11 April 2012

Big bright flowers and an Easter beasting

Evening. Don't be alarmed. When I say 'beasting' I'm being over dramatic. Easter has kicked me clean off the healthy wagon and I am huffing and puffing behind it, trying desperately to get back on. But I figure, whilst I'm off that wagon and hiding indoors stuffing my face with Celebrations and tea, I might as well hop on the blogging wagon. Make good use of my time and whatnot.

To catch you up: I joined Weight Watchers a couple of months back and am doing so-so with it. It's dead easy and actually makes good sense and seems to be encouraging a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, as opposed to some unsustainable ideal. However, what I wish to do, is incorporate said healthiness into my actual life in a way that lets me have... an actual life. I'm never going to be the chick that won't go partying or have a nice gin because she's "on a diet" or who won't go out for tea or cake for fear of what'll happen to the waistline. Equally, I don't want to be fat and unhappy but claiming to be 'enjoying' myself because I eat and drink what I like. There's more to life than the eating and drinking after all and I know, when I feel overweight and bloated it makes me unhappy. So I'm doing weight watchers. And the weight's coming off slower than it might if I stuck rigid but...see above. Plus, I have been gyming it dead diligently of late. I'm going to a big mix of classes and trying new stuff and mainly liking it. I've started (with the notable exception of the last few days) to look forward to my classes, whether it's sweating on a bike or knocking seven shades of imaginary shit out of whoever's pissing me off, at Bodycombat. But Easter. Man, Easter has knocked me flat in terms of both exercise and eating well! However, I've decided not to let it bother me too much, to have this few days blow out and to climb BACK on the wagon before the weekend. And, frankly (and smugly), I'm plenty fit enough these days to catch it...

So today, in an attempt to convince myself that I should be getting back on the aforementioned four wheeled, horse drawn vehicle, I decided to wear a pencil skirt. Cause they're all sooky and unforgiving, like.

OK, so this one's stretchy, which makes it a wee bit more sympathetic but, silhouette-wise, it is not forgiving! I breathed in a lot today when standing! Haha! You try getting a non bespoke pencil skirt to fit proportions like mine. I love this skirt though. I got it recently in H&M. They've done about a hundred million things in the print (I've seen a shirt, t-shirt, another skirt, a dress, trousers - there may be more) so normally I'd steer clear but I just loved the big bright florals so I nabbed it anyway. I actually tried the trousers too. Step too far for the pear. Ah well, gawd loves a trier. In a sly attempt to cover le belly du chocolate, I wore it with a nice baggy leopard jumper:
Jumper: Primark
S'cuse the smug arse face. I have no idea what that's all about. But, look! I stood somewhere new for a change. Yup, ALL my pictures are usually in the hall because there's a nail on the bathroom door that allows me to hang the camera at a height that works for pictures and to get far enough back to get my full length. You see, the only person who's ever in when I do my pics is my lovely and awesome husband. But - 1) he takes crap pictures, 2) I feel like a giant twat posing, so I prefer to just DI-My and use the nail. But, I realised today that there's a pic in the bedroom with a nail at an OK height. Woop. Don't I just tell the BEST stories? Here's a close up of my stinking awesome £1.50ish Primark sale necklace.

And it's only right that we finish up with some shoe perving, non? These shoes are bloody awesome. One of my best pairs for sure. Amazing. They never fail to bag compliments and why should they? I nearly broke my ankle at the front door this evening. But that's by the by. If I had, at least my feet would've looked good...



Talking about surprises: takes one to know one, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LLara I miss you so much.
Love, love tha skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

RainbowGlitter13 said...

I love your blog!!
Could you please check out mine??

Helga! said...

Easter Beasting!Bahahahaha!
Love the shoes.
I suspect EVERYONE falls off the wagon at Easter!I didn't,foodwise,but I drink drink an awful lot of BOOZE!Hurrah!XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Eeek those shoes are amazing!
Your style is so inspiring, I would never think to wear those as opposed to just oggle them!

Misfits Vintage said...

The shoes are the BOMB and the skirt rocks my frickin world! I LOVE IT! And yes, you do tell a crackin' tale! Sarah xxx

Boheme.Fille said...

Very nice! Love the skirt!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Fabulous necklace and shoes! =)