18 October 2010

Hang on a minute - I've seen them before

Ah yes! The eagle eyed amongst you may well be scratching your head and thinking these schuh bought Clarks Originals boots have been on here before. And you'd be right! However, today I did one of my favourite fashion things and clashed a bunch of patterns (stripes, plaid and two different colour of leopard print anyone? Oh yes I did) so I decided to showcase the 'look' anyway. Plus, I think THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME. Please don't argue as this is an actual scientific fact. IN fact, 100% of people surveyed agreed that they're awesome*.

Now, if we're splitting hairs, they're actually desert boots, not shoes and, when it comes to le shoes, I am something of a hair splitter and quite pernickity. So, hairs split, let's continue. They're leopard print, they're hairy (and they ain't got NO split ends suga') and they're super comfy. Plus, they go with everything. I read a blog post a coupla days ago by Calivintage where Erin referred to polka dots as her essential neutral. Well baby, leopard print is my essential neutral. I sorta suspect that my dad had a fling with Bet Lynch or something and there's a bit of her in my mix. Either that or I'm the result of some crazy Bet/Pat Butcher liaison. Actually, I quite like that theory. Pat ROCKS a trench and earrings! Ch-ch-check it aaaaaht:

What a friggin' ledge! I mean, in the name of all that's been touched by barbie, will you look at that pink coat?! After the might of the Butcher I'm a bit embarrassed to showcase myself. So I'll ease you in with a blurry picture. I'm nice like that.

I rather suspect I might be an altogether nicer prospect in constant soft focus actually. Ah, who am I kidding? This picture's crap and I apologise. I am wearing:

Aforementioned Clarks Originals from schuh. Classic with a twist of you will. Like a raspberry Mojito or something. Mind you, in the case of a Mojito I say "don't fuck with it", whereas with the boots I say why-the-fuck-didn't-you-do-it-sooner-Mr-Clarks? Liam Gallagher didn't make your shoes rock 'n' roll, leopard print made your shoes rock 'n' roll!
(Mr Scribbler is watching The Wire and some punk just started blasting Boston 'More Than a Feeling' out of his car. I stopped typing for a moment to RAWK-beh, weh, weh, weh weh! Banananana!)
Uniqlo jersey dress and leopard leggings (get 'em here for £6.99)
Yes, and a Primark cardi!

And sans cardi. The shirt's new. I got it with the H&M giftcard I won on Twitter. Yes, one of the many "RT this competition"'s out there and I actually won this one! So thanks for my free shirt!

I haven't worn a checked shirt for at least 10 years. I was a big fan at school and wore them baggy with leggings, dodgy jeans and my DMs. I'm SO convinced I'm on the verge of becoming my 15 year old self again. Speaking of which, my pizza face is MUCH improved today. I used a Montagne Jeurness (that's a guess at the spelling) face mask yesterday and it seems to have soothed me nicely. Excellent. Plus, my hair was surprisingly well behaved today and did a cute wavy thing of it's own accord. Look:

So, despite the rain, I'm pretty satisfied with today - good shoes, well behaved hair, better behaved skin - happy days. Here's a money shot of the shoes before you wander off into the night. It's been swell to have you here.

*I surveyed myself for this scientific survey and I found the shoes to be awesome BUT if I checked with a good handful of girls in my office they'd all agree. And you should too. If you don't, go see an eye doctor. You need HELP. Now. 

ps - I tried Trebuchet as a font for this post. Usually I'm on the midnight train to Georgia. Any strong feelings on this? For the benefit of suicidal graphic designers, there's no comic sans anywhere. 
pps - if you haven't heard 'More Than a Feeling, here it is.


Smeeeff said...

Oh Miss Scribbler I do like your shoes! I hear all the cool kids are wearing them at work

Abbie said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! The shoes *ahem* desert boots, are indeed awesome!

(p.s. the choice of trebuchet font has stirred a strong opinion within me, I approve most heartily!)

Little Scribbler said...

Smeeeff I don't know who you are or what you're talking about but consider yourself part of the 100% result!

Abbie - I can't believe the feelings that fonts stir up!

Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the kick ass leopard boots, I agree animal print goes with anything after all it's natural, innit?
More Than A Feeling by Boston? Yikes, you've taken me right back the school disco (yes, I am that old). I reckon Wagner could sing it on next weeks' X Factor. x

Abbie said...

Font's are very... stirring... Primary sassoon infant, now THERE'S a font!! :D

Stevia said...

how very brave!
leopard and stripes and plaid!!


MillyCupcake said...

Bah I really want those boots now!

I featured you on my blog today,
In my 11 blogs not to miss post,
hope you don't mind



Anonymous said...

These are AWESOME. I was kind of worried about buying DM floral print boots instead of plain ones but they go with everything - like your leopard print does!