYI) and all over her shoes, having come fresh from the mosh pit where she was ROCKING. VOTE LITTLE SCRIBBLER!

Perhaps I should become a campaign/speech writer.


sacramento said...

Voted. I hope yo win, my dear Llara.

Alex said...

I've voted. The others all look like kids playing at it. You look like you're actually living it. Awesome.