10 October 2010

Nailed it?

Evening all. I thought I'd stop off here between watching last night's sky plussed Strictly and tonight's live show. And, whilst watching the show, I figured I'd paint my nails. They've been naked for ages and, what with all the glitter and sparkle on Strictly, they just felt all shabby and left out. And in the spirit of all that is ballroom and latin-a-licious, I decided to get carried away and stick some glittery hearts on the nails. Whatchoo think?

Honestly, at a glance they look cute but they really don't want to stick so I've jumped ship part way through and just gone for doing one hand. Anyhoo, if anyone has any suggestions for nail art for the cack handed, I'd sure love to hear them. Have a swell Sunday evening...


behindtheshoes said...

Have you tried to put a few coats of topcoat on the nails to hold the glitter hearts in place ?

Rachelle Xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Great job, very bling-tastic! x