29 October 2010

International Leopard Print day!

Woo! We decided at work that we would have a leopard print day. Partly because it's nearly Halloween and it felt suitably dress up (well, for everyone else. I felt kind of every day if I'm honest!) and partly because we had a discussion about our sadness at the lack of patterned and coloured legs on our website so we thought we should have a day of extreme pattern! And here we are - we even got the boys involved (well one of them):

I'm very lucky because my colleagues are as lovely as they are gorgeous and they're awesome to work with. Aw! And we have genius photographers who can edit out spots. Bazing!

I can't possibly give you a run down of all the outfits but I hope you agree that they're freakin' awesome and we made a good effort! Anyway, on to me, me, me! Haha! The cardi's a Warehouse one and the belt is from Urban Outfitters. My dress is an H&M one I got in the summer. I staked out H&M stores like a mad woman to get it after seeing it in a magazine, not realising that it was going to be see through. Oh well, I leoparded it up for today by wearing leopard leggings underneath to preserve my modesty and everyone else's blushes. It'd have been rude not to commit to the cause of the leopard too. Here's a close up of the very lovely neck detail:

The dress was a fairly bargainous £14.99 and, in spite of it's see throughness I couldn't resist it when I finally found it! Plus, I'm definitely the chicest person on the beach in it in summer!

And then it's on to the shoes (can you tell I'm short on time? I feel this is slightly lacking in my usual rambling/shambling style!). Number 31!! They're a new purchase and I'm ever so excited about them. Some people think they're ridiculous and small men fear them as they can't handle my height (not much shy of 6"2 with them on. Mr Scribbler is 6"2 though so it's fine - I'm slightly below him) but I do not care - I think they're all the more amazing for it. Lookee!

Woo, they're enormous!! E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S! And surprisingly squishy. I got them from the slightly sexual sounding 'Fashion Nights' on eBay on half price sale for £22.49. A relative bargain, I feel! Hairy, leopardy, wedge-tastic, peep toed, what's not to love?!

Right lovelies, I must rush! Got a girl's night in date and I believe I can hear the gin calling my name!!

Vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I'm gonna be honest. This is going to be a rushed post and, as the title suggests, I be beggin' on my knees baby!

I've been shortlisted to win the chance to spend a week at cosmopolitan.co.uk in a fashion journalism capacity. It's so very exciting and could be a fantastic chance for me to put my skills into practise and would be a great wee coup for my CV. But here's the bummer: getting into the top 10 was down to written talent, good times. However, winning it is down to a facebook vote. Now don't go feeling too sorry for me - I'm in 3rd place as I type, but it means it's all about the networking rather than the talent (which is quite frustrating). So, here I am, networking and BEGGING (I know it's not very classy but I'm dressed head to toe in the print du leopard today - I'M NOT CLASSY!) you to please just click on over and vote for me. And if you see fit to share my link on your Facebook page then more's the better. Here's my link:


Virtual hugs n kisses! And a proper post later too!

Little-Scribbler xx

26 October 2010

Baby Bet rides again!

Yee-haw! So today I was going for this season's Prada meets classic Chanel, topped with wild beast for my look. All monochromatic and tweed and fairly chic and understated for me. However, fate had other ideas...imagine, if you will, this lovely dress:

With these absolutely delicious shoes (guess who figured out how to use 'collage' on Picasa today?! Me-eee!):

What a delightful look it would make. However, Primark's quality being questionable as it sometimes is, the dress has a dodgy zip. I really shouldn't have bought it (it's a size too big and has a dodgy zip) but I LOVE it and couldn't help myself. The zip wouldn't fasten when I tried it on but, a wee dab of carmex and some determination and up and down it was going. I decided if I could fasten and unfasten it when I got to the till, I would buy it. And charlatan that it is, it zipped up and down nicely.


