26 July 2010

The film looks shit but the dress is good...

I said it LOOKS shit. I haven't seen it so it might be amazing. Maybe. Probably not.

Anyway, the reason we're chatting now is that I love Cammy's Stella dress at the London Knight and Day premiere. I'm like a magpie and it's sparkly awesomeness just draws me in like the bird to the shiny milk bottle top. (Does anyone else miss those milk bottle tops just a teeny bit?). Admittedly, the dress is a tad on the see through side but, really, who cares when your body's that hot? I love the fact that, take off the sparkle and it's just a casual jumper dress but, add the sparkle, a pair of classic black peep toes and a set of legs I'd kill for and bang (in a Cillit Bang style), you're red carpet ready. Cameron, in this dress, you are really spoiling us. Oh, and good one Stella, you bunny lovin' queen of slouchy tailoring!

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Sarah said...

agreed, she looked incredible! those legs!! xx