7 January 2011

"You look really pretty today"

Were the words that came out of Mr Scribbler's mouth this morning as we set off to work! He quickly followed it up with "not that you don't usually, it's just you really do today". Or something boyish like that. Bless him. To be fair, my dress had probably gone see through or something when he said it and I just hadn't realised. Kidding! He's a nice dude. By the time I took this picture though, I'd been to the gym and for a swim and was sans make up and the reason I'm mooching a big sexy hand on head pose is because my hair was at its Chuckle Brother best and I had to hold it down. Not cos I think I'm some kinda model all of a sudden. I'll be in a bikini pouting it up for you soon. Fnar.

dress: ASOS, cardi: Primark, leggings: Uniqlo, shoes: schuh
So what were the shoes at the bottom of the outfit that inspired Mr S's adoration?  You may well ask, as you can't really see them in the picture above. See they're black. I don't really do black shoes. Seriously, look back at my posts and you'll be lucky to find any. However, Schuh won me over with these ones. Why? Shiny. Patent. High heeled. Platform. Button. Bow. Polka dotty inside. Is that enough for you? They're getting to be a few years old wee bit vintage - they're circa around 2007, I think. And the probably-not-see-through-after-all dress is a wee ASOS number I got recently. It's a fine knit and is SO cosy! Plus, I'm loving all over Peter Pan collars right now and this one's just super cute.

Look at the cute round toe! Anyway, in case you're keeping up with my shoes wearing challenge, they're shoes # 45. I'll be hitting 50 before we know it! I'm thinking of doing a bit of a summary soon on what I've worn so far. Almost more for me than you, to be honest. I'm starting to forget what I have an haven't worn. Plus, part way through I realised I had some I was never gonna wear and I got rid of them. And on the other side of the coin, I've bought far too many a few new pairs since I started out too.

Here's a wee close up of my brooch. My lovely pal Bisto gave me it for my birthday - it came with a pretty little bird and a button too. It's from Miss Selfridge. Sadly it's not on site any more but they have a few other cute bits and bobs on there.

Time to head off. My colleagues and I are off to our on-maternity-leave colleague's house this evening and I'm hoping to get my first taste of Polish home-cooking.


Misfits Vintage said...

Oy - super cute shoes! And boyfriend was right - you DO look pretty fab every day.

Now, about this not wanting to be a model business... get your hands on your hips and your tits thrust forward and your hips in all directions and be the supermodel that you are! You are gorgeous.

Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Goddamn it, you are so cute. If anyone was to persuade me to part with my locks it would be you. xxx

lydia-lee said...

LOVE those shoes!
im having an alexander wang esque giveaway studded bag on my blog if you want to look hon x

Pearl Westwood said...

Love the hand-hiding-hair-pose I never thought of that, I do the sunglasses to hide the lack of makeup quite a lot! I love little details like the dots inside the shoes x

Little Scribbler said...

Haha! Good call Pearl - mind you, as my shots tend to be indoors, I probably look a bit p-diddy with sunglasses on. Still, it's a look I guess!

Vix - don't cut your hair - it's amazing!

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

Hi :)

I simply HAD to comment on these shoes, they're adorable! I soooo want!

just come across your blog, I love it, so fab :)