26 October 2010

Baby Bet rides again!

Yee-haw! So today I was going for this season's Prada meets classic Chanel, topped with wild beast for my look. All monochromatic and tweed and fairly chic and understated for me. However, fate had other ideas...imagine, if you will, this lovely dress:

With these absolutely delicious shoes (guess who figured out how to use 'collage' on Picasa today?! Me-eee!):

What a delightful look it would make. However, Primark's quality being questionable as it sometimes is, the dress has a dodgy zip. I really shouldn't have bought it (it's a size too big and has a dodgy zip) but I LOVE it and couldn't help myself. The zip wouldn't fasten when I tried it on but, a wee dab of carmex and some determination and up and down it was going. I decided if I could fasten and unfasten it when I got to the till, I would buy it. And charlatan that it is, it zipped up and down nicely.


So there I am, feeling smug in my sure-to-look-chic-ness bubble, on the dress goes and up the zip goes. NO IT DOESN'T. THE BUGGER JAMS AGAIN. And I'm hopping about the bedroom trying to get it up (ooh-er) and I have Mr Scribbler trying to get away for his shower, hoiking at the thing but it will not budge. Bastard. Mr Scribbler goes off for his shower and I try the trusty lip balm on the zip again but nothing. This thing is froze like ICE. It's as stiff as Wayne Rooney in an old lady brothel (apologies to the Rooneys. That's my second bad joke at their expense in as many weeks. If you will make it so easy though...). By this time, I'm getting grumpy, as well as getting a not very sexy sweat on so I decide to take it off. You better believe I was stuck! Worse than when I super glued my finger and thumb together. What a foo'! I had to retrieve Mr Scribbler from the shower to recommence hoiking, but this time the hoiking of the dress up over my head. Hot-diggity damn! I put on a clean dress and promptly pour tea down the front and, on account of all the dress antics, I have time for neither hair, nor make up and go to work looking like a tramp. 
The whole thing makes me chuckle now though. Plus, tramp or no tramp, tea or no tea, I got my enormous leopard hairy coat back from the dry cleaner yesterday so, ultimately, I did look a bit Bhetto (see what I did there? Like Bet Lynch? Though when you have to explain your 'joke' for fear of it not being understood it isn't normally a good thing) Fabulous. Another good thing is that I got my hair cut after work which is why it looks so freakin' good.

Coat - eBay
Dress - I made it. Yes I did - with my own fair hands.
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace - Accessorize
Look! Super smashing Swell hair! (I can't get these pictures to align themselves in a nicer fashion I'm afraid. You get the gist though, I'm sure - you're all very beautiful and intelligent). And tired make up free face.

Anyway, on to the shoes. Pair # 30 (wow! I just realised I now officially have more followers than the number of shoes I've worn. This excites me like a puppy who's just found his tail. Thank you for reading/following my blog. I appreciate it massively). These shoes, as above, are from Topshop and, following the dress dramatics, I was darned if I wasn't still wearing them as planned! They are gorgeous cream leather with black patent toe cap, heel, strap and platform. They're lined in tan leather and they're just stupendous. They're one of the most classic looking things I own and I've worn them loads since splashing out (by my standards) on them. I literally stalked my local Topshop stores trying to find them, as well as calling branches across the land (their stock organisation is HORRIBLE and they cannot tell you where stock might be, even if you're able to travel to the store. It's beyond annoying when you develop an unhealthy obsession) to try to locate them. Having been told they'd never have my size were out of stock etc etc, I popped on site one day to find they'd had an unexpected re-stock! Get a better system Topshop, you retail behemoth!
Time to go wash off my banana and oat facemask...


cupcake_couture said...

ohhh I wanted those shoes so much! I have the flat version x x

Smeeeff said...

How did I miss those bad boys on your feet today?

Lovely hair lady x

Kerry said...

wow traumatic! look beautiful though!

love kerry


Vintage Vixen said...

What a wounder about that lovely dress, I hate it when that happens, my zip sewing skills are abysmal. By the way, running a lead pencil up and down a dodgy zip is a good option, something to do with graphite.
You look fab, adore the coat, the handmade dress, the shoes and especially your gorgeous hair! xxx

Susan said...

Love the shoes :) but not as much as the hair, beautiful. x

Baby Games said...

how nice this maternity dress..
it look rockstar ^^
Mickey Buarao

Little Scribbler said...

Good tip Vix - I'll try it, thanks!

And thank you all for the kind commenst. Except the one about the maternity dress. It's a big coat not a hidden child - haha! x

Annushka said...

Very, very, very, beautiful my dear girl friend)))
Nice post.

Pearl Westwood said...

I hate it when that happens, I got stuck in my dress on my way out to a wedding, I had 5 seconds to change! Candle wax is good loosening zips.

sallyannie☆ said...

Oh! That sucks. At least you weren't in a changing room trying on new clothes, right? :) I hope you can fix it!