So there I am, feeling smug in my sure-to-look-chic-ness bubble, on the dress goes and up the zip goes. NO IT DOESN'T. THE BUGGER JAMS AGAIN. And I'm hopping about the bedroom trying to get it up (ooh-er) and I have Mr Scribbler trying to get away for his shower, hoiking at the thing but it will not budge. Bastard. Mr Scribbler goes off for his shower and I try the trusty lip balm on the zip again but nothing. This thing is froze like ICE. It's as stiff as Wayne Rooney in an old lady brothel (apologies to the Rooneys. That's my second bad joke at their expense in as many weeks. If you will make it so easy though...). By this time, I'm getting grumpy, as well as getting a not very sexy sweat on so I decide to take it off. You better believe I was stuck! Worse than when I super glued my finger and thumb together. What a foo'! I had to retrieve Mr Scribbler from the shower to recommence hoiking, but this time the hoiking of the dress up over my head. Hot-diggity damn! I put on a clean dress and promptly pour tea down the front and, on account of all the dress antics, I have time for neither hair, nor make up and go to work looking like a tramp. 
The whole thing makes me chuckle now though. Plus, tramp or no tramp, tea or no tea, I got my enormous leopard hairy coat back from the dry cleaner yesterday so, ultimately, I did look a bit Bhetto (see what I did there? Like Bet Lynch? Though when you have to explain your 'joke' for fear of it not being understood it isn't normally a good thing) Fabulous. Another good thing is that I got my hair cut after work which is why it looks so freakin' good.

Coat - eBay
Dress - I made it. Yes I did - with my own fair hands.
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Accessorize
Look! Super smashing Swell hair! (I can't get these pictures to align themselves in a nicer fashion I'm afraid. You get the gist though, I'm sure - you're all very beautiful and intelligent). And tired make up free face.

Anyway, on to the shoes. Pair # 30 (wow! I just realised I now officially have more followers than the number of shoes I've worn. This excites me like a puppy who's just found his tail. Thank you for reading/following my blog. I appreciate it massively). These shoes, as above, are from Topshop and, following the dress dramatics, I was darned if I wasn't still wearing them as planned! They are gorgeous cream leather with black patent toe cap, heel, strap and platform. They're lined in tan leather and they're just stupendous. They're one of the most classic looking things I own and I've worn them loads since splashing out (by my standards) on them. I literally stalked my local Topshop stores trying to find them, as well as calling branches across the land (their stock organisation is HORRIBLE and they cannot tell you where stock might be, even if you're able to travel to the store. It's beyond annoying when you develop an unhealthy obsession) to try to locate them. Having been told they'd never have my size were out of stock etc etc, I popped on site one day to find they'd had an unexpected re-stock! Get a better system Topshop, you retail behemoth!
Time to go wash off my banana and oat facemask...

24 October 2010

Louis Louis, woooooah, blah de doo de blah, ayayayaya!!!

Good evening good people. Lordy it's chilly! A wee bit of Come Dine With Me and knowing that my chorizo pasta's nearly ready is giving me a warm special feeling though, which is very nice.

So this post is one of my very rare forays into the world of designer fashion. I enjoy SOME designer fashion, I'm an avid reader of fashion magazines and, yes, given the opportunity I'd happily sleep in Louboutin and next season's Erdem. However, it's not my be all and end all and I certainly don't profess to be an expert on the topic. But what I am an expert in is my opinion! Believe it! And one thing I am LOVING is this season's Louis Vuitton ads. I NEVER thought I'd find myself feeling or expressing any kind of joy for the purveyor of the nasty, NASTY, monogrammed bags of Wagsville. Oh, those bags chill me to my very core - they're so UGLY and I've never understood the 'loaded with logos' look. It's just cheap and nasty and unless you're J-Lo or summat (and even then it still LOOKS cheap and nasty), everyone clearly thinks you're weighed down by fakeness. Ew, those bags are for fans of orange tan, bad fake nails and polyester hair extensions clipped in two inches from the root.
So, gawd bless Marc Jacobs who has been doing a bang up job at the fashion house. And never more so than the a/w '10 collection. I swooned at all the full skirts and nipped waists when I first saw it and every time I see their magazine ads, I make a little wish that I'll just open my wardrobe one day and find one of their dresses in there. Preferably with a little note expressing the designer's joy at dressing me. Just so I know I didn't drunkenly go on the rob or anything.

