11 October 2010

Exfoliation for the Nation

Good afternoon. Do you know what I can't bear to see on blogs? Dull posts where people literally just go through their day's shopping. By all means, tell us about your bargains and show us any gorgeous highlights - I love that kinda stuff - but do I really need to see that you bought some "cute" (and by "cute" I mean, "you ain't getting laid in those sugar") pyjamas and that you bagged a cheeky 3-4-2 on tampons. No I do not. So I decided to show you some toiletries I bought on Sunday ;-) No, I'm serious. However, be assured that there's method in my mundanity.

I am a massive fan of exfoliating. It think it stems from being a greasy faced spotty teenager - I was just always on the hunt for something that would finally resurface my face, leaving it smooth and perfect*. And, believe me, I've tried a million (slight exaggeration) scrubs over the years, everything from own brand cheapness to high end overpriced stuff and my current favourite (for the face) is Soap and Glory's "Scrub Your Nose In It". Plus, it's been my favourite for a good coupla years now, which is quite an achievement, given that I'm prone to being a fickle little madam when it comes to all things skin care. I deviated to other things briefly and quickly came running back, tail between legs (did I tell you I have a tail? It's a little poufy rabbit type one so getting it between my legs takes quite some skill, let me tell you.). So what's to love? Well, first off, the scrub doubles as a mask - two in one action, huzzah! One of the major 'ingredients' is kaolin, a clay mud which draws out impurities from the skin so, if you have time, you can smear a layer on yo' face, leave it to dry and sook out the crap, then wash/scrub it off. Handy! The next thing I like is that it's got a really refreshing minty zing to it. A minty zing just always makes me feel like it's cleaning that bit more. Sucka! And finally, I just love the scrubby texture of it. I hate exfoliators with big scrubby chunks that half take your face off. Ouch, that shit's delicate and it's the first thing I present to the world - I'd prefer it not to be beetroot and to have some skin left on, thanks. However, I equally dislike exfoliators with little or no scrub (does anyone else just not fully 'buy' salicylic acid? I know it's like, science and that, that makes it exfoliate without scrubbing but I really need to feel these things at work!). "Scrub Your Nose In It" has the perfect size scrubby particles so that your face feels ever so gently sanded. Plus, for those buying the science, it has fruit acids for oil zapping goodness. So, if after all that you fancy buying some, here's a picture of what you're looking for.

So what, I hear you ask, is in the tube on the left. Assuming you can read and aren't just here for the pictures (because, frankly, my pictures aren't that good) you'll know it's name is "Some Like It Hot". Now, this is a new one on me from the S&G crew. I tried it for the first time yesterday and I mother-eeping love it! It has magical genius (magic, science, you decide) that makes it heat up on contact with damp skin so you get a dose of pore opening heat, followed by awesome body scrubbing action. Come winter, this is going to be a shower best friend. Like SYNII, the scrubby particles are just the perfect size and give good exfoliation without scrubbing you raw - it's gentle enough for decolletage and soft arm skin, but tough enough for knees and elbows. And, unlike many body scrubs, it doesn't leave a yukky greasy residue. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for scrubbaliciousness for a foxy body.

And here's the confession. I genuinely love these products (be assured - nobody's paying me or giving me freebies for reviews! I'll be sure to tell you when the offers start rolling in - ha!)  - they're good. BUT, I've been sucked in a bit too. I'm totally smitten with Soap and Glory in general. Completely. Why? Tone of voice. These guys KNOW their brand and everything they do speaks the brand. It's kitschy and retro with tongue jammed very firmly in cheek (their lip gloss is called Sexy Mother-Pucker, for the wee man's sake) and everything from the product names to the safety warnings ooze that brand, so you're left in no doubt as to what they're all about. As a person who does Marketing, I appreciate what they do. As a chick who loves a pun and a bit of sneaky innuendo (in your end-o), as well as a good scrub, well, gee, I think they're just swell.

*I feel morally obliged to point out that, to this day, my face is still not peachy smooth or perfect.

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Vintage Vixen said...

I've never tried any of the Soap and Glory stuff but the packaging does look rather splendid. x