24 October 2011

Life's rich tapestry

No, I haven't gotten all philosophical on you - I'm talking shoes. Well, really, what did you expect? And we start with sad news. A shoe death. Yes, I'm devastated to tell you that this pair of shoes, the object of much admiration, many kind comments and former feature of the right hand bar of this blog (they've come down because it's too sad to see them there now), have died.

Love a good Nora Batty ankle. Love it.
The upper is coming away from the platform on the inside edge of the right shoe. It's one of those that you could glue temporarily and hope for the best but that would probably come away again and if you tamper with this kinds thing it leaves you banjaxed for returning them. So they're headed back to Miss Selfridge and I shall wait patiently, most likely, for a refund. However, I'm crossing my fingers that there's a cheeky pair hidden in a warehouse just waiting to be sent to me! Urgh, I love those bloody shoes!

So, while they are no more, I did recently acquire a tapestry addition to my shoe wardrobe. These beasts, from ASOS:

I can normally be found on my back with my feet in the air. It would seem.
Yes, I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but that's neither here nor there because they are very much mine! They are GIANT. So very, very tall. They make me about 6"1. I am basing this scientific measurement on the fact that I'm still smaller than Mr S in them but only by a whisker. A mere whisker! And he stands 6"2 fact fans. Truth be told, I did like the Miss S's better but these guys feel edgy and, being on the cusp of 30 [oh, I know I barely look a day over 21 ;-)], I need some edge in my life. Some rock 'n' roll. And if tottering about doing one's best to balance and having almost completely numb feet all day, in the name of fashion, ain't a teeny dose of rock n roll, I'll eat a pair of sensible shoes. Here I am posing in them:

boots: ASOS, t-dress: Uniqlo, Shirt: H&M, necklace: Godiva
Look how I'm artfully showing off the wedge. You should probably expect to see more of this shit soon.

Here's a closer look at my lovely nautical but nice necklace. Cos you need that in yo life...dontcha? I do love a bit of mirrored acrylic. *Sigh*

Update: My broken shoes arrived back with Miss S on the 12th. It's now the 24th and I've heard NOTHING! Crap-tastic! Those guys (in fact Arcadia generally) suck butt.

17 October 2011

Nailing glittery heels.

So, we're getting these shoes in soon at Schuh. I can't decide if I like the red suede with the gold/silvery glittery heel, though there is something tremendously Christmassy about them and I love me a bit of Christmas! It just feel like a really contrasting combo and I'm a wee bit on the fence right now.

Look how sparkly they are though!  I have them in purple and I adore them, even if they do make me walk like a tranny if I have to negotiate a hill. Actually, that's probably not fair: I saw a banging transvestite at the pub the other night and she appeared to be managing just fine, ta v much, in her heels!

So, I've decided that the obvious way to decide whether I enjoy the contrasting colour combo is to wear it on my nails first. Ta-da!

I think it's growing on me...

7 October 2011

A t-bar and a bow...and I digress

Like a bow tie bow. Not a bow. Like bending over. I'm not bending over. Little Scribbler don't bend over for no-one. Nuh-uh. That said, I am doing something distinctly weird in this picture...
Dress: Tesco, Shoes & Belt: New Look, Shirt: H&M
Kind of like I'm coming atcha head first. I don't know why. As far as I can tell you haven't done anything to offend me. On a side note, does anyone have any great, time free, suggestions for in between length hair? Mine is driving me batty right now and basically always looks like the above as I never have enough time to blow dry it so it always end up in a pancakey quifflet.

Back to the weird pose. I can only fathom that I decided I should do some fancy ass foot placement in order to showcase my lovely shoes. The shoes of the aforementioned bow. Bows are usually always cute in my book and these ones win extra awesome points for being shiny patent and trimmed with glitter. So far, so good. I'm also a big t-bar fan. The right t-bar that is - they can be pieces of nastiness fresh outta frump land when done wrong. However, the chunky high heel, peep toe, deep red colour and bow on these stop that. They're just so 'Come Dancing' and I fancy myself spinning around some swishy ballroom with a hottie and everyone knows that your chances of doing that increase hugely when you have t-bars. I like to think I'd be doing a fiery paso doble in these. Ole!

The shoes landed in my cabinet (yes, they're housed in the cabinet, not just the shoe closet) fresh outta New Look. I saw them in Look magazine while I was at a friend's place, went into New Look the next morning and there they were sitting in front of me! That NEVER happens to me. I see lush stuff in magazines and it never appears in shops. In fact, I've been emailing and tweeting Topshop recently as I'm lusting after a pair of boots that haven't appeared on their site yet.They haven't bothered their too-cool-for-school butts to reply to me. So I'll talk with my money and not spend it there. I'm increasingly intolerant of bad service in my old age...

Anyhoo, I've digressed again! The same day that I got these shoes, I got a pair in Primark that I saw in the same magazine. Gawd love Glasgow shops. I'll treat you to them soon too cos they're pure amazers...

Time for me to head off to my pal's hen do now! Yup, it's nearly gin o'clock.