29 October 2010

International Leopard Print day!

Woo! We decided at work that we would have a leopard print day. Partly because it's nearly Halloween and it felt suitably dress up (well, for everyone else. I felt kind of every day if I'm honest!) and partly because we had a discussion about our sadness at the lack of patterned and coloured legs on our website so we thought we should have a day of extreme pattern! And here we are - we even got the boys involved (well one of them):

I'm very lucky because my colleagues are as lovely as they are gorgeous and they're awesome to work with. Aw! And we have genius photographers who can edit out spots. Bazing!

I can't possibly give you a run down of all the outfits but I hope you agree that they're freakin' awesome and we made a good effort! Anyway, on to me, me, me! Haha! The cardi's a Warehouse one and the belt is from Urban Outfitters. My dress is an H&M one I got in the summer. I staked out H&M stores like a mad woman to get it after seeing it in a magazine, not realising that it was going to be see through. Oh well, I leoparded it up for today by wearing leopard leggings underneath to preserve my modesty and everyone else's blushes. It'd have been rude not to commit to the cause of the leopard too. Here's a close up of the very lovely neck detail:

The dress was a fairly bargainous £14.99 and, in spite of it's see throughness I couldn't resist it when I finally found it! Plus, I'm definitely the chicest person on the beach in it in summer!

And then it's on to the shoes (can you tell I'm short on time? I feel this is slightly lacking in my usual rambling/shambling style!). Number 31!! They're a new purchase and I'm ever so excited about them. Some people think they're ridiculous and small men fear them as they can't handle my height (not much shy of 6"2 with them on. Mr Scribbler is 6"2 though so it's fine - I'm slightly below him) but I do not care - I think they're all the more amazing for it. Lookee!

Woo, they're enormous!! E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S! And surprisingly squishy. I got them from the slightly sexual sounding 'Fashion Nights' on eBay on half price sale for £22.49. A relative bargain, I feel! Hairy, leopardy, wedge-tastic, peep toed, what's not to love?!

Right lovelies, I must rush! Got a girl's night in date and I believe I can hear the gin calling my name!!


Vintage Vixen said...

You lot look awesome and I'm positively lusting after those shoes! Enjoy the gin, there's a bottle of red wine calling me. xxx

MoffatGossip said...

I love the legs in the air!! Brillaint!

kirstyb said...

love the wedges xxx

sarahbetty said...


I think that's a brilliant way to celebrate halloween and a good way of keeping it fun and classy at work.

I am in love with your wedges and have immense wedge jealousy (wedgelousy!). Hope you're better at me at walking in them. :)

Sarah Betty xx