So, here's the shit that's getting my knickers in a knot:

Did you ever see 3 such neat, shiny, swingy, perfect ponytails? I'm not going to even try to go all photo tecchie on you (look at my dodgy flash photography - it'd be laughable for me even to consider it), but I love the styling of the shoot and that it has an old skool back stage at a theatre or in a glamorous powder room vibe. It's just beautiful.
Look! Look at the gorgeous tweeds, the sparkly sequins, the gloriously flattering full heavy, heavy skirts! Plus, it does no harm that Natalia, Christy and Karen look jaw droppingly gorgeous. Even the bags are, dare I say it, discrete and chic!
S'cuse the massive flash on this one! Wow though! Saying I'd die for one of these dresses is a bit too dramatic but holy mary mutha of tha baby jebus, they are out of this world. The fabrics, construction and overall looks just make my eyes sing a happy song. Having done a wee spot of dress making (with varying degrees of success), I have an immense amount of respect for dressmakers - it's such a skill and a true labour of love to be able to make dresses of this design and quality. If I ever found myself able to make something like this, I'd never shut up about it. And, if I was a rich lady, I'd definitely be up for doing some swanning about in any one of these.

So there you have it. My opinion on a/w Louis Vuitton. Literally months and months after it was first shown. But, like I said - this ain't about breaking news, it's about 'ppreciating and, man oh man, do I 'ppreciate. I'm off for a salt and vinegar rice cake (I took a break for dinner - the pasta's long since been and gone) and some X Factor. I know right, don't you, like, totally, like, want my life right now! Right?

23 October 2010

tFi Friday!

It's Saturday now (weeekeeend!!) but it was Friday yesterday and that's when this outfit and shoes # 29 happened. Roll with it people.

I had free tickets to see a show called Blaze, a street dance affair featuring a couple of the dancers from last year's UK version of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. My friend Ian and I are forever talking about auditioning for these shows but my dance skills are, sadly, much like Colleen Rooney's husband choosing skills (girrrrrrrl you can do bettah!) and I don't want to offend anyone's eyes or accidentally whip them out with a badly timed kick. Mind you, fear of offending people's senses doesn't stop me wailing along to the radio or rocking out at karaoke. It also doesn't stop me wearing glittery peep toes with lurex socks. More to come on that...

Oop-there they are! So Blaze! It was pretty good - the dancers were brilliant and I never fail to be impressed by people who can break and street dance - I just can't imagine my body having that capability plus, if I try to dance anything remotely streety, I just look like an awkward arse. The music was a mixed bag from Michael Jackson to Ellie Goulding (I think, I think she's super cute - I'm yet to decide) via Missy Elliott and some old school funk and disco. Good times. I only got the tickets on Thursday so myself and my pal A decided to make a night of it and tank some wine too. Which we did at the Brass Monkey in Edinburgh, home to the world's surliest barman. Hey, I don't care too much if you're not up for banter but if we're polite and whatnot, hearing more than just "9 pounds" wouldn't go amiss. There's your tip back in my pocket PAL! Anyway, point is, I decided I should whap on some sparkle and lippie in honour of the weekend and the dance. If you were 'lucky' enough to be in Edinburgh last night, you may be aware that it monsooned it down and it was cold:

So I needed my big denim cosy parka: Topshop years ago - I got 10% off for a missing popper as I recall.
Leopard print bag: Accessorize a few years ago (another one of those things that was more than I'd usually spend but that I've used a million times and love!)
Glitter peep toe heels: Office Vintage collection, 99p on eBay! Bargain!

Dress: Urban Outfitter
Belt: Accessorize
Leopard scarf: Accessorize
Cardi: Topshop
Socks: Can't remember

My hair's a state by this point on account of running about in the pissing rain with the big hood up. Surprisingly my feet didn't get that wet. The shoes fairy must've been smiling on me. Thanks shoe fairies!

And finally, t shirt: Primark
Necklace: Accessorize. Oddly I really don't have much of their stuff (I love it but I'm too cheap/skint/spend all my money on shoes to buy loads of it) but I seem to have covered myself in it!

