26 January 2011

Sew what?

Hello all! I've been doing a wee bit of re-jigging things in the house, which you may be aware of if you've seen my shiny new old drawers and my, now, super tidy shoe closet. Bringing in the drawers was intended to save some space in the bedroom where our dressing table took up loads of room but offered very little storage. Plus, no-one ever actually sat at it, so the sitting space beneath it was where I ended up dumping all my crap totally redundant.

The plan was to Gumtree the dressing table but today, alacazam, inspiration struck! I realised that the dressing table could be ideal for sewing on! So through it went to our spare room, taking the space of an ugly TV table with a whole load of internet type boxes and wires on it (that can go on Gumtree. It's actually not that ugly just a bit 'Ikea' and no longer needed). And here it is!

Yup, the unattractive internet boxes are still in evidence but they're at least reasonably discreetly tucked away now which, by proxy, makes the spare room a lot nicer! (It was just a bit of a mish mash of crap before) All the guff associated with the cables is hidden away in the drawers. And look - my sewing machine (being shy under it's cover) is just begging to be used! The thing is, I actually find dress making very therapeutic, I just never find/make time for it. I plan to change this. Here's what else is knocking about:

My adorable sewing box that my lovely mum got me a few years ago...

Here are the goodies on the top tray. Thread, scissors, needles, tape measure, quick unpick (whoever invented this is a genius!) and plenty of buttons, trims and hooks 'n' eyes!

And underneath the tray lies yet more trims and trinkets, an abundance of gorgeous ribbon (I went through a phase of obsessive ribbon buying), pins, more thread, a cute Cath Kidston needle holder (another gift) and goodness knows what else!

This is the contents of my favourite drawer in the dressing table. It's one of those 'secret' drawers that might just be a strip of wood, so it's nigh on no depth to it, but it's perfect for storing dress making patterns and MORE buttons!

Here is the fabric that makes up the future dresses in my wardrobe! I have a cute dress pattern which I made a sweet purple dress out of but it needs a fuller skirt. I struggle to get the shapes right sans pattern (I think I need a freestyle dressmaking class!) so I need to get a pattern for a full circle skirt and I can then work that in with the top of the dress pattern - simple! There's more fabric underneath, including some gorgeous florals that it would be rude not to utilise this summer. Plus, using this fabric really helps with my 'money diet' (saving, saving, saving for holidays) as the only extras I might need to buy are lining and zips. Pah, who needs the high street!?

Half done projects! The mess of gold was an attempt at a dress that didn't go entirely right. However, I was working with flimsy dance fabric which didn't help. I think, if I can extend the shoulder it might work. All I want is to wear a dress that looks like gold tinfoil! It's important to have a dream peeps! Plus, there's at least one thing in there that's totally gonna work out - I just need to finish it.

So here's to getting sewing again! Wish me luck.

24 January 2011

Er, you'd think I was cold or something.

Because I look like SATC 3 - Beatches visit the Arctic. I'm almost certain, in that one, Carrie has some kind of misunderstanding and falls out with Big. Maybe Jack Berger reappears. Samantha will most likely shag someone, and Miranda and Charlotte will have some interesting issues go down but they will ultimately be played down in favour of Carrie's self indulgent and ridiculous antics. To clarify, I love Sex and the City (seriously, all I want in life is time to breakfast with my girlfriends before swanning off to my awesome, late starting and short houred job) but what was film 2 all about? Why did they have to go to Abu Dhabi? Why did Stanford and Anthony get together? What the b'jesus was Carrie's issue with Big? And as if Aiden would just happen to be in that souk. It was just odd. Anyway, in SATC 3, I'll be some kind of odd extra that's followed them over from New York in my purdy dress and high heels but then, realising the chilling temperatures of the Arctic (and without the need for full on protection, given the likely ridiculousness of the plot), I bung on an aviator and skin a nearby bear for a hat. My hat is faux fur BTW.

