29 July 2010

You know it's a good pic when I put it before the words

I love, love, love this picture. I'm not sure who it's of, where they are or if it's posed or spontaneous but I love it. It was tweeted by the delicious Stylisa and it just made me smile.
I love the colour contrast in the picture from the blackest black to the brightest white. And the clothes are amazing, the dapper shirt and shorts with bow tie, brogues and a flat cap, and the flapper dress with the flower which feels so casually flung in the hair. These people have dressed with pride and style but they're not afraid to get messed up and have a darn good time!
But I think, above all, it's the movement in this image that just captures me. These guys are doing some serious dancing and they don't care who's watching! You can almost hear the music. You want to jump up on the floor and join them. For me, this picture depicts pure joy and was one of those rare times that I really rejoiced in having clicked the Twitpic link!

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