Too cute!


And now back to the day job - the shoes. Firstly, wow, what a bargain these babies were! 99p and new! They're one of the things I love about eBay - there genuinely is the odd astounding bargain to be had in amongst all the shit that's on there now. I absolutely adore the fact that they're like old skool 'come dancing' shoes with their stumpy almost Cuban heel, little ankle strap and cute peep toe with pretty bow. I swoon for the fact that they're so sparkly (I woke up with some glitter in my ear this morning. No idea how that happened. I mean I'm pretty bendy for my size - I can get my big toe in my mouth and my little toe up my nose [don't ask] - but my shoes were nowhere near my ear. I think it just attests to the travelling and adhesive qualities of glitter). They're like foot mirror balls. And while I don't think I'd have thought to try it, I really like the silver and nude colour palette. I'm a big peep toe fan and the peep on these is as big as you can go before it's too big, in my humble opinion. Even if they do look a bit like giant fish mouths here:

I'm going to eat yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

21 October 2010

So MANY men...

Ladies and gents. Last night I got to thinking about who my ideal TV husband (boyfriend, man-fling, whatever) would be. I'm down to Andre Leon Talley, Ian Waite and Chuck Bass. I figured this would be a good place to pro and con it out. So here we go...(in alphabetical order of first name)
Andre Leon Talley

Wow! Look how chic we are! And look how big my boobs are. Here's why we'd be good together:
  • We could chat fashion endlessly
  • We could drink tea in his salon (ah, the dream!)
  • The man can accessorise (will you look at that LV scarf. Is it a scarf, is it a beach towel? Who cares!?)
  • He'd have access to the. Vogue. Fashion. Closet.
  • He'd have contacts plenty able to dress me in designer goodies forever.
  • He's very well spoken and seems nicely mannered. And that's nice.
And here's why it could all go pear shaped:
  • I'd be taking on Anna Wintour and Tyra to get in there. Er, wish me luck.
  • He's almost certainly gay.
  • Maybe he'd just be too involved in fashion to have time for me.

Chuck Bass


Man, I love Chuck Bass. Watch him brood. And no doubt I'm cooking up some sexy scheme in my mental head: 
  • He's hOTTTTTT
  • If you like that sorta thing, he's loaded. It's not a big tug for me though.
  • Though it would mean he could keep me in designer shoes.
  • He sounds foxy
  • He's hot
  • You could do, er, business in the back of a very expensive limo that a hen party has never been in.
  • He's, ah, hot. Have I used that already?
Man Chuck Bass would be a pain in the ass:
  • He'd drive you demented with his womanising ways (well take a look at my face if you don't believe me!)
  • There's every chance he'd be vainer than you (mind you I appear to be wearing a face mask in public so perhaps that wouldn't be hard)
  • Hmm - there's the tiny issue that he isn't actually real.

Ian Waite

Ian Waite - Lord of the Dancefloor! What a man. Watch those hips, listen to those quips! See us jive or salsa or whatever. Here's why he's golden:
  • The dude can dance. Man, the dude can dance. What a hero.
  • I KNOW he'd be on for a nice cuppa and a gossip.
  • He wouldn't ever question whether something was too glittery, sequined or leopardy.
  • He could teach me the moves!
  • He has winning wit.
  • He pulls AWESOME dance faces. Just awesome.
Then there's the tarnish:
  • The only problem I can think of is that there's every chance he'd run off with ALT leaving me drinking tea on my own. Ah well, as long as I was in the salon in my designer shoes it might not be so bad.
And there you have it people. Probably my most pointless post to date. The conclusion of which is that I shouldn't be-husband gay men or womanisers.

20 October 2010

Whatchoo mean my ankle's all Nora Batty?!

See that's the thing with tights - no matter what I do they go all Nora Batty at the ankle. And I find myself either nipping to the loo to hike them up or trying to discreetly tug them up under my desk. And, dear readers, I don't do discrete. My version of discreet pulling up involves hoiking and grunting and general inappropriate flashing - I tell thee - pretty it ain't!

