30 July 2010

I love COOKIE!

Just because...

Uh-huh, it's shoes number 2! 92 to go...

I did a bad. I got so excited by other stuff yesterday that I didn't post pair of shoes number 2 in my shoe based challenge. Bad, naughty! So here they are:

Dear Miss Selfridge, I'm here to gives thanks for these McFreakin' awesome shoes. Here's the credit roll:
Pink Suede
Concealed Platform
Chunky Heel (for quirk rather than tack)
Adorable black n white polka dot rosette
Peep Toe (right now anything that shows the leopard toes is a winner)

And here's the proof of me wearing them (if you didn't see me tottering around the office/streets of Edinburgh looking smug about my beautiful shoes). They're joined by uniqlo t dress and patterned leggings (I like these leggings cos they've got a bit more interest to them than plain black but they don't look entirely hideous on my chubby wee legs), gold lurex (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE lurex? Gift me with it and I'll love you...) cardi from either Toppers or Primarni, and a purdy pink perspex star necklace from Punky Pins. Once again, demonstrating my appreciation of the slouchy look. Can you tell I'm not an ironer?

29 July 2010

I don't tend to do acronyms but OMFG!!!

OMFG indeed. adidas, with these trainers you have all at once wowed me and blown my tiny mind! What have you done to teddy bear!? What have you done to my hi tops. Who knows? What I do know is I WANT THESE TRAINERS. In pink if you please. Size 7.

Wild thing. You make my heart sing

When I was at school kids used to sing 'wild thing, you make my dick swing'. I don't have a dick and I've grown up a bit (tho it does still make me giggle a tiny bit) and these wild things are making my heart sing:

They're leopard print, strappy and wedged, with zip detailing adding to the fierceness. High enough for the glamour factor, low enough to be mega comfy, these sandals will happily see me through the rest of the summer. Check back to see them included in my 'wear all my shoes in a year' challenge. Oh, did I mention they're £7.99 from H&M. £7.99!

You know it's a good pic when I put it before the words

I love, love, love this picture. I'm not sure who it's of, where they are or if it's posed or spontaneous but I love it. It was tweeted by the delicious Stylisa and it just made me smile.
I love the colour contrast in the picture from the blackest black to the brightest white. And the clothes are amazing, the dapper shirt and shorts with bow tie, brogues and a flat cap, and the flapper dress with the flower which feels so casually flung in the hair. These people have dressed with pride and style but they're not afraid to get messed up and have a darn good time!
But I think, above all, it's the movement in this image that just captures me. These guys are doing some serious dancing and they don't care who's watching! You can almost hear the music. You want to jump up on the floor and join them. For me, this picture depicts pure joy and was one of those rare times that I really rejoiced in having clicked the Twitpic link!

28 July 2010

Is 94 pairs of shoes too many? Is a leopard too leopardy?

Not my shortest catchiest title yet, I admit but I believe them to be fair questions.

Inspired by Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge, I decided to count my shoe collection (minus manky gym trainers) and endeavour to wear each and every pair at least once in the next 12 months. As it's now the 28th of July, that gives me 369 days to wear...(as if the title didn't give it away) 94 pairs of shoes...

As with the lovely Shoeperwoman, I must have pictorial evidence of each wearing, I shall donate or eBay any unworn pairs and I CAN buy new shoes throughout the challenge. Just as freakin' well!

So, let's start with today. Let me preface today by explaining that I woke up tired and bloated today and my outfit is more for comfort than glamour and that I know, I know, I know that these jeans are not the best look on me...However, if I'm not clashing stuff, I do enjoy a theme and today it was nautical.

Jeans Primarni, top H&M

I'm a sucker for a stripe and love the casual vibe of this t shirt - I enjoy a bit of slouch. Never in posture though. Feel free to jab me with a stick if you see me slouch. But, I also love the slightly OTT sequined and bejewelled epaulet type shoulder detailing. It just adds a bit extra to an otherwise kinda plain tee.

Today, I hoped the weather would be nice. It wasn't. However, that came to light after leaving the house and travelling a distance and I already had my flip flops on (damn you Scotland!). But, I almost don't mind cos I love these wee flip flops! And they're SO nautical but nice! Regardez the cute blue/white striped thong, the pretty blue bow and the little gold anchor. Talk about attention to detail. Plus, I get a little clash in with the stripes v my leopard toenails! Today's shoes are from Primark and cost, most likely, a very princely sum. Ahoy!