Hat: Primark, Aviator: H&M, Dress: Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, Shoes: Irregular Choice @ Schuh
The shoes are shoes # 47 (so close to 50!). They're Irregular Choice I got at Schuh a few years ago. For anyone new (Hello guys! Thanks ever so much for checking out my wee blog. I'm totally flattered 'n' that. We should go for a scone and have a chat) who isn't aware of my shoe wearing challenge (ha! As if wearing shoes is a challenge!), I am wearing all of my shoes over the course of a year (I have until the end of August). Any I don't manage to wear I have to sell or donate to charity. It should be doable but there are in the region of a hundred pairs and December was a total write off as I pretty much only wore my big stompy Docs on account of the snow! Darn snow! Anyway, ladies and dude (I think I have one man follower out there. Much love to ya!), feast your eyes...

22 January 2011

Suck my toe y'all...

Now, I don't know about you lot but I can get my big toe in my mouth. I know - you're probably thinking that my physique somewhat implies this might be a physical impossibility, but I can actually get any given one of my toes in there. I can also get my little toe up my nose. Don't ask, ok. I could get others in there but my nostrils are normal sized so there isn't room. Anyway, in spite of this fact, I ain't no Fergie and you're unlikely to see my proffering my toes to all and sundry to take a go on. However, last week, I decided to open my mind and my socks and offer up my tootsies to the little Garra Rufa fish out at the Gyle in Edinburgh. For anyone who hasn't come across the fishy pedicure, here's the chat. Actually, here are some fish eating my feet:

Now here's the chat:

"Originally from the hot springs and river basins of the Middle East Garra Rufa have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema and their exfoliating abilities are now widely used. They require water temperatures of around 35c so your feet are sure to stay warm. Plus they secrete Diathanol, which is said to encourage skin regeneration. XFeet are on a mission to turn the UK into a nation full of fit feet. Based at the Gyle Shopping Centre they are home to thousands of exotic pedicurists, waiting to gently rejuvenate your feet."

Now, some of this is crap. The gist is that the little fish eat dead skin off your feet. Mmm! However, 35c my ass - my feet were so cold, when I was done, they'd gone purple. Plus, after I had started having my feet munched, the "therapist" (AKA bored girl manning the stand), gave me a health questionnaire asking if I had any nasty foot diseases. Hmm - surely you'd want to know that before you set your fish on me or, indeed, before I stick my feet in your water...

I must admit, it is kind of weird seeing all the little fish around my feet! The feeling of them nibbling away was kind of strange. If you have tickly feet, I wouldn't recommend the treatment! The only way I can describe it is like tiny jabby kisses all over your feet. If you do go for it and you're ticklish, don't spread your toes because when they get up in there it really does tickle! Like a bitch. However, otherwise, I found it quite pleasant! The good news is, at the end, my feet did feel smoother and there was definitely skin gone that had been there before. And, it's over a week since I had it done and I haven't developed any rank skin conditions so it seems nobody with anything nasty dipped their feet before me -phew!

18 January 2011

A weekend of bargains...

As I mentioned in my last post, I managed to bag some good ol' bargains this weekend and, well, I couldn't help but being a smug ass boaster it seemed rude not to share.

If you read yesterday's post, you'll already have met this little guy. I kind of want to name him. I like naming things - my car, a little half dead mouse we once found in our house and inanimate animal shaped things.
Ring £2.10 in Accessorize sale.
 The following superb piece of bejazzlement cost a relative fortune, in comparison - £2.40 (a whole 30p extra), also in the Accessorize sale. But, ain't it blinging in as understated a way as a ring this size can be? My right ring fingers feels positively regal in it today...

And finally, (for Accessorize at least), this little set of three rings was also £2.40 in the sale. That's only 80p per ring - bargain! That's the same price as pudding minus custard in my work canteen. Pretty fingers, money saved and thinner (for lack of comparative pudding) - these rings truly are incredible. My only worry is that they might end up falling off my bony fingers...

