4 October 2010

What do you mean I'm so two weeks ago. I'm SO next year!

Like, I imagine, many people, the first pictures I saw of the Giles s/s '11 show were the images of Abi Clancy (love, preggers or not, he nailed a prossie - RUN FOR THE HILLS!) and Kelly Brook hitting the runway. I tell you, putting, as Carrie put it, a 'non-model' on the runway is a guaranteed publicity grabber these days. Just look at Jean Paul Gaultier with Beth Ditto today if you don't beeeeeeeleeeeeeve me. BTW, is anyone else loving her after the Fearne Cotton meets Beth Ditto show? I wanna bake cookies, go shop for vintage and do an unhealthy dose of karaoke too! Anyway, This post ain't actually about Ditto, Clancy, Brook or hookers so here we go:

 Once I'd been reeled in by Kelly's, frankly nasty, make up (it's definitely a look though) and actually pretty cute eyeball and flower print dress, I enjoyed what I saw! Here are some of my favourites:

I had to go for these two looks first for the sheer kooky factor. I for one would definitely like a head pom-pom for spring/summer/winter/whatever. What's not to love? Plus I am waaaaay digging the something-your-gran-would-knit with a twist jumper. However, whilst the mouse tee is cute enough, it ain't no decapitated Bambi (why did I like that so much?!) and I can say with some certainty that transparent yellow trousers will never be bothering my lower regions. No siree! Still, I enjoy a fashion show with humour and this certainly had it in spades.

 Next up is this pretty little puff skirted dress. Regular readers may have picked up that I'm a fan of the nipped waist and full skirt and I love that this is a slightly girlier, more youthful take on winter's austere take on the look. The bronzed crosses toughen the look slightly with the pink waist detail, adding a spoonful of sugar. My feeling on the neon shoes is 'they're god awful' but look out people cos neon is back, back, back. Seriously. Ask Christopher Bailey. This does not mean, if you are plentiful of belly, that you should rock a should-be-baggy-but-on-you-it's-clingy neon pink vest. Can you tell I've been offended by this vision recently. Seriously, you'll just look like a