21 July 2010

She's in fashion. Ooh, ooh, ooo-ooooh!

Now that there is a reference to popular 90s indie band Suede (Google 'em kids). I quite like them retrospectively but at the time, blinded as I was by loyalty to Damon Albarn who had a long running hate thing with them (him and Suede's Brett Anderson had both shagged Justine from Elastica who, let's be honest, looked a bit like a boy. Albeit a kinda hot Damon bagging boy), I simply couldn't consider enjoying Suede.

Anyway, The title refers not to my own sense of style or choice of clothes but the fact that I do indeed work in fashion. Therefore, I am in fashion. Ooh, ooh, oooo-ooh! And today saw our new season range review for a/w '10. Always a good chance to catch up with pals from across the country, have a free feed and make a shopping list the length of 5th Avenue. Plus, I always enjoying having a neb (Scottish word - it means being nosey, kind of) at what people are wearing. Being in fashion, you'd think it's be a joy to the eyes and often it is but you do get some slightly, er, how shall I put it...off the boil, looks too. Anyway, if I'm out there judging all and sundry, it's only fair you get to judge me too.

I'm sticking with the headless look for now and, bear in mind, this is about the pretty clothes, not my sexy figure or fabulous photography skills. I decided that, as we were at the a/w preview, I should channel and a/w look and I picked the 50s silhouette, as championed by Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and Prada. Mad men had a lot to answer for. Here it is...

The dress is one I got AGES ago at Oasis and is part of their 'floral frocks' collection and is actually a reworking of a vintage 60s (I know - talk about fucking with my eras!) design featured in the Bath museum). It has a lovely v back, the skirt is beautifully full and it literally floats as you come down stairs. I swear, coming back from the loo I was in soft focus as I descended the stairs. Wonderful.

My cardi's a Primarni bargain, the tights are actually purple and from ASOS, the necklace is from Accessorize. I went for the 'cupcake' necklace as I love little gold necklaces AND I figured that, channelling the 50s housewife vibe, I was probably gonna head home and bake some cupcakes. I actually went to the pub but that's by the by...Anyway, the brooch is from a Coast dress I sold ages ago and the shoes are from schuh. I decided flats were called for as the day was standing room only and I adore the cameo detail on these pumps. Plus I'm a sucker for a clashed floral. The bag (below) is Accessorize and I love it so much (see leopard print obsession) that I'll have it til it's actual vintage and/or breaks. Anyway, here's the pictorial evidence. Enjoy and good night.

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