And finally (but really finally this time), I got this set of drawers. Now, forgive me while I go all domestic on you for a mo' but I love these. They have a broken handle and they're a wee bit shabby but they're proper old school and a lovely dark wood. I opened the top drawer (see bottom) and found a British Safety mark inside from 1960, as well as the brand name Austinsuite. It turns out they were a well known furniture manufacturer in the 50s and 60s. Having had a wee scout about, it seems you can still get bits and pieces of their stuff here and there. Some for a song on Gumtree and some, restored by antique folk and selling for up to £300 on eBay and vintage/retro sites. Needless to say I was thrilled to get mine for a mere £10 through Gumtree! And it's perfect in my bedroom.

17 January 2011

Blue Monday? Mine was red, black and leopardy!

Blue Monday, schmue Monday! My day was alright, ta v much. How was yours? I've actually been doing a cracking job on the exercise and haven't been eating TOO badly and I had a lovely weekend so, really, there's owt to shout about. Plus, despite a cheeky wee spot, I had one of those days where your outfit comes together nicely and you just feel, well, good. Gotta love that, right?

Also, I managed to sneak in pair of shoes # 46, these little flats by Irregular Choice from Schuh.

They're proper old skool Irregular Choice from back in 2002/3ish. I don't wear them that often so they haven't died. I imagine if I wore them loads, they'd have packed in long ago as they're the most gorgeous, delicate Chinese looking silk/satin. And I love the old Irregular Choice 'bum toe' - I know they really divide people (like they divide my toes - they don't really), but I'm a fan. Split the toe full on like on a Nike Rift though and you lose me - that's just weird!


Dress: New Look, Cardi: Warehouse, Hairband: Primark, Necklace: Topshop, Belt: H&M, leggings: ASOS, Shoes: Irregular Choice @ Schuh.
 I got this little dress last week in New Look - I couldn't resist the cute leopard print collar! I've already worn it a couple of times so I think it is going to have been a wise investment. Especially as I now plan to TRY to cut back on the shopping this year in favour of saving for holidays. Plus, it's nicer not to be frittering the cash on disposable fashion, isn't it.

Some other cheeky wee bargains here! The necklace I've had for ages (hence the missing stone!), the belt I got free, sort of - it was a gift card purchase, the heart ring was £2.40 as part of a set of three in the Accessorize, and the gorgeous owl was £2.10 also from Accessorize! I got another amazing ring there the same day for £2.40 so that was £6.90 in total AND I had a £5 gift voucher too. I must say, I'm an absolute sucker for a bargain and it's even better when it's something I'd planned to buy anyway - I'd admired the owl ring a few times but vetoed it based on price. It's amazing what 70% off will do to a girl...

I don't wish to be a Golden Globore but...

...I LOVE Ange's dress. It's Atelier Versace if you're planning a posh shopping trip any time soon. You should know by now that I CANNOT and DO NOT resist a bit of sparkle, plus this shade of green is divine! And if that weren't enough, the length is perfect and the fitted waist makes it super flattering - as if this woman wouldn't look good in a bin bag, but I'm envisaging this on me, ok? I'm going to file this dress in a space in my mind dubbed "disco demure". Uh, yum! Bring on the demure discos! I feel love.

FYI - Anne Hathaway's Armani Prive dress is also going into the "disco demure" folder. It nearly failed the category on account of that scoop back (which I also find to be glorious) but I decided that it's a super dignified way to flash a whole bunch of toned smooth Hollywood flesh so the dress is in there. I'm not as won over by it - the colour is so, so and it's definitely exclusively for skinny minnies but, hell, with that sparkle and those shoulders it's a worthy attendee.

See ya - I'm off to do butt crunches and tone my shoulders.

13 January 2011

Oh yes. Oh, SO yes!

If you've been reading this shizzle for a while, you may recall that I've, er, passed comment on some of the Jeremy Scott for adidas product in the past - here and here. Let me begin by saying I'm not really taking the piss ok, I am a little bit because, unless you're a magician, you ain't goan wear this stuff down the gym. I think this stuff is immense. IMMENSE. 

Observe, if you will, the black hoodie (yes, this is touted as fitness wear). "But, Little-Scribbler", I hear you cry, "what's so extraordinary about a black hoodie?" Aha! This is no ordinary black hoodie, oh no. It's sequined. And has tails. And lapels. And is for dudes. I'm thinking maybe it's the kinda thing Fiddy might get married in.

