14 June 2012

McWho? McQueen you say?

Yes, McQueen

And, yes, we're talking shoe porn. And we're talking a big fat bucket list tick. Oh, you know the shoes are good when there's a proper dust bag.

When it comes to porn, it's an each-to-their-own thing, isn't it? What works for one doesn't for another and all that jazz. And when it comes to shoe porn, S&M mine up baby! Bring on the STUDS!

Ew. S'cuse that blurry pic. I'd already taken it and uploaded them all by the time I realised how bad it was and, frankly, I couldn't be arsed going back to get a better one. Is that terrible? I couldn't not include it though because you really need the back view. Of the studs. Here's a sidey back view:

Gay god, are they not an utter joy?! The neat rounded studs (S&M lite, if you will), the gorgeous electric blue leather. Oh the leather. I don't know about you but, when I get new leather shoes, I have to give them a good sniff and a good stroke. And working in shoes, there's usually no shortage of colleagues waiting for their stroke and sniff too. I usually oblige. These smell good. And feel good. Especially when you run your hands over the studs. Did I mention they're studded?

Look how gloriously pointy the toes are. I love a good almondy toe. I've just got back into the idea of a stiletto in the last year or so. They're still only a tiny portion of my shoe collection but those I do have are crackers. When I get a mo', I'll show you some more. They're worth it.

At this time in the proceedings, I'd desperately like to get a "woop, woop" for the white heel tip and white platform. It's shit like this that I die for. Electric blue stiletto = good. Electric blue stiletto with stud detailing = I'm swooning. Electric blue stiletto with stud detailing and a white rubber platform, sole and heel tip = Llara's shoe heaven. I swear, I put these on (and I was wearing a heap of random stuff that they did NOT go with) and I was just cooler. Instantly. These shoes kill shit shoes. Shoes like this are why I push the boat out and embrace a bit of designer from time to time. Oh glory. I'm off to go hug my shoes.


Lilybobombslovelylumps.com said...

Oh my Goodness, they are beyond Devine!

Gem said...

gorgeous, its nice to treat yourself :)

Please may I? said...

They are stunning, I am green with envy.

X x

Natali Crystal said...

they are amazing! i was excited just looking at the box! jealoussss <3

Natali xox

Paula said...