Now here's the thing (well two things). I like to think that my tights don't look quite as criminal as poor old Nora, gawd bless 'er. However, unfortunately, due to Blogger being a GIANT DOUCHE, I can't update the one picture that shows my wrinkle-tastic ankle to its best effect. So you'll have to just take my word for it and assume I'm not trying to be coy or self deprecating. Douche. Anyway, at the bottom of my wrinkled ass tights are shoes #28. Irregular Choice from schuh:

Here's me kicking my feet at the ceiling for the sake of 'art'. Rest assured I wasn't doing anything raunchy at the time. Who wants to hear the second "Blogger's a douche" bummer? The only decent shot of the heels is on a picture Blogger won't load. Arrrgh!! And it's a sexy heel! They're brown kinda faux snake, a bit chunky and just have the most delicious curve to them. Yum! And I haven't even started on the fact that the shoes are leopard print...

Or that they have a ma-HOO-sive bow on them! LOOK AT IT. It's giant and filled with, er, brown foam. Ok, that's not exactly a selling point but at least the brown blends in and you're still left with a big solid leopard print bow. They're a treat. The other thing that's tricky to see is the gold metallic brogue detail trim around the top line. However, you are lucky enough to be able to see the snake trim around the featherline. Check it out - do you feel like you're totally learning technical shoe terms from me? I can hit you with more if you like...who's for a vamp, a counter or a shank? Woop, woop! Here's what I wore these totally beast-a-licious shoes with (MENTAL EYE ALERT!):

Yes, leopard was a print too few for me so I went for two bold floral prints on top. Floral trench from Primark, floral dress vintage reproduction from Judy's Affordable Vintage fair.

Sans coat, there's a leopard print Warehouse cardigan. It was one of those pieces I um-ed and aw-ed over for bloody ages (indecisive, me?) as it cost more than I normally spend on a cardi. But, what an investment. I've worn it about a million times to the point it's getting a bit threadbare in places. Do I care? Do I heck! I'll wear it til the arms fall off and even then I might sew them back on again. I'm also wearing my much loved Lady Luck Rules ok horseshoe necklace which has snapped in half and had a broken chain but, much like the cardigan, I am NOT giving this baby up. It's one of my most favourite necklaces ever so it's been tweezered and super glued back to life. You might be able to see it better if Blogger wasn't a DOUCHE and would upload the picture. 
Here's a picture of the dress fabric. Pretty! By the way, before I go watch Gossip Girl and get my freak on to Chuck, I have to share something. I've been shortlisted in the final 10 of a journalism competition with Cosmo and Wonderbra. There'll be some voting action in a week and I'll be sure to put the details here in the hope that someone thinks I'm worth voting for!! Eek!

18 October 2010

Hang on a minute - I've seen them before

Ah yes! The eagle eyed amongst you may well be scratching your head and thinking these schuh bought Clarks Originals boots have been on here before. And you'd be right! However, today I did one of my favourite fashion things and clashed a bunch of patterns (stripes, plaid and two different colour of leopard print anyone? Oh yes I did) so I decided to showcase the 'look' anyway. Plus, I think THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME. Please don't argue as this is an actual scientific fact. IN fact, 100% of people surveyed agreed that they're awesome*.

Now, if we're splitting hairs, they're actually desert boots, not shoes and, when it comes to le shoes, I am something of a hair splitter and quite pernickity. So, hairs split, let's continue. They're leopard print, they're hairy (and they ain't got NO split ends suga') and they're super comfy. Plus, they go with everything. I read a blog post a coupla days ago by Calivintage where Erin referred to polka dots as her essential neutral. Well baby, leopard print is my essential neutral. I sorta suspect that my dad had a fling with Bet Lynch or something and there's a bit of her in my mix. Either that or I'm the result of some crazy Bet/Pat Butcher liaison. Actually, I quite like that theory. Pat ROCKS a trench and earrings! Ch-ch-check it aaaaaht:

What a friggin' ledge! I mean, in the name of all that's been touched by barbie, will you look at that pink coat?! After the might of the Butcher I'm a bit embarrassed to showcase myself. So I'll ease you in with a blurry picture. I'm nice like that.

