21 December 2011

Give and Make up

I'm something of a tweeter, @Llara_has_2_Ls if you're interested, and through #BeautyBloggers, I came across an organisation called Give and Make up. They collect unwanted new and nearly new cosmetics and toiletries for women living in Women's Aid and Refuge accommodation. The women (and potentially their children) have all experienced some form of domestic violence and many will have fled home with nothing. Give and Make up help by providing essential daily basics (shower gel, sanitary products, deodorant), as well as little luxuries.

Now, I'm conscious that I want to extol the virtues of Give and Make up without coming off patronising, so here's my thinking. Domestic violence is horrific. No-one should ever have to live with it. And leaving your home with nothing may be the least of your worries. But, I figure, anything that helps, even a little, once you have made the brave decision to go, has to be a good thing. And while toiletries and whatnot might not seem like a big deal, it might be that a women receives basic items that one takes for granted as everyday staples. Or maybe that someone gets some dead nice make up when they haven't considered treating themselves in a long time. And I reckon that's a good thing.

The reason I've got as far as posting about Give and Make up is that, having read about them, I decided to give them a shout: like many chicks, I have a load of gift sets knocking about that I haven't opened, as well as ill advised eye shadow purchases (ace stuff that just doesn't suit me), free lipsticks etc. But, while I was waiting for them to reply to me, it occurred to me that I probably knew plenty other people in the same situation. Turns out I did and, in a nutshell, it grew arms and legs and this is around a third of what I ended up collecting!

Look at all the make up! (There was around twice this when it was all together)

Body lotion and, more importantly, shower gel: a daily staple.

I ended up with nearly 850 items, plus a bag of toilet bags and a huge bag of miniatures. I'm dead pleased to say that I'll be collecting again in the New Year as lots of people mentioned ending up with unwanted gifts post Xmas. Plus, there's no time like new year for a clear out! Give and Make up have collection points/drop offs all over the country so, if you do get any bath sets or make up over Christmas that you just don't fancy, you've picked up extra 3 for 2s or you're just dead generous and decide to pick up some extra items while you're out, give them a shout! You could really help.

17 November 2011


Part of the reason for my recent absence from blogging is the general business of work. Plus, by the time I fit in friends and family (with varying degrees of success), the gym and Mr G, I've just not had a lot of time for it! Another thing that suffered a bit in the battle for my time was the planning of my recent birthday party - I had a dead ace party at the house and was so busy through it that I didn't take a single picture! But, people, I can hide it no more: I am no longer a member of the twenties gang. Instead, I am now a mature (*snort*) 30 year old. And I have a new hair cut. Well, it'd be rude not to, non? Cue, taken-at-arm's-length posey pic:

And turning 30 really got me thinking about what I've achieved in life and all the good stuff I've got going on. Milestones = contemplation after all. I'm not exactly a high flier (you won't see me in a "30 year old lady bosses" article any time soon - those articles do make me jealous) but I love my job and it has loads of potential. When I turned 25, I freaked out BIG TIME. I was in really quite a good customer service job and was well paid but it didn't make me happy at all - I was bored and under stimulated. A couple of years ago I took a big pay drop to move into a more creative career and I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever done and, in getting more job satisfaction, I feel happier all round. So job's a good 'un for now.

More widely than that, I have fabulous friends (hello fabulous friends - I love you all), a great family (I love you too) and the best husband ever - there's noone else who could be better for me. Schmaltzy but true. I am a very lucky girl. Can I call myself a girl now? Ach, I just did. Whatchoo gonna do? Fight me?

Which takes me to health (via Bodycombat - fighting. See? I do Bodycombat). I'm reasonably healthy (as far as I know) and getting fitter. And my loved ones are all in reasonable health too. And this makes me thankful.

All this stuff adds up to a pretty happy 30 year old. So there was no freaking out this birthday. I just enjoyed partying the night away with a flat FULL of family and friends. Perfect.

PS - I've achieved a pretty decent shoe collection too. And, I'm not gonna lie - it raises a wee superficial smile...

14 November 2011

Loub at first sight...

Hello! I'd like to start this post by saying thanks a massimo millo for not all unfollowing me while I've been absent. Life has rather got in the way of blogging of late, blah, blah usual excuses, so it was lovely to come back on and see that people are still here. Yay!

So, you may know me best for my cracking shoe collection (that and my biting wit and winning way of 'posing' in the same doorway for every pic). Therefore, I figured the best way to break back into the blogging was probably to bust out my recent AMAZING shoe purchase. Warning: this is picture heavy.


