12 July 2010

Jessica A-ha-that's-a-good-look-lba!

Now, as you'll probably have guessed, my favourite look of the couture shoes has been me in John Galliano's Dior. However, a girl can have more than one favourite and this time, I'm taking it off the catwalk and into the audience (you might already have guessed that from the post title).

As a general rule I'm happy checking out the red carpet and celeb looks although, often it's all just a bit polished and cheesy for me. However, having never been a fan of the girl in the past, I am loving the looks Jessica Alba has been rocking at the couture shows! She's looking better than ever and her pretty dresses (Dior and Chanel and Valentino, oh my!) are to die for! I'm a big fan of the nipped in waists and skinny belts and also enjoy the (ever so slightly cliched) toughening of the pretty white Chanel dress with the delicious black Louboutins. Dude, Chanel and Louboutins, talk about clothing envy! Enjoy/feel sick...

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Linds said...

I love the third dress, so beautiful!