28 July 2010

Full of Glee!

Did you hear about the Glee event they staged in LA? Why does all the fun stuff happen in America? Except when you're there and want to do the fun stuff (my friend went on honeymoon and could we get her tickets for either Cher or Lionel Ritchie? Could we buggery! Cher did Vegas before and after my pal was there. Rude).

So the Glee thing got me thinking about one of my recent favourite style crushes, Lea Michele. A million style miles away from frumpy Rachel, her Glee character, Lea usually nails red carpet dressing in a fresh and youthful way. However, I have a bit of a half and half feeling about her most recent sartorial offering. The colour's good on her and, naff though it could be, I love the gold (it reminds me of an AMAZING Viv Westwood Anglomania dress that I never could afford *sob*). I love the asymmetry of the top and the fact that it feels light and flirty. But, it then goes wrong. I do not like the length and I hate, hate, hate an asymmetric or jagged hem. The whole thing is just a bit jaggy and messy looking and feels like it needs nipping in. So that's my opinion...

By contrast, here's why I first fell for Lea. Look at those legs, that waist! This dress is a flatterer! She's gone asymmetric again with a gorgeous Grecian feel but, instead of flowing Grecian drapery the poufy feathered skirt adds volume and curves giving an amazing hourglass shape. Chic navy paired with simple black pumps, this look is youthful with an edge. I love it!

ps - Puck? You SO would!

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kerry, a fashion lover said...

def prefer the second one, slightlt reminiscent of Swan Lake, just navy... the top one is horrendous... oh dear.

Love Kerry