13 July 2010

I'm so vain, I probably think this post is about me...

Ok, I don't think it's about me, I know. It's my blog after all and I decide what goes on it, innit? So, I decided to do one of those "here's what I wore" things. I kind of thought it would be a bit self indulgent and naff, then I remembered that I can joyfully while away hours either looking at people's, er looks, online or, even better, sitting outside a bar/cafe on the street accompanied by nice dark good-for-spying-without-getting-caught glasses and, ideally, a gin. Plus a few folk said some nice things about this particular look which kinda gave me the balls to go for it. Note that I've got the main pic from a funny angle though and chopped my head off. This is deliberate. I'm a wee bit camera shy. Cross me on the street after the aforementioned gin though and I'll happily gurn away for ya! Enjoy...

And here are the shopping factoids:

Shirt and Dress: H&M (they're starting online sales in September apparently - they might want to deal with their CRAP online customer service before that...)
Belt: New Look
Amazing Ladybird Necklace: The wonderful and sadly no more, Lady Luck Rules OK
Shoes: Irregular Choice @ schuh (they're old season but there's plenty purdy ones there still)
Leggings: M&S but 25p from a jumble sale - don't judge me!

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