I rather suspect I might be an altogether nicer prospect in constant soft focus actually. Ah, who am I kidding? This picture's crap and I apologise. I am wearing:

Aforementioned Clarks Originals from schuh. Classic with a twist of you will. Like a raspberry Mojito or something. Mind you, in the case of a Mojito I say "don't fuck with it", whereas with the boots I say why-the-fuck-didn't-you-do-it-sooner-Mr-Clarks? Liam Gallagher didn't make your shoes rock 'n' roll, leopard print made your shoes rock 'n' roll!
(Mr Scribbler is watching The Wire and some punk just started blasting Boston 'More Than a Feeling' out of his car. I stopped typing for a moment to RAWK-beh, weh, weh, weh weh! Banananana!)
Uniqlo jersey dress and leopard leggings (get 'em here for £6.99)
Yes, and a Primark cardi!

And sans cardi. The shirt's new. I got it with the H&M giftcard I won on Twitter. Yes, one of the many "RT this competition"'s out there and I actually won this one! So thanks for my free shirt!

I haven't worn a checked shirt for at least 10 years. I was a big fan at school and wore them baggy with leggings, dodgy jeans and my DMs. I'm SO convinced I'm on the verge of becoming my 15 year old self again. Speaking of which, my pizza face is MUCH improved today. I used a Montagne Jeurness (that's a guess at the spelling) face mask yesterday and it seems to have soothed me nicely. Excellent. Plus, my hair was surprisingly well behaved today and did a cute wavy thing of it's own accord. Look:

So, despite the rain, I'm pretty satisfied with today - good shoes, well behaved hair, better behaved skin - happy days. Here's a money shot of the shoes before you wander off into the night. It's been swell to have you here.

*I surveyed myself for this scientific survey and I found the shoes to be awesome BUT if I checked with a good handful of girls in my office they'd all agree. And you should too. If you don't, go see an eye doctor. You need HELP. Now. 

ps - I tried Trebuchet as a font for this post. Usually I'm on the midnight train to Georgia. Any strong feelings on this? For the benefit of suicidal graphic designers, there's no comic sans anywhere. 
pps - if you haven't heard 'More Than a Feeling, here it is.

17 October 2010

Evening people. How are we all? Good, I hope! Me? Ok. Had a good weekend but am suffering from complete and utter pizza face right now. I look like a teenage boy who discovered beer, chocolate, girls and that special feeling all in one weekend. It's face-splosion and I am NOT loving it. Here's the thing, I figure if you're old enough to be showing early evidence of wrinkles, legally, you should not be allowed to get spots anymore. It's only fair, right? It's too much face harshness. So, while I watch x-factor results later, I'm gonna bang on a 'Blemish Mud' face mask and hope for the best...

And onto the shoes. Pair #27 are from New Look and were around £7 in the sale - bargain!

There they are. They've fallen over. Or been 'artfully' arranged on my hall floor. The reason ALL my pictures are in the hall is because there's a handy nail in our toilet door with a 'toilet' sign and the camera hangs off it at a good height. Mr Scribbler ain't so good for taking the pics (he's well good at other stuff though so don't feel bad for us/me) so I just do my own. Plus, if I'm completely honest, I feel like a prick posing so in many ways it's preferable to do it myself. Anyway, here's a shot that's not great in colour but shows off the heel nicely:

I like the reasonably chunky heel on these shoes. I also like the concealed platform. I love the Barbie pink patentness of them and the pretty ruffle come t bar up the front. I do enjoy a good ruffle. In conclusion, these shoes are good and were a complete bargain. However, the patent is poor quality and snags easily. Here's what I wore with them (this picture predates the facial pizza) :

Primark Cardi. Obvs.
Black Uniqlo leggings with pink hearts - aww!
Urban Outfitters dress
Primark tee
Primark necklace

Note how the ridiculous face I'm pulling clearly says (I feel like a prick doing this)

 Right, I'm off to watch Strictly. What? I like that and X Factor. Get over it. It's not like I watched Big Brother or anything. Seriously, I didn't. (BTE see below right for snag in crappy patent)

16 October 2010

Hip hop and ya don't stop.