1 down, 93 to go...

Full of Glee!

Did you hear about the Glee event they staged in LA? Why does all the fun stuff happen in America? Except when you're there and want to do the fun stuff (my friend went on honeymoon and could we get her tickets for either Cher or Lionel Ritchie? Could we buggery! Cher did Vegas before and after my pal was there. Rude).

So the Glee thing got me thinking about one of my recent favourite style crushes, Lea Michele. A million style miles away from frumpy Rachel, her Glee character, Lea usually nails red carpet dressing in a fresh and youthful way. However, I have a bit of a half and half feeling about her most recent sartorial offering. The colour's good on her and, naff though it could be, I love the gold (it reminds me of an AMAZING Viv Westwood Anglomania dress that I never could afford *sob*). I love the asymmetry of the top and the fact that it feels light and flirty. But, it then goes wrong. I do not like the length and I hate, hate, hate an asymmetric or jagged hem. The whole thing is just a bit jaggy and messy looking and feels like it needs nipping in. So that's my opinion...

By contrast, here's why I first fell for Lea. Look at those legs, that waist! This dress is a flatterer! She's gone asymmetric again with a gorgeous Grecian feel but, instead of flowing Grecian drapery the poufy feathered skirt adds volume and curves giving an amazing hourglass shape. Chic navy paired with simple black pumps, this look is youthful with an edge. I love it!

ps - Puck? You SO would!

26 July 2010

The film looks shit but the dress is good...

I said it LOOKS shit. I haven't seen it so it might be amazing. Maybe. Probably not.

Anyway, the reason we're chatting now is that I love Cammy's Stella dress at the London Knight and Day premiere. I'm like a magpie and it's sparkly awesomeness just draws me in like the bird to the shiny milk bottle top. (Does anyone else miss those milk bottle tops just a teeny bit?). Admittedly, the dress is a tad on the see through side but, really, who cares when your body's that hot? I love the fact that, take off the sparkle and it's just a casual jumper dress but, add the sparkle, a pair of classic black peep toes and a set of legs I'd kill for and bang (in a Cillit Bang style), you're red carpet ready. Cameron, in this dress, you are really spoiling us. Oh, and good one Stella, you bunny lovin' queen of slouchy tailoring!

23 July 2010

Subway, no way!!!

Tee, hee! Whilst I, of course, cannot condone graffiti, I sort of have to agree with the little toerag that scribed upon this Subway poster. I've never got the appeal of Subway. I'm not a huge sandwich fan anyway but sandwiches that are so calorific they put Maccy D's et al to shame just appeal even less. Why do I want meatballs, smothered in plastic cheese, in a sandwich. It's crazy talk, CRAZY! That said, do I really want to go eat worms? Hmm, tough choice.

Back to le fashion next time, I promise! xx

22 July 2010

This ain't fashion, this is funny...

So we're driving home from work this evening and, regard! A baguette has been 'abandoned' by the road. For some reason, this tickled our childish funny bone and I whipped my camera out to get a picture. Alas, this tale does not have a happy ending. For what the below picture does not show is some pikey pulling up in their car and kidnapping said baguette! La Pikey CLEARLY was not the dropper of the baguette and seemed to have no regard for the fact that the baguette could be poisoned or, perhaps simply pissed on by a passing dog. Either way, it is not a good thing to pull up in a 56 plate car and kidnap an errant baguette from a street corner. Maybe the perming solution had gone to her head...

21 July 2010

She's in fashion. Ooh, ooh, ooo-ooooh!

Now that there is a reference to popular 90s indie band Suede (Google 'em kids). I quite like them retrospectively but at the time, blinded as I was by loyalty to Damon Albarn who had a long running hate thing with them (him and Suede's Brett Anderson had both shagged Justine from Elastica who, let's be honest, looked a bit like a boy. Albeit a kinda hot Damon bagging boy), I simply couldn't consider enjoying Suede.

Anyway, The title refers not to my own sense of style or choice of clothes but the fact that I do indeed work in fashion. Therefore, I am in fashion. Ooh, ooh, oooo-ooh! And today saw our new season range review for a/w '10. Always a good chance to catch up with pals from across the country, have a free feed and make a shopping list the length of 5th Avenue. Plus, I always enjoying having a neb (Scottish word - it means being nosey, kind of) at what people are wearing. Being in fashion, you'd think it's be a joy to the eyes and often it is but you do get some slightly, er, how shall I put it...off the boil, looks too. Anyway, if I'm out there judging all and sundry, it's only fair you get to judge me too.