I can SO see Louie Spence busting out a spin in this! And check out the trousers! Oh yes, if there's anything that could add to the genius that is that sparkly, shiny, twinkly hoodie, it HAS to be the matching jogging bottoms. Natch.

Now, I know what you girls are thinking at this time...why has Jezza left us out of all the excitement? Why does he see fit only to clad the menfolk in our lives in tasty Jeremy Scott for adidas goodness? Why can't we too join in the fun. Oh we can. We so can...

Screw aeroplanes - I'm gonna fly myself to holidays now. For that matter, I'm gonna fly to work every day too. I'll be the one hanging bum first from the sky as my boob wings desperately try to keep me up.

If, IF, you want any of this stuff - it's all on sale at the adidas website. Can I get a woop, woop?!

9 January 2011

Inside the closet of a shoe obsessive...

I had a bit of a eureka moment today. Whilst having a pre-spring, spring clean, I had a wee rearrangement of my shoes. Normally, for me, a big spring clean involves a lot of fannying about making tea and looking at old cards and pictures I come across. However, today I managed to scrub the bathroom top to toe and GUT my clothes, shoes and make up which is pretty good going for me. Still a way to go with the whole place, but it's a start.

The reason I cracked on with the shoes was not because I want rid of any of them right now, more because the collection was starting to burst forth from the "shoe closet" TM. All my shoes were stacked in boxes of varying sizes and on a rack along the back of the closet (which they happily share with the boiler and the laundry basket) and there was just room for nothing else to be squeezed in! Plus, it was a job to get some of the out too. Angles. Anyway, for some reason, inspiration struck and it occurred to me that I could move the shoes to the side walls, creating a mini stockroom aisle if you will. Duh! And bingo bango, bish, bash, bosh, I now have room for about 20 new pairs! I wonder if this is my first step in acting aspirationally - like when they tell you in magazines to dress for the job you really want. I've prepared the "shoe closet" for the shoe collection I really want! Come to mama, little shoesies!

Here's how it looks now:

LOOK how much space there is to pile the boxes on!

I love these neat see through storage boxes. They open at the end so you can stack them as high as you like and easily access any of the shoes - yay! And, they're so much more space saving than a shoe rack. Important to a shoe hoarding sista like myself. Before I got them, I had stacks of busted old boxes with ripped ends where I'd tried to break the shoes free and snapped the lid in the process. What do you mean, if I was the sort of girl who got up early and/or planned her outfits, I might not having been rushing about like a headless chicken needing shoes in a hurry and I might never have had this issue? Huh, in your face early risers and prepared people - these boxes completely indulge my haphazard and last minute little self. Now, I can't remember where I got mine from - I just remember that the first set I ordered got lost in the post and the company were awful and I ended up ordering them elsewhere! However, if you're after some, just Google 'plastic shoe boxes' and there are a few places selling them - you can bag 'em on eBay too. Here are my favoured style with the front access - plus they lock into each other so that they stay neatly stacked and don't slide.

 Schuh, Irregular Choice, Office, Clarks Originals, Converse, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Nike 6.0, Red or Dead, Bronx, random no brand shoes from eBay, H&M, Dr Martens, Senso, Enzo Angiolini (nope, never heard of him either), Birkenstock, Havaianas, Primark, Matalan - there's all sorts going on in there!

My fantasy would be to fill the newly created space with Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia, YSL and Miu-miu. And maybe some Chanel and a classic pair of Church brogues. That's not to say, if you're about to chuck some gorgeous designer heels in a 7 or 8, you shouldn't chuck them my way if they're not from one of those brands. Just saying...