I have a weird obsession with bunnies. There - I said it. We drive home past a couple of rabbit hot spots and I go past, face glued to the car window counting bunnies and making cooing noises when there are any cute and particularly tiny ones hopping about, eating grass or just generally being adorable. Sometimes I catch myself 'oohing' so enthusiastically, I think the other folk in the car might think I'm a bit mental. I considered the idea of a house bunny (I know two people who have them!) but (and here's the tear jerker), I'm allergic to EVERYTHING furry. EVERYTHING. I have the most pathetic sensitive nose/eyes/face and cats, dogs, horses bring me out in anything from a blocked nose to full on hacking and wheezing and swollen shut eyes. Sexy it is not, my friends, sexy it is not. So, the question is: what is a girl to do?

My answer is...get one of these!

Oh-em-gee, isn't he cute! A magic rabbit in a hat necklace! And, look - he's smiling. He's £9 from Accessorize. He doesn't seem to be on their site right now but there's some matching earrings and a ring (I'll be honest - I'm not a fan of them) on there. I love that there's a little gold bow on there for extra cuteness and I like that the chain's a little longer than your average charm/token necklace - mr bunny hangs just above mid-boob height. Cheeky! I love him so much that I want to wear him right now. RIGHT NOW! However, I'm heading off to zumba in a minute for some butt shaking action and, no doubt, I'd throttle myself. I fell over my own foot doing it on Wednesday so adding accessories to the mix seems like a baaaaaad idea. Time to go change into fugly gym clothes...

14 October 2010

Donchoo step on my white leather shoes

I have a question when it comes to these Irregular Choice shoes. Has anyone ever seen Carrie wear them on Sex and the City? And, if so, what episode? Because a rumour did the rounds about 6 years ago that they were in there somewhere and, through all my viewings, I've never once spied them. Which would seem to point to the rumour being a bit of an urban myth. You gotta love a good urban myth though, really. Especially ones that 'definitely happened to her friend so and so!'

And right about now, I guess the Elvis-tastic post title's making sense, right? It's like a shoe tribute to the big man himself. Or his jazzy jumpsuit at least. I think they were called Elvis but I can't be sure. Let's face it, my 'facts' thus far, when it come to these shoes, are questionable at best. Facts apart, I totally fell for these shoes and, flying in the face of all that is good and safe, I bought them off eBay from a girl selling another pair. She was a doll and tracked down my size, I paid, she sent them, she didn't have to pay eBay fees and we all lived happily ever after!

Anyway, let's get down to the business of discussing the immense awesomeness of the shoes:

Dude, they're white leather and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
Dude, they're bejazzled and covered in rhinestones and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
They have a cutesy round toe
Dude, they have AWESOME metallic blue shiny lining (you can just see it peeking out above, like a secret lover from a marital wardrobe) and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
They have a high but walkable in heel - sometimes sensibility is a consideration!

And with all the bejewelled excitement, what was I possibly going to wear with these striking items of footwear fantabulousness?! Ah, wella, wella, wella huh! A bunch of stars, that's what! Do you think I've slightly dropped the demented red eye factor in this pic but slightly added a bit of a freaky waxwork factor?

Shoes - Irregular Choice, you guessed it, circa ages ago!
Leggings (worth a mention for a change since they're not plain black) - Uniqlo (get a piece of them here for £6.99 - bargain!)
Dress and Cardi - Primark

Tee - Primark
Necklace - I think from Exile (chav designer place with the odd decent buy) in Edinburgh. Hail Mary for kitschy gifts from friends! (Apologies to anyone this offends. Lighten up though, eh?)

Let's finish up with an artsy shot then I'm off to repent and have a bath. (Genuinely, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I don't even know if it's supposed to be Mary even. Can you tell I've been burned on this front recently?! Sometimes I just don't learn though...)