Now, I know they're not the most exciting shoe ever at first glance. BUT, they're Louboutin. My first ever pair. And I deliberately went for a pair that are understated and classic and wearable. Well, as long as you're not talking about the giant, spiky heel. I'll admit that's a challenge. Aside from that, a low cut, burgundy plum platform shoe boot is gonna go with plenty stuff. Plus, now I totally get the designer shoe thing: the leather is so soft and smells amazing, the insides are padded and squishy underfoot so they really are that bit comfier than your average shoe, even in spite of the aforementioned heel. And look at the sole!
And here they are in their rightful home, in the shoe cabinet. Next to the adidas x Jeremy Scott Jed-rat panda trainers. Damn Jedward.

24 October 2011

Life's rich tapestry

No, I haven't gotten all philosophical on you - I'm talking shoes. Well, really, what did you expect? And we start with sad news. A shoe death. Yes, I'm devastated to tell you that this pair of shoes, the object of much admiration, many kind comments and former feature of the right hand bar of this blog (they've come down because it's too sad to see them there now), have died.

Love a good Nora Batty ankle. Love it.
The upper is coming away from the platform on the inside edge of the right shoe. It's one of those that you could glue temporarily and hope for the best but that would probably come away again and if you tamper with this kinds thing it leaves you banjaxed for returning them. So they're headed back to Miss Selfridge and I shall wait patiently, most likely, for a refund. However, I'm crossing my fingers that there's a cheeky pair hidden in a warehouse just waiting to be sent to me! Urgh, I love those bloody shoes!

So, while they are no more, I did recently acquire a tapestry addition to my shoe wardrobe. These beasts, from ASOS:

I can normally be found on my back with my feet in the air. It would seem.
Yes, I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but that's neither here nor there because they are very much mine! They are GIANT. So very, very tall. They make me about 6"1. I am basing this scientific measurement on the fact that I'm still smaller than Mr S in them but only by a whisker. A mere whisker! And he stands 6"2 fact fans. Truth be told, I did like the Miss S's better but these guys feel edgy and, being on the cusp of 30 [oh, I know I barely look a day over 21 ;-)], I need some edge in my life. Some rock 'n' roll. And if tottering about doing one's best to balance and having almost completely numb feet all day, in the name of fashion, ain't a teeny dose of rock n roll, I'll eat a pair of sensible shoes. Here I am posing in them:

boots: ASOS, t-dress: Uniqlo, Shirt: H&M, necklace: Godiva
Look how I'm artfully showing off the wedge. You should probably expect to see more of this shit soon.

Here's a closer look at my lovely nautical but nice necklace. Cos you need that in yo life...dontcha? I do love a bit of mirrored acrylic. *Sigh*

Update: My broken shoes arrived back with Miss S on the 12th. It's now the 24th and I've heard NOTHING! Crap-tastic! Those guys (in fact Arcadia generally) suck butt.

17 October 2011

Nailing glittery heels.

So, we're getting these shoes in soon at Schuh. I can't decide if I like the red suede with the gold/silvery glittery heel, though there is something tremendously Christmassy about them and I love me a bit of Christmas! It just feel like a really contrasting combo and I'm a wee bit on the fence right now.

Look how sparkly they are though!  I have them in purple and I adore them, even if they do make me walk like a tranny if I have to negotiate a hill. Actually, that's probably not fair: I saw a banging transvestite at the pub the other night and she appeared to be managing just fine, ta v much, in her heels!

So, I've decided that the obvious way to decide whether I enjoy the contrasting colour combo is to wear it on my nails first. Ta-da!

I think it's growing on me...

7 October 2011

A t-bar and a bow...and I digress

Like a bow tie bow. Not a bow. Like bending over. I'm not bending over. Little Scribbler don't bend over for no-one. Nuh-uh. That said, I am doing something distinctly weird in this picture...
Dress: Tesco, Shoes & Belt: New Look, Shirt: H&M
Kind of like I'm coming atcha head first. I don't know why. As far as I can tell you haven't done anything to offend me. On a side note, does anyone have any great, time free, suggestions for in between length hair? Mine is driving me batty right now and basically always looks like the above as I never have enough time to blow dry it so it always end up in a pancakey quifflet.

Back to the weird pose. I can only fathom that I decided I should do some fancy ass foot placement in order to showcase my lovely shoes. The shoes of the aforementioned bow. Bows are usually always cute in my book and these ones win extra awesome points for being shiny patent and trimmed with glitter. So far, so good. I'm also a big t-bar fan. The right t-bar that is - they can be pieces of nastiness fresh outta frump land when done wrong. However, the chunky high heel, peep toe, deep red colour and bow on these stop that. They're just so 'Come Dancing' and I fancy myself spinning around some swishy ballroom with a hottie and everyone knows that your chances of doing that increase hugely when you have t-bars. I like to think I'd be doing a fiery paso doble in these. Ole!