7 January 2011

"You look really pretty today"

Were the words that came out of Mr Scribbler's mouth this morning as we set off to work! He quickly followed it up with "not that you don't usually, it's just you really do today". Or something boyish like that. Bless him. To be fair, my dress had probably gone see through or something when he said it and I just hadn't realised. Kidding! He's a nice dude. By the time I took this picture though, I'd been to the gym and for a swim and was sans make up and the reason I'm mooching a big sexy hand on head pose is because my hair was at its Chuckle Brother best and I had to hold it down. Not cos I think I'm some kinda model all of a sudden. I'll be in a bikini pouting it up for you soon. Fnar.

dress: ASOS, cardi: Primark, leggings: Uniqlo, shoes: schuh
So what were the shoes at the bottom of the outfit that inspired Mr S's adoration?  You may well ask, as you can't really see them in the picture above. See they're black. I don't really do black shoes. Seriously, look back at my posts and you'll be lucky to find any. However, Schuh won me over with these ones. Why? Shiny. Patent. High heeled. Platform. Button. Bow. Polka dotty inside. Is that enough for you? They're getting to be a few years old wee bit vintage - they're circa around 2007, I think. And the probably-not-see-through-after-all dress is a wee ASOS number I got recently. It's a fine knit and is SO cosy! Plus, I'm loving all over Peter Pan collars right now and this one's just super cute.

Look at the cute round toe! Anyway, in case you're keeping up with my shoes wearing challenge, they're shoes # 45. I'll be hitting 50 before we know it! I'm thinking of doing a bit of a summary soon on what I've worn so far. Almost more for me than you, to be honest. I'm starting to forget what I have an haven't worn. Plus, part way through I realised I had some I was never gonna wear and I got rid of them. And on the other side of the coin, I've bought far too many a few new pairs since I started out too.

Here's a wee close up of my brooch. My lovely pal Bisto gave me it for my birthday - it came with a pretty little bird and a button too. It's from Miss Selfridge. Sadly it's not on site any more but they have a few other cute bits and bobs on there.

Time to head off. My colleagues and I are off to our on-maternity-leave colleague's house this evening and I'm hoping to get my first taste of Polish home-cooking.

4 January 2011

Summer Lovin'!

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for spring and summer to start creeping back in. I hate the dark mornings and evenings, so I love it when the daylight starts creeping back in. Snowdrops are always the first thing that tells me Mother Nature's getting her freak on and waking up again. Plus, spring/summer equals new clothes AND rediscovering goodies squirrelled at the back of the wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I AM in Scotland so I don't exactly prepare for tropical or anything but a little sunshine from time to time does us pasty sorts good. Don't forget the spf though peeps. Never forget the spf.

Anyway, why am I getting on my hobby horse about the joys of spring? It's actually because a) the dark winter afternoon view outside is so bleak and b) the lovely Matalan folks sent me through a copy of their spring/summer lookbook and there's some delicious stuff in there. Regardez:

Pretty cover, non? It unfolds and the inside is all floral. If you get a floral card from me any time soon, you better know it was recycled from inspired by the look book! I'm the first to admit, I haven't been down to my local Matalan in ages and I hadn't realised how fashion forward some of their stuff has become! I figured I'd start my lookbook summary with things I love but cannot wear: Jumpsuits and voluminous trousers. This jumpsuit is super cute and the model looks adorable in it - it's just got such a lovely laid back vibe. However, my pear shaped proportions just don't look good in loose fit jumpsuits like this. If you're willowy though or evenly proportioned, go forth, wear and look amazing! Now, I say both of these are looks I couldn't work but I am sorely tempted to try the trousers. They just look so breezy and comfortable. Again, there are issues on the thigh-age front (nothing looks good strained over a thigh. No it doesn't.) but hareem pants they ain't so they could be worth a bash - maybe I'll try them when they land. Again, if you're sleek of leg, I'd so recommend these with a pair of wedges (see below! Handy, eh?)

