5 October 2010

Ooh, little hearty socks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls (though I'd suggest this blog isn't really child friendly fodder - sarcasm and sweary words are not the recommended diet for little 'uns as I understand it), shoes # 22 from schuh by Irregular Choice. Look how nom, nom, nommy they are!

Sheer! (ok so that's the socks but who else is getting a total alliteration high here?)

And, getting back to non 's' words, they're totally shock inducing electric blue. Yes, I loves these shoes a LOT. I mean, will you LOOK at the heels!?

"Now", I hear you holler, "I thought she was yacking about socks in the title", so let's have a look at my nice little ASOS socks. I've been meaning to embrace the ankle sock for a while but was a bit tentative about trying it. While I'm fortunate not to be the possessor of cankles, I don't have, shall we say, the most fortunate legs in the office/house/blogosphere and I was a little afraid that they'd look a bit dodgy or draw the wrong sort of attention. However, as is often the case I said 'fuck it' and got some anyway. And I love this particular pair. Verging on 'barely black' pop sock territory they're saved because of the adorable little hearts on them and a slight ankle frill (which you can't see. It's there though, trust me. It's just a little shy). Anyway, here they are poking out of my lovely shoes. Aw!
So, when one's feet are so gloriously shod, what else should one wear? Judging by me, the expression of a grumpy person on the verge of falling asleep/dropping into a catatonic trance. Apologies folks, I'm a fairly cheery sort usually. And seriously, last week was a tiring one. Right now I'm sporting black bags big enough to fit both Olsen twins in so expect a few more glazed looks to come. Anyway, to the matter in hand - what I wore was:

Sequined H and M T shirt come dress
Gold lurex Toppers or Primarni cardi
black leggings
My amazing Lady Luck Rules OK Owl Necklace
For shame, there's so much crap in my hall.

Twit, twoo! Say goodnight to the shoes!


LadyBugSays ... said...

Those shoes are a slice of shiny sparkly heaven!! Very cute socks too :)

Little Scribbler said...

I love 'em! They're in in red now too though I do like the blue better. Doesn't mean I wouldn't buy the red if I had limitless funds!