24 October 2010

Louis Louis, woooooah, blah de doo de blah, ayayayaya!!!

Good evening good people. Lordy it's chilly! A wee bit of Come Dine With Me and knowing that my chorizo pasta's nearly ready is giving me a warm special feeling though, which is very nice.

So this post is one of my very rare forays into the world of designer fashion. I enjoy SOME designer fashion, I'm an avid reader of fashion magazines and, yes, given the opportunity I'd happily sleep in Louboutin and next season's Erdem. However, it's not my be all and end all and I certainly don't profess to be an expert on the topic. But what I am an expert in is my opinion! Believe it! And one thing I am LOVING is this season's Louis Vuitton ads. I NEVER thought I'd find myself feeling or expressing any kind of joy for the purveyor of the nasty, NASTY, monogrammed bags of Wagsville. Oh, those bags chill me to my very core - they're so UGLY and I've never understood the 'loaded with logos' look. It's just cheap and nasty and unless you're J-Lo or summat (and even then it still LOOKS cheap and nasty), everyone clearly thinks you're weighed down by fakeness. Ew, those bags are for fans of orange tan, bad fake nails and polyester hair extensions clipped in two inches from the root.
So, gawd bless Marc Jacobs who has been doing a bang up job at the fashion house. And never more so than the a/w '10 collection. I swooned at all the full skirts and nipped waists when I first saw it and every time I see their magazine ads, I make a little wish that I'll just open my wardrobe one day and find one of their dresses in there. Preferably with a little note expressing the designer's joy at dressing me. Just so I know I didn't drunkenly go on the rob or anything.

So, here's the shit that's getting my knickers in a knot:

Did you ever see 3 such neat, shiny, swingy, perfect ponytails? I'm not going to even try to go all photo tecchie on you (look at my dodgy flash photography - it'd be laughable for me even to consider it), but I love the styling of the shoot and that it has an old skool back stage at a theatre or in a glamorous powder room vibe. It's just beautiful.
Look! Look at the gorgeous tweeds, the sparkly sequins, the gloriously flattering full heavy, heavy skirts! Plus, it does no harm that Natalia, Christy and Karen look jaw droppingly gorgeous. Even the bags are, dare I say it, discrete and chic!
S'cuse the massive flash on this one! Wow though! Saying I'd die for one of these dresses is a bit too dramatic but holy mary mutha of tha baby jebus, they are out of this world. The fabrics, construction and overall looks just make my eyes sing a happy song. Having done a wee spot of dress making (with varying degrees of success), I have an immense amount of respect for dressmakers - it's such a skill and a true labour of love to be able to make dresses of this design and quality. If I ever found myself able to make something like this, I'd never shut up about it. And, if I was a rich lady, I'd definitely be up for doing some swanning about in any one of these.

So there you have it. My opinion on a/w Louis Vuitton. Literally months and months after it was first shown. But, like I said - this ain't about breaking news, it's about 'ppreciating and, man oh man, do I 'ppreciate. I'm off for a salt and vinegar rice cake (I took a break for dinner - the pasta's long since been and gone) and some X Factor. I know right, don't you, like, totally, like, want my life right now! Right?


Smeeeff said...

This campaign literally makes my heart flutter!

Vintage Vixen said...

Those frocks are rather delectable, the models look like very classy 1950's debutantes.
I started to share your bag love until I noticed the massive LV sign on the bottom bag, logos make me shudder, a beautiful item should speak for itself without the need to sport a label. xxx

danniekate said...

i love your header! they look so classically gorgeous xx

Little Scribbler said...

Aw, thanks!