I'm sticking with the headless look for now and, bear in mind, this is about the pretty clothes, not my sexy figure or fabulous photography skills. I decided that, as we were at the a/w preview, I should channel and a/w look and I picked the 50s silhouette, as championed by Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and Prada. Mad men had a lot to answer for. Here it is...

The dress is one I got AGES ago at Oasis and is part of their 'floral frocks' collection and is actually a reworking of a vintage 60s (I know - talk about fucking with my eras!) design featured in the Bath museum). It has a lovely v back, the skirt is beautifully full and it literally floats as you come down stairs. I swear, coming back from the loo I was in soft focus as I descended the stairs. Wonderful.

My cardi's a Primarni bargain, the tights are actually purple and from ASOS, the necklace is from Accessorize. I went for the 'cupcake' necklace as I love little gold necklaces AND I figured that, channelling the 50s housewife vibe, I was probably gonna head home and bake some cupcakes. I actually went to the pub but that's by the by...Anyway, the brooch is from a Coast dress I sold ages ago and the shoes are from schuh. I decided flats were called for as the day was standing room only and I adore the cameo detail on these pumps. Plus I'm a sucker for a clashed floral. The bag (below) is Accessorize and I love it so much (see leopard print obsession) that I'll have it til it's actual vintage and/or breaks. Anyway, here's the pictorial evidence. Enjoy and good night.

20 July 2010

I don't Bet-Lynch it!

So, me and Bet Lynch well pissed ourselves with glee when we heard that leopard print is the word on the lips and print on the backs of the fabulous amongst us this a/w. I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit torn - should I be glad to have a huge amount of the stuff to choose from, in the way that Alex James picked from groupies and models in Blur's heyday, or should I be miffed that everyone's wearing me and Bet's numero uno print of choice? Hmm, I think I'll go with the Alex option and pick up all I can - grrr!

Here's my pick of some of the new and coming soon leopard lovelies getting me salivating...

I L-O-V-E this hat that's on the accessories page of the Toppers website. Shame said retailer didn't think it was worth replying to lil ol' me when I tweeted to ask them when it'd be in...SHAME on you Topshop!

Now being, as Gok would put it, a juicy pear, I'm a little scared of jumpsuits. All too often if it fits on top, it's straining around my ample behind in a most unflattering fashion. However, this little lovely is wide legged (Gok would approve) and, therefore, may skim said glorious behind. I think I just talked myself into buying it...hello, Miss Selfridge, you got something I want!

These are my absolute must have boots for the season. They're due into schuh very soon and I officially cannot wait! They're Clarks and that's classic, innit? But they're also leopardy and hairy and there's my twist. I shall be watching the website in hot anticipation waiting for them to appear. Oh, can you just picture Richard Ashcroft in a pair of these...

It's a dress, it's leopard, it looks cosy, it'll look cute right through winter. What's not to love? Warehouse, if you're interested.
Ouch! These are amazing! Killer heel (I used to live in Middlesbrough and some guy was actually stabbed to death with a white stiletto. FACT - heels can actually be killer!), leopard (obv), stomping platform and perfectly sized peep toe. Topshop are selling these ones...

For now, it's over and out from Bet and I - we're off to the rovers for a bevvie. However, I'll be back with a run down of all the leopard print loveliness I already have that I'll be rocking/resurrecting this a/w!

13 July 2010

I'm so vain, I probably think this post is about me...

Ok, I don't think it's about me, I know. It's my blog after all and I decide what goes on it, innit? So, I decided to do one of those "here's what I wore" things. I kind of thought it would be a bit self indulgent and naff, then I remembered that I can joyfully while away hours either looking at people's, er looks, online or, even better, sitting outside a bar/cafe on the street accompanied by nice dark good-for-spying-without-getting-caught glasses and, ideally, a gin. Plus a few folk said some nice things about this particular look which kinda gave me the balls to go for it. Note that I've got the main pic from a funny angle though and chopped my head off. This is deliberate. I'm a wee bit camera shy. Cross me on the street after the aforementioned gin though and I'll happily gurn away for ya! Enjoy...

And here are the shopping factoids:

Shirt and Dress: H&M (they're starting online sales in September apparently - they might want to deal with their CRAP online customer service before that...)
Belt: New Look
Amazing Ladybird Necklace: The wonderful and sadly no more, Lady Luck Rules OK
Shoes: Irregular Choice @ schuh (they're old season but there's plenty purdy ones there still)
Leggings: M&S but 25p from a jumble sale - don't judge me!