Anyway, let's shift on to something I can definitely wear - dresses! First up, can't afford Mui, Mui? Get yourself down to Matalan. Their cherry print dress is very reminiscent of Mui Mui's resort collection (they actually have an apple print playsuit too which is a dead ringer print wise) as is the casual striped sundress. I know where my print fix will be coming from (unless I win the lottery or summat in which case a wee Mui Mui treat could be on the cards). And, whilst I love the cherry print, you may have noticed by now that I am a SUCKER for a floral. And the dress on the bottom left is right up my street - 50's waisted styling, demure, floral, bows - what's not to love?! And just as a little departure from the others which, admittedly are all in a similar vein (type, me?), I had to pop in the gorgeous orange halter maxi dress. Let's assume I will make it on holiday this year. If so, you'll see me lurking about the bar in this, preferably whilst drinking a delicious cocktail! That's just how I roll baby!

As a general rule, I'm not a huge bag girl (yes, I know I work the bag lady look on occasion but that's an entirely different matter) but this little lot are definitely worth a mention. I'm all about a bag with a decent strap (impractical shoes, I love. Impractical bags just annoy me. I'm sorry!) and this little lot have summer written all over them. Again, we have florals and stripes - please do not co-ordinate these with your dress. Clash them by all means but no matchy, matchy. I'd suggest, you go for one of the pretty tan satchels with patterns - work the 70s look.

And speaking of the 70s look, I'm actually much more excited by it than I initially thought I'd be. I'm definitely more in the favour of the chilled out 70s vibe than the chic Chloe-esque lady (that look is killer but it's SO not me. I'm too messy and I'd only spill stuff down my wide legged camel trousers or pussy bow blouse) and the raffia platform sandals and buckle wedges both fit the look perfectly! In fact I think when I'm at the bar, in the maxi dress with the cocktail, I'll also be wearing the wedges!

Shoe-wise, my floral obsession is definitely catered for here. I love, love, love the cream tapestry effect platforms and will be stalking the website until they come in. I'm also enjoying the strappy platform peep toes (are you feeling my love of all things platform here? I actually am pretty picky with my shoes - I'm just bowled over by how many nice ones were in the look book and I struggled to edit them down!) and the ribbon brogues. Which do you prefer? Do you ever shop at Matalan? Will you now?

2 January 2011


New Year. A chance to start afresh. To be whoever, whatever you want to be, to make and break resolutions. Or just another day? I always get all contemplative around New Year, wonder where the last 12 months went, how I'm another year older and when I'll get it all figured out. It's impossible to say, isn't it?

However, in light of the fact that it is a New Year, here are some things I'm going to half heartedly think about doing resolve to do:
  • Eat a little bit less - I eat too much right now!
  • Exercise a little bit more
  • Make good progress with my career
  • Keep enjoying my blog and, hopefully, have others enjoy it
  • Be kind
What resolutions are you all making this year?
    So the reason this post is entitled 1/1/11 is because the outfit below was from that day. Well, you didn't think I was going to get all sombre and resolution-y on your asses and not chuck some shoes in there too, did you?! Goodness me! 

    On New Year's Day we always all pile round to Mr S's Aunt's house and have a big family buffet (everyone eats and drinks a bit much and generally makes merry) so I decided to make the effort and wear 'something nice'. Cue pretty floral dress and leopard print aplenty, topped with a set of vintage pearls that belonged to Mr S's Gran. Well, that's my version of 'something nice'. Plus Mr S's aunties appreciate a good pair of shoes so I always try to entertain on that front.

    Dress: vintage reproduction, cardi: H&M, shoes: schuh, pearls: vintage
     The shoes are pair #44 from schuh and they were a bargain £17 in the sale last year. You know me and my leopard print and I enjoy the black and gold twist on it here. I love it when a print that might ordinarily be tacky ends up on a shoe and works. I also enjoy the concealed platform and squared off toe of the shoe. They're a good un but not the most comfortable!

    Look, look - I also got a haircut. I still have a long fringe but the rest is even shorter than it was. And, I am still figuring out what to do with it. The problem is that enough weight has now come off my hair and it is now immune to the effects of gravity. AKA, after I wash my hair it all stands on end and I look like a Chuckle Brother...(weird 80s kid's TV guys)

    So, if you have any tips for dealing with sticky up hair, do let me know!

    I hope 2011 has got off to a good start for you all and continues to treat you well! (Look, there's me being kind already)