2 January 2011


New Year. A chance to start afresh. To be whoever, whatever you want to be, to make and break resolutions. Or just another day? I always get all contemplative around New Year, wonder where the last 12 months went, how I'm another year older and when I'll get it all figured out. It's impossible to say, isn't it?

However, in light of the fact that it is a New Year, here are some things I'm going to half heartedly think about doing resolve to do:
  • Eat a little bit less - I eat too much right now!
  • Exercise a little bit more
  • Make good progress with my career
  • Keep enjoying my blog and, hopefully, have others enjoy it
  • Be kind
What resolutions are you all making this year?
    So the reason this post is entitled 1/1/11 is because the outfit below was from that day. Well, you didn't think I was going to get all sombre and resolution-y on your asses and not chuck some shoes in there too, did you?! Goodness me! 

    On New Year's Day we always all pile round to Mr S's Aunt's house and have a big family buffet (everyone eats and drinks a bit much and generally makes merry) so I decided to make the effort and wear 'something nice'. Cue pretty floral dress and leopard print aplenty, topped with a set of vintage pearls that belonged to Mr S's Gran. Well, that's my version of 'something nice'. Plus Mr S's aunties appreciate a good pair of shoes so I always try to entertain on that front.

    Dress: vintage reproduction, cardi: H&M, shoes: schuh, pearls: vintage
     The shoes are pair #44 from schuh and they were a bargain £17 in the sale last year. You know me and my leopard print and I enjoy the black and gold twist on it here. I love it when a print that might ordinarily be tacky ends up on a shoe and works. I also enjoy the concealed platform and squared off toe of the shoe. They're a good un but not the most comfortable!

    Look, look - I also got a haircut. I still have a long fringe but the rest is even shorter than it was. And, I am still figuring out what to do with it. The problem is that enough weight has now come off my hair and it is now immune to the effects of gravity. AKA, after I wash my hair it all stands on end and I look like a Chuckle Brother...(weird 80s kid's TV guys)

    So, if you have any tips for dealing with sticky up hair, do let me know!

    I hope 2011 has got off to a good start for you all and continues to treat you well! (Look, there's me being kind already)


    Misfits Vintage said...

    What don't I love here?... nothin! The floral/leopard combo is KILLER and the shoes are super cute! I also love the squared off toes.

    You'll find the right product for your sticky up hair - or you'll learn to love it!

    Happy New Year to you and I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

    Sarah xxx

    Vintage Vixen said...

    You look, as always, fabulous! That 1950's style silhouette is magnificent on you and those shoes are amazing.
    I have an annoying cowlick which made having a fringe a nightmare, your hair always looks great. xxx

    dinoprincesschar said...

    i love the dress, where on earth did you get it!?
    and i love the cardigan, and the shoes - basically everything about this outfit!! :)

    Little Scribbler said...

    Thanks ladies! You're all awfully kind.
    DPC - I got it from a seller at the Judy's Affordable Vintage fair (Google it if you haven't come across it!) in Edinburgh though they do them across the country. She makes dresses from vintage patterns in old fabrics. The bummer is that she doesn't have any kind of business in it outside the fairs! Her stuff was ace though and I got another proper vintage dress from her too. Check out Judy's if it comes to your area - so worth it! xx

    Elizabeth said...

    I love this outfit! The mixture of patterns is so gorgeous.

    I read on your comment over on my blog about your hair problems too so I thought I'd pop over. I use a little bit of wax-type product (wax or paste is best, gel isn't heavy enough I find) and smooth my hair down at the sides and back, and also on the roots around my part and fringe, to give it a little lift. I find it usually works, but if you can keep some in your bag for mid-afternoon reapplications if necessary - especially after the gym! Hope that helps :)

    Little Scribbler said...

    Ooh, thanks Elizabeth! Definitely worth a try. No matter what you're doing, hedgehog ain't good!

    corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

    I <3 this look so much, and the style does really suit you!

    I agree, Judy's Very Affordable Vintage fair was amazing when I attended the Leeds one back in oct/nov, I picked up an amazing nautical style dress :)