13 October 2010

Too bootylicious for ya baaaaaayyybeeeeh!

Holler atcha! And ladies you better believe I'm talkin' 'bout me and the shoes ;-) And, ain't it just about time I got back to the shoes. Shoes #25 are actually boots. And they're from schuh. They're cute little black suede pixie boot efforts with a fleecy/shearling-y lining. They have a weird lace up detail at the back but it's kinda sweet on them.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzza Bear!
Anyway, this last week or so, I've been needing to get into some cosy boots - it's been coooold! And if you fancy a cheeky wee pair, you can bag them here (schuh.co.uk if you dinnae trust ma link, pal) for just £44.99 - bargain! Yes, that's right, I've been considerate enough to wear something that isn't shoes-circa-ages-ago! Here's what I matched them up with (and you better believe it's not shit that's still in the shops! Jebus, not that I'm implying anyone wants to buy what I'm wearing!):

Uniqlo dress (bought in NYC - foncy, non!?) and leggings (bought off their website whilst satlamour!)g in my office - now that's what I call
Primarni cardi (sorry if I alarmed you all by not wearing a Primark cardigan for at least 4 posts in a row) and scarf. I love this scarf cos it's ginormous and cosy.
Leopard print hair bow, a gift. Aw!
And these boots are gonna keep on walking (see what I did there?) cos the Apprentice is about to start and I can't wait to see which smug little bozo gets the kick this week. Seriously, do they have a some kind of 'you must be a massive twat' clause in the contract?

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