30 July 2010

Uh-huh, it's shoes number 2! 92 to go...

I did a bad. I got so excited by other stuff yesterday that I didn't post pair of shoes number 2 in my shoe based challenge. Bad, naughty! So here they are:

Dear Miss Selfridge, I'm here to gives thanks for these McFreakin' awesome shoes. Here's the credit roll:
Pink Suede
Concealed Platform
Chunky Heel (for quirk rather than tack)
Adorable black n white polka dot rosette
Peep Toe (right now anything that shows the leopard toes is a winner)

And here's the proof of me wearing them (if you didn't see me tottering around the office/streets of Edinburgh looking smug about my beautiful shoes). They're joined by uniqlo t dress and patterned leggings (I like these leggings cos they've got a bit more interest to them than plain black but they don't look entirely hideous on my chubby wee legs), gold lurex (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE lurex? Gift me with it and I'll love you...) cardi from either Toppers or Primarni, and a purdy pink perspex star necklace from Punky Pins. Once again, demonstrating my appreciation of the slouchy look. Can you tell I'm not an ironer?


Amber said...

Oh, I love these shoes! I wanted them so much, but they sold out in my size, so I ended up getting the blue suede version instead. These are much nicer though :)

Clothing Blog said...

Lovely outfit - your leggings are really cool!

Little Scribbler said...

Thanks! x