4 January 2011

Summer Lovin'!

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for spring and summer to start creeping back in. I hate the dark mornings and evenings, so I love it when the daylight starts creeping back in. Snowdrops are always the first thing that tells me Mother Nature's getting her freak on and waking up again. Plus, spring/summer equals new clothes AND rediscovering goodies squirrelled at the back of the wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I AM in Scotland so I don't exactly prepare for tropical or anything but a little sunshine from time to time does us pasty sorts good. Don't forget the spf though peeps. Never forget the spf.

Anyway, why am I getting on my hobby horse about the joys of spring? It's actually because a) the dark winter afternoon view outside is so bleak and b) the lovely Matalan folks sent me through a copy of their spring/summer lookbook and there's some delicious stuff in there. Regardez:

Pretty cover, non? It unfolds and the inside is all floral. If you get a floral card from me any time soon, you better know it was recycled from inspired by the look book! I'm the first to admit, I haven't been down to my local Matalan in ages and I hadn't realised how fashion forward some of their stuff has become! I figured I'd start my lookbook summary with things I love but cannot wear: Jumpsuits and voluminous trousers. This jumpsuit is super cute and the model looks adorable in it - it's just got such a lovely laid back vibe. However, my pear shaped proportions just don't look good in loose fit jumpsuits like this. If you're willowy though or evenly proportioned, go forth, wear and look amazing! Now, I say both of these are looks I couldn't work but I am sorely tempted to try the trousers. They just look so breezy and comfortable. Again, there are issues on the thigh-age front (nothing looks good strained over a thigh. No it doesn't.) but hareem pants they ain't so they could be worth a bash - maybe I'll try them when they land. Again, if you're sleek of leg, I'd so recommend these with a pair of wedges (see below! Handy, eh?)

Anyway, let's shift on to something I can definitely wear - dresses! First up, can't afford Mui, Mui? Get yourself down to Matalan. Their cherry print dress is very reminiscent of Mui Mui's resort collection (they actually have an apple print playsuit too which is a dead ringer print wise) as is the casual striped sundress. I know where my print fix will be coming from (unless I win the lottery or summat in which case a wee Mui Mui treat could be on the cards). And, whilst I love the cherry print, you may have noticed by now that I am a SUCKER for a floral. And the dress on the bottom left is right up my street - 50's waisted styling, demure, floral, bows - what's not to love?! And just as a little departure from the others which, admittedly are all in a similar vein (type, me?), I had to pop in the gorgeous orange halter maxi dress. Let's assume I will make it on holiday this year. If so, you'll see me lurking about the bar in this, preferably whilst drinking a delicious cocktail! That's just how I roll baby!

As a general rule, I'm not a huge bag girl (yes, I know I work the bag lady look on occasion but that's an entirely different matter) but this little lot are definitely worth a mention. I'm all about a bag with a decent strap (impractical shoes, I love. Impractical bags just annoy me. I'm sorry!) and this little lot have summer written all over them. Again, we have florals and stripes - please do not co-ordinate these with your dress. Clash them by all means but no matchy, matchy. I'd suggest, you go for one of the pretty tan satchels with patterns - work the 70s look.

And speaking of the 70s look, I'm actually much more excited by it than I initially thought I'd be. I'm definitely more in the favour of the chilled out 70s vibe than the chic Chloe-esque lady (that look is killer but it's SO not me. I'm too messy and I'd only spill stuff down my wide legged camel trousers or pussy bow blouse) and the raffia platform sandals and buckle wedges both fit the look perfectly! In fact I think when I'm at the bar, in the maxi dress with the cocktail, I'll also be wearing the wedges!

Shoe-wise, my floral obsession is definitely catered for here. I love, love, love the cream tapestry effect platforms and will be stalking the website until they come in. I'm also enjoying the strappy platform peep toes (are you feeling my love of all things platform here? I actually am pretty picky with my shoes - I'm just bowled over by how many nice ones were in the look book and I struggled to edit them down!) and the ribbon brogues. Which do you prefer? Do you ever shop at Matalan? Will you now?


dinoprincesschar said...

omg when do those dresses hit the shops, does it say?! i'm already stalking primark for their new collections to come in - sooo mcuh on the wishlist - so much for one of the resolutions being "be more sensible with money" !! :)

Abbie said...

Ooh! The halter floral dress is lovely!! Who knew Matalan had such delights!

Sarah Maria said...

Omgosh I clearly need to discover Matalan! I love that 50s/floral/bow dress too ...so pretty! Can't wait for the first signs of spring to arrive too :)

Little Scribbler said...

The dresses are ace, aren't they?!

Dino Princess Char - I've asked them when the dresses are due as the book has no dates. Some stuff is in already, so soon, I hope! x

heartshapedbruise. said...

Great post - Matalan really has upped its game of late hasn't it? My nearest one is about an hour away, so I don't go all that often, but I'm thinking a trip is definitely needed when some of this lovely lot lands in stores!

I'm particularly loving those bags (I'm with you on impractical bags - so annoying!) & the ribbon brogues & floral bow flats - all things I can definitely see myself in :)

Btw, thanks for the comment - I definitely recommend visiting the Lake District - it's beautiful. I love it there.


Alex said...

Shoes shoes shoes!! I've been wanting some tapestry ones for ages but the lovely Office pair were well out of my price range. Must keep my eyes peeled for these beauties coming into store!

Vintage and Cake said...

Wow I'm impressed usually I like some of there stuff but just buy bags and shoes there. I really love the trousers and the dresses are so pretty, will be getting my butt there that's for sure :)

Misfits Vintage said...

Those yellow platforms are only eighteen pounds!!! They are fab fab fab!

We've just had our coldest December on record and half of the country is underwater from all the floods. We are more than a third of the way through summer and I'm wearing a wool cardi and scarf today. Bloody 'global warming' my arse!

(I'm in Australia in case you thought I was insane.)

Sarah xxx

Little Scribbler said...

heartshapedbruise - they're online too. I must admit though, I do like to see their stuff in real life and try it out too cos it can feel cheapy sometimes.
Alex, I loved those Office platforms too. I got Miss Selfridge ones that were ace and there are a black pair in the Schuh sale right now too. I'm so gonna invest in those cream ones for summer though! Any excuse for new shoes? Me?
Misfits, I've seen the flooding on the news - I hope it gets better soon though it sounds like quite a clean up job :( At least here when there are floods you probably don't have to worry about crocodiles - sounds like a nightmare! x

Fashion Fabrice said...

I want summer back! Love the jumpsuit!:)
you have such a great blog by the way!i'm happy i ran into it:) I really like your style and reading your posts!
So i'm your newest follower:)
hope you visit me back and become my follower too!
Have a fabulous day!