20 July 2010

I don't Bet-Lynch it!

So, me and Bet Lynch well pissed ourselves with glee when we heard that leopard print is the word on the lips and print on the backs of the fabulous amongst us this a/w. I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit torn - should I be glad to have a huge amount of the stuff to choose from, in the way that Alex James picked from groupies and models in Blur's heyday, or should I be miffed that everyone's wearing me and Bet's numero uno print of choice? Hmm, I think I'll go with the Alex option and pick up all I can - grrr!

Here's my pick of some of the new and coming soon leopard lovelies getting me salivating...

I L-O-V-E this hat that's on the accessories page of the Toppers website. Shame said retailer didn't think it was worth replying to lil ol' me when I tweeted to ask them when it'd be in...SHAME on you Topshop!

Now being, as Gok would put it, a juicy pear, I'm a little scared of jumpsuits. All too often if it fits on top, it's straining around my ample behind in a most unflattering fashion. However, this little lovely is wide legged (Gok would approve) and, therefore, may skim said glorious behind. I think I just talked myself into buying it...hello, Miss Selfridge, you got something I want!

These are my absolute must have boots for the season. They're due into schuh very soon and I officially cannot wait! They're Clarks and that's classic, innit? But they're also leopardy and hairy and there's my twist. I shall be watching the website in hot anticipation waiting for them to appear. Oh, can you just picture Richard Ashcroft in a pair of these...

It's a dress, it's leopard, it looks cosy, it'll look cute right through winter. What's not to love? Warehouse, if you're interested.
Ouch! These are amazing! Killer heel (I used to live in Middlesbrough and some guy was actually stabbed to death with a white stiletto. FACT - heels can actually be killer!), leopard (obv), stomping platform and perfectly sized peep toe. Topshop are selling these ones...

For now, it's over and out from Bet and I - we're off to the rovers for a bevvie. However, I'll be back with a run down of all the leopard print loveliness I already have that I'll be rocking/resurrecting this a/w!

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