14 June 2012

McWho? McQueen you say?

Yes, McQueen

And, yes, we're talking shoe porn. And we're talking a big fat bucket list tick. Oh, you know the shoes are good when there's a proper dust bag.

When it comes to porn, it's an each-to-their-own thing, isn't it? What works for one doesn't for another and all that jazz. And when it comes to shoe porn, S&M mine up baby! Bring on the STUDS!

Ew. S'cuse that blurry pic. I'd already taken it and uploaded them all by the time I realised how bad it was and, frankly, I couldn't be arsed going back to get a better one. Is that terrible? I couldn't not include it though because you really need the back view. Of the studs. Here's a sidey back view:

Gay god, are they not an utter joy?! The neat rounded studs (S&M lite, if you will), the gorgeous electric blue leather. Oh the leather. I don't know about you but, when I get new leather shoes, I have to give them a good sniff and a good stroke. And working in shoes, there's usually no shortage of colleagues waiting for their stroke and sniff too. I usually oblige. These smell good. And feel good. Especially when you run your hands over the studs. Did I mention they're studded?

Look how gloriously pointy the toes are. I love a good almondy toe. I've just got back into the idea of a stiletto in the last year or so. They're still only a tiny portion of my shoe collection but those I do have are crackers. When I get a mo', I'll show you some more. They're worth it.

At this time in the proceedings, I'd desperately like to get a "woop, woop" for the white heel tip and white platform. It's shit like this that I die for. Electric blue stiletto = good. Electric blue stiletto with stud detailing = I'm swooning. Electric blue stiletto with stud detailing and a white rubber platform, sole and heel tip = Llara's shoe heaven. I swear, I put these on (and I was wearing a heap of random stuff that they did NOT go with) and I was just cooler. Instantly. These shoes kill shit shoes. Shoes like this are why I push the boat out and embrace a bit of designer from time to time. Oh glory. I'm off to go hug my shoes.

11 June 2012

Herman the German

We once met a German called Herman when I was on holiday as a kid. Even back then I loved a good dose of wordplay so I found the moniker 'Herman the German' immensely satisfying. This post isn't about him (though if you're interested, he was dead tall and rocked a Speedo.), it's about a cake. Herman the German friendship cake. I'd never heard of such a thing until I was given a piece of the mixture from whence Herman springs. He was given to me by a lovely lady I met on jury duty (that's my most recent excuse for having not been hanging about here for, like, aaaaaaages) and, in a nutshell, he's like a chain letter but in cake form. You get given a bit of cake mix, which you add to for 8 days, split into 4, giving 3 parts of the mixture away to unsuspecting friends/eager bakers/ anyone you can find who reckons they can get another 3 folk to take a bit. You add some extra basics, some fruit, bake it and, voila, a fully formed Herman. Here's how it goes - be warned, this isn't one of those gloriously shot food posts. In fact, he doesn't look great most of the way through. Who cares though, right? Hopefully the words are painting a tiny picture and I can tell you that he tastes bloody lovely! Enjoy.

Mmm, non-descript cake mix.
Adding to the mix on day 4.
Masquerading as a giant jar of jam.
Warning, do NOT taste Herman raw. He is not a spoon-licking kinda cake. Who woulda thunk it with all that milk in him, sitting out for days. He's a bubbling bad-ass.

Herman split into 4, the rest of the ingredients are added, including apples and raisin. Fruit means he's totes healthy, innit?
I had so much cake mix, I had to bake two Hermans...
The Herman bits that got stuck in the cake tin. Perfect with ice cream on top! Yum!