6 July 2010

Do you think John Galliano will be my friend?

Now people, I never claimed this to be a Blog of fashion foresight. I'm more about opinion. However, allow me to be close to the pulse for one moment, to discuss John Galliano's Dior Haute Couture A/W collection at the Paris Couture Fashion Shows. I want him to be my friend. And by that I mean I want him to give me pretty dresses.

Because, wow! This stuff is truly stunning - the colours, the sculpture, the texture, the tonnes (surely) of net tulle - it's the stuff of floral ,fairy, fantasy (gotta love a bit of alliteration). I hope to be spending my A/W season wafting around in layer upon layer of frothy, floaty fabulosity (seriously, embrace it with me). At the office, down Asda, at the gym - seriously, I'll wear 'em everywhere.

In order to assist Mr Galliano in imagining me as his muse/pal, I bring to you, dear reader, some, frankly, phenomenally, edited images from the show. Oh yes, I have Paint on my PC and I am NOT afraid to use it.
Laters xxx


Lydia said...

Beautiful dresses and what you've done with them is hiliarious!


Little Scribbler said...

Thanks Lydia!

sallyannie☆ said...

You are too funny! SIGH if only all those photos were real, right? Well...we can dream...!

Little Scribbler said...