13 January 2011

Oh yes. Oh, SO yes!

If you've been reading this shizzle for a while, you may recall that I've, er, passed comment on some of the Jeremy Scott for adidas product in the past - here and here. Let me begin by saying I'm not really taking the piss ok, I am a little bit because, unless you're a magician, you ain't goan wear this stuff down the gym. I think this stuff is immense. IMMENSE. 

Observe, if you will, the black hoodie (yes, this is touted as fitness wear). "But, Little-Scribbler", I hear you cry, "what's so extraordinary about a black hoodie?" Aha! This is no ordinary black hoodie, oh no. It's sequined. And has tails. And lapels. And is for dudes. I'm thinking maybe it's the kinda thing Fiddy might get married in.

I can SO see Louie Spence busting out a spin in this! And check out the trousers! Oh yes, if there's anything that could add to the genius that is that sparkly, shiny, twinkly hoodie, it HAS to be the matching jogging bottoms. Natch.

Now, I know what you girls are thinking at this time...why has Jezza left us out of all the excitement? Why does he see fit only to clad the menfolk in our lives in tasty Jeremy Scott for adidas goodness? Why can't we too join in the fun. Oh we can. We so can...

Screw aeroplanes - I'm gonna fly myself to holidays now. For that matter, I'm gonna fly to work every day too. I'll be the one hanging bum first from the sky as my boob wings desperately try to keep me up.

If, IF, you want any of this stuff - it's all on sale at the adidas website. Can I get a woop, woop?!


dinoprincesschar said...

hmmm. i'm not really sure how to respond to the boob wings! S:

Theresa said...

Holy crap! I love the boob wings! Probably not £47 worth of love, but still, awesome.

Alex said...

Oh sweet jesus, they are INSANE!