14 November 2011

Loub at first sight...

Hello! I'd like to start this post by saying thanks a massimo millo for not all unfollowing me while I've been absent. Life has rather got in the way of blogging of late, blah, blah usual excuses, so it was lovely to come back on and see that people are still here. Yay!

So, you may know me best for my cracking shoe collection (that and my biting wit and winning way of 'posing' in the same doorway for every pic). Therefore, I figured the best way to break back into the blogging was probably to bust out my recent AMAZING shoe purchase. Warning: this is picture heavy.


Now, I know they're not the most exciting shoe ever at first glance. BUT, they're Louboutin. My first ever pair. And I deliberately went for a pair that are understated and classic and wearable. Well, as long as you're not talking about the giant, spiky heel. I'll admit that's a challenge. Aside from that, a low cut, burgundy plum platform shoe boot is gonna go with plenty stuff. Plus, now I totally get the designer shoe thing: the leather is so soft and smells amazing, the insides are padded and squishy underfoot so they really are that bit comfier than your average shoe, even in spite of the aforementioned heel. And look at the sole!
And here they are in their rightful home, in the shoe cabinet. Next to the adidas x Jeremy Scott Jed-rat panda trainers. Damn Jedward.


sacramento said...

You have the best shoes in the world, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Speachless, dear llara.

Hooked on Shoes said...

Those Loubs are the bomb!!! I love them, and I totally agree that for your first pair you should go for something classic and timeless.

I'm totally jealous, I was too late for the sale. Damn my nice bed that was too comfy on a day off work! Last year I did manage to snag a pair of gorgeous mustard heels, but they were too small so I had to send them back. My heart is still broken...

Sophie - Country girl said...

they are classic! I would love to own a pair but to be honest I have no cause to wear them. Adore your shoe collection.

Alex said...

Oh hubba hubba!! I want to come round and stroke them now.

Am I allowed to be massively rude and ask how much they cost?

Please may I? said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I am so incredible jealous of you right now! You are a very lucky girl.

They are beautiful.

X x

Vix said...

Beyond jealous! What a fab pair of booties and the colour is delicious! x