11 June 2012

Herman the German

We once met a German called Herman when I was on holiday as a kid. Even back then I loved a good dose of wordplay so I found the moniker 'Herman the German' immensely satisfying. This post isn't about him (though if you're interested, he was dead tall and rocked a Speedo.), it's about a cake. Herman the German friendship cake. I'd never heard of such a thing until I was given a piece of the mixture from whence Herman springs. He was given to me by a lovely lady I met on jury duty (that's my most recent excuse for having not been hanging about here for, like, aaaaaaages) and, in a nutshell, he's like a chain letter but in cake form. You get given a bit of cake mix, which you add to for 8 days, split into 4, giving 3 parts of the mixture away to unsuspecting friends/eager bakers/ anyone you can find who reckons they can get another 3 folk to take a bit. You add some extra basics, some fruit, bake it and, voila, a fully formed Herman. Here's how it goes - be warned, this isn't one of those gloriously shot food posts. In fact, he doesn't look great most of the way through. Who cares though, right? Hopefully the words are painting a tiny picture and I can tell you that he tastes bloody lovely! Enjoy.

Mmm, non-descript cake mix.
Adding to the mix on day 4.
Masquerading as a giant jar of jam.
Warning, do NOT taste Herman raw. He is not a spoon-licking kinda cake. Who woulda thunk it with all that milk in him, sitting out for days. He's a bubbling bad-ass.

Herman split into 4, the rest of the ingredients are added, including apples and raisin. Fruit means he's totes healthy, innit?
I had so much cake mix, I had to bake two Hermans...
The Herman bits that got stuck in the cake tin. Perfect with ice cream on top! Yum!


Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Nom nom nom, this sounds delish!

Penny Dreadful Vintage

Anonymous said...

Herman the German haha how perfect!
Herman the cake looks fab, especially with ice cream!