28 July 2010

Is 94 pairs of shoes too many? Is a leopard too leopardy?

Not my shortest catchiest title yet, I admit but I believe them to be fair questions.

Inspired by Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge, I decided to count my shoe collection (minus manky gym trainers) and endeavour to wear each and every pair at least once in the next 12 months. As it's now the 28th of July, that gives me 369 days to wear...(as if the title didn't give it away) 94 pairs of shoes...

As with the lovely Shoeperwoman, I must have pictorial evidence of each wearing, I shall donate or eBay any unworn pairs and I CAN buy new shoes throughout the challenge. Just as freakin' well!

So, let's start with today. Let me preface today by explaining that I woke up tired and bloated today and my outfit is more for comfort than glamour and that I know, I know, I know that these jeans are not the best look on me...However, if I'm not clashing stuff, I do enjoy a theme and today it was nautical.

Jeans Primarni, top H&M

I'm a sucker for a stripe and love the casual vibe of this t shirt - I enjoy a bit of slouch. Never in posture though. Feel free to jab me with a stick if you see me slouch. But, I also love the slightly OTT sequined and bejewelled epaulet type shoulder detailing. It just adds a bit extra to an otherwise kinda plain tee.

Today, I hoped the weather would be nice. It wasn't. However, that came to light after leaving the house and travelling a distance and I already had my flip flops on (damn you Scotland!). But, I almost don't mind cos I love these wee flip flops! And they're SO nautical but nice! Regardez the cute blue/white striped thong, the pretty blue bow and the little gold anchor. Talk about attention to detail. Plus, I get a little clash in with the stripes v my leopard toenails! Today's shoes are from Primark and cost, most likely, a very princely sum. Ahoy!

1 down, 93 to go...

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