12 July 2010

Hip hop and you don't stop...

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the most awesome ring in the world. F.A.C.T. Ok, so it ain't Tiffany but regard:

Now, I'm a pretty fussy gal - I won't stick my finger in just any ring (oh, behave) - it's gotta be something special. And, I hope you'll agree that this is indeed pretty special. He's a bunny! A tiny gold bunny with black bejewelled eyes and a sweet little innocent face. He makes my fingers a happier place to be (unless you're holding my hand, in which case he's kinda irritating. Get over it). And, loathe though I am to share my secrets and risk you all running out to buy one, you can find him hiding in a burrow in Primarni...

Jessica A-ha-that's-a-good-look-lba!

Now, as you'll probably have guessed, my favourite look of the couture shoes has been me in John Galliano's Dior. However, a girl can have more than one favourite and this time, I'm taking it off the catwalk and into the audience (you might already have guessed that from the post title).

As a general rule I'm happy checking out the red carpet and celeb looks although, often it's all just a bit polished and cheesy for me. However, having never been a fan of the girl in the past, I am loving the looks Jessica Alba has been rocking at the couture shows! She's looking better than ever and her pretty dresses (Dior and Chanel and Valentino, oh my!) are to die for! I'm a big fan of the nipped in waists and skinny belts and also enjoy the (ever so slightly cliched) toughening of the pretty white Chanel dress with the delicious black Louboutins. Dude, Chanel and Louboutins, talk about clothing envy! Enjoy/feel sick...

8 July 2010

Spit Spot! The job's a game...

Ah Mary Poppins! What a legend. I have the film sitting on my Sky Plus waiting to be watched (like I haven't seen it a hundred times) since I recorded it at Christmas time.

As a kid I'm not sure that I noticed Mary's fashion iconicity (yup - it's a word - se my post containing the word 'funner' if you don't believe me). Much in the way that I didn't notice David Bowie's bulge in Labyrinth (see below if you haven't found yourself familiar with said bulge either) because I was just, well, enjoying the film in a child like way.

Anyway, cast your mind back because that girl did a natty line in hats and nipped in waists and those full skirts! Just to die for! Note also, her tiny red bowtie and the flowers and cherries on the hat. Dreamy. Check her out...

Anyway, there's a reason I'm getting my Poppins on right now and it ain't because of those cherries, nuh-uh! Note, if you will, the bag. The carpet bag. Try as (wo)man does, the full genius of the carpet bag has never truly been recreated (you're telling me Nicole Richie, the Olsens et al would seriously humph bags that big about if they could fit their entire house, lamps, plants and all in one neat travel-esque bag??). So in the absence of a bag that fits ALL of life's treasures in it and doesn't need sat on to be zipped closed, what, you may well ask, got me thinking about Mary's carpet bag? I'll tell you...

This little beauty from Miss Selfridge's AW range...
It's like it's made from Mary's very bag! Observe if you will the scratch-granny's-cushion-floraliness, the just-the-right-size peep toe, the elegant heel, the height giving platform. These shoes are made for pretty dresses and winter tights and I for one will be stalking Miss S until they make their appearance!

If you need your carpet bag shoes fix now, you might fancy these lovelies from Office. Also, very gorgeous if a teeny bit clumpy looking:

And finally, as promised, le bulge...(tee, hee!)

And now it's time to fly my pretties xxx

6 July 2010

Do you think John Galliano will be my friend?

Now people, I never claimed this to be a Blog of fashion foresight. I'm more about opinion. However, allow me to be close to the pulse for one moment, to discuss John Galliano's Dior Haute Couture A/W collection at the Paris Couture Fashion Shows. I want him to be my friend. And by that I mean I want him to give me pretty dresses.

Because, wow! This stuff is truly stunning - the colours, the sculpture, the texture, the tonnes (surely) of net tulle - it's the stuff of floral ,fairy, fantasy (gotta love a bit of alliteration). I hope to be spending my A/W season wafting around in layer upon layer of frothy, floaty fabulosity (seriously, embrace it with me). At the office, down Asda, at the gym - seriously, I'll wear 'em everywhere.

In order to assist Mr Galliano in imagining me as his muse/pal, I bring to you, dear reader, some, frankly, phenomenally, edited images from the show. Oh yes, I have Paint on my PC and I am NOT afraid to use it.
Laters xxx