The shoes landed in my cabinet (yes, they're housed in the cabinet, not just the shoe closet) fresh outta New Look. I saw them in Look magazine while I was at a friend's place, went into New Look the next morning and there they were sitting in front of me! That NEVER happens to me. I see lush stuff in magazines and it never appears in shops. In fact, I've been emailing and tweeting Topshop recently as I'm lusting after a pair of boots that haven't appeared on their site yet.They haven't bothered their too-cool-for-school butts to reply to me. So I'll talk with my money and not spend it there. I'm increasingly intolerant of bad service in my old age...

Anyhoo, I've digressed again! The same day that I got these shoes, I got a pair in Primark that I saw in the same magazine. Gawd love Glasgow shops. I'll treat you to them soon too cos they're pure amazers...

Time for me to head off to my pal's hen do now! Yup, it's nearly gin o'clock.

30 September 2011

Friday night shoe porn goes S&M...

Yup, it's Friday night and I'm feeling alright (dinner cooked, rose poured) and it felt only right that we should take in some shoe porn. And, being Friday, I'm in a slightly rock 'n' roll mood: thus I am upping the sexy, fierce ante on the pornorific shoes. Ladies, bend over and brace yourselves because we are talking studs and spikes. Oh, alright, I'm not really going to whip out a studded spanking paddle or indeed hit you with a studded shoe. Some things are just a step too far...plus, I sure ain't getting backside all over these babies.

The studded shoe love was started for me by Christian Louboutin. I've always admired people brave enough to rock a studded biker or a spiked denim waistcoat and I love the punk look. It's just totally not my look (too many skinny leg trousers). Stick the spikes on a shoe though and I am all over it. Here are the Loubs...

Yum bitch!
Yes, I know they look like studded pimp slippers but I like 'em!
Now, Loubly (oh, do you see what I did there? Mega lolz) though this lot are, the £1k plus price tags make them somewhat out of my price range. Just somewhat. So when these beauties from Solestruck started dropping in my inbox, you know I took a second look. Sadly they're mainly still out of my budget but not in ridiculous style a la Christian's creations. I'm going to start with the ones I plan to blow the budget for when they're back in my size...the Lita stud.

Swoon! How bitching are these?! That's right: bitching! They have the things I love: a platform and chunky heel but, minus the studs, would actually be kind of plain for my tastes. But the studs are there. Oh, they're there. All of a sudden, a plain, albeit stompily high, boots goes from OK to oh, oh, oh!
Spikes on the Lita too fierce for you? Presenting the pimp slipper's pimped up cousin, the Lee by Matiko (nope, me either and I couldn't be bothered to read about the brand. This is all about visual pleasure), with a smaller more subtle spike. Again, it's in possession of some of my favourite things. No, no aphids on roses or dangleberries on kittens: leopard print and hairy! Duh! Yes, the spikes are the only subtle thing about these little winners. Now, where did I put my rhinestone studded smoking jacket?
Uh, huh, huh! I like to think that, when the King grows tired of blue suede shoes, he slips on these bad boys. Definitely more studded than spiked, I suspect his right royal Elvisness would be totes partial to the star shaped studs in particular. Ah, the wonder of shoooooooooes!
Time to ramp back up the fierce factor again. Well, you didn't honestly think I'd crack out a hairy leopard print flattie and not show you a heel too? Did you? Come on. These Sam Edelman heels first captured my attention a wee while back. At nearly $300, I've always resisted them but I definitely have hot, special feelings for their lusciousness. The only thing (aside from the obvious dollah) is that the reviews of the style seems to suggest that the spike weight make them a bugger to keep on your feet AND folk have been receiving them with cheeky missing studs too. So, for now, I am lusting but steering clear. Like one should might when it comes to a bad man.
You so cannot touch this. You cannot! I love the fact that these shoes need to be seen from more than one angle to give full appreciation of their hedgehog-tastic proportions. Spikier than your average cactus, they're a winner for many reasons. There's something so camp about their overt pinkness, yet something so fierce about their vicious barbs. Basically they're a drag queen. And I'm not gonna top that.

25 September 2011

Sugar and spice and all things nice...

I do love checking out vintage shops 'n' sites that I haven't come across before and a couple of weekends ago I visited Molly Sugars Vintage pop up shop in Portobello in Edinburgh. I'd heard about the shop through a friend who'd bumped in to the owner in a nightclub and complimented her dress - it's like real life social networking. If you don't like to talk to people in real life, there's a Molly Sugars Vintage Facebook page, so you can keep it strictly virtual. Plus, there are plans for a Facebook shop if you can't make it the pop up events or if you really seriously don't want to interact with humans. You totally should though - people can be, like, totally nice in real life. No joke. Plus, when it comes to buying clothes (especially vintage), I'm definitely a fan of being able to touch (I'm weird), inspect (for quality) and try on (I'm a pretty special shape) the clothes.

Here's what I picked up:

This sexy pencil/wiggle dress which, despite my aforementioned special shape, looks awesome on! I'll be wearing it 80s style with ankle boots or with some slutty shoes. Brrrrap!

B-E-A-utiful strapless prom style dress with boned, ruched bodice. There's so much fabric in this and it's gorgeous and swooshy. Here's what it looks like with flats and a funny face. It think it's going to look so much better with heels and a non funny face and maybe a skinny belt...

And finally, out of the £3 bargain box this can't-decide-if-it's-so-bad-it's-good-or-just-so-bad batwing beaded top. The beading gives a slightly poncho vibe and, when it's on, I can't help wanting to just keep quickly turning 180 degrees back and forth like a fool. There's a part of me that never really grew up. Llara Pan.

Here's the label - I can't find anything on it other than that it might be a mass fashion producer in India. It might not be. Let's assume it's a totes expensive designer piece...

15 September 2011

Awesome vintage dress. Definitely see through.

Some of you asked to see my recent vintage purchases in situ on ma body! Well, your wish is my command! And it's only seeing these pictures that I realise, like a celeb caught with their nips out in a sheer black dress (we can see them you skank bag!), that this dress is rather see through. In saving graces, it was clearly designed by someone who favoured a boob over a leg and considerately lined the skirt. Which is a relief because I have better boobs and legs anyway so, really, what's my gripe?

Look! There's my bra! Dress £21 Godiva Vintage, shoes: £65 Red or Dead at Schuh, Belt: H&M, necklace: vintage
Do you know what though? Even in spite of the funny neck tie detail, I love this dress! The colour is gorgeous and the lurex sparkle brings out every magpie tendency in me. Plus, I didn't think it would fit me, so the fact that it did is a double Brucie Bonus!

And so to the shoes! Oh, the shoes. I bought these Red or Dead shoes from schuh, then returned them because they were too small. Then um-ed and aw-ed over them for a few weeks, then couldn't get the bigger size, then the bigger size became available, I bought them and I can honestly say they're one of the best pairs of shoes I've bought in ages. The first time I wore them was for a day travelling away from the office and they didn't hurt my feet at all. I've worn them loads since and it's all the same. Winner. I am a fan of the masculine styling, which allows me to indulge a little in the androgynous trend I usually can't touch (I'm far too woman shaped to make nice slim trousers etc work), I adore the shiny patent finish and the burgundy/cream colour way is surprisingly versatile. It's not quite the all rounder neutral of, say, leopard print but it's doing a pretty cracking job - hence the pairing with this pretty dress. Whatchoo think?

By the time you read this, I should be in Tenerife enjoying a gin/cocktail/glass of wine (delete as applicable) in the sun. Don't abandon me in the next week - I shall be back soon! xx

12 September 2011

Swoon! It's my new shoe cabinet!

You may remember that, a month or so back, I rescued a free cabinet from outside a junk shop up my road. It was dirty (complete with spider corpses) and rain soaked. But it was FREE and exactly what I had been looking for, for ages for glamorous shoe storage purposes!

That's Mr Scribbler's bulging collection on the right.
No really.

The first thing I did was get a nice bowl of warm soapy water and a sponge and I gave the thing a darn good clean. When it was dry, I hoovered up the spider corpses. Then it was sanding time. I didn't want the dark finish - it's too oppressive. And this was when I discovered that sanding is a bitch. A massive bitch. I sanded free hand, then sanded with an electric sander. I sanded until I could sand no more and got the worst of the varnish off. Then I did what any self respecting, if slightly lazy person, would do and said 'fuck it' and started slapping on the paint! (after re-hoovering, wiping down with a damp cloth and letting it all dry again)...

Scratchy, sandy and partially painted...



The finished piece.

Yes, that is a picture of me on the Log Flume at Alton Towers - awesome!
 I went with a nice pale greeny blue (B&Q eggshell in case you're interested) and the light, brightness of it means it feels less imposing than it might otherwise have.
And now...

More importantly...


For the beady eyed, yes there are plenty of shoes in there that haven't appeared in the shoe challenge yet. I've, er, invested a bit in my shoe collection lately.

It's like my dream. But in real life in my own bedroom. Gosh I'm shallow!

In less shallow news, I am typing this on Friday but have scheduled it for Sunday and, while you're reading this, I'm probably mid way through a 50ish mile sponsored bike ridge for Maggie's Cancer Centres (www.justgiving.com/LlaraGeddes if you're feeling flush!). If you're reading this later on Sunday, I bloody best be finished and well wired into a bath and bottle of rose! Please all cross your fingers that Sunday's weather forecast is wrong and that it doesn't rain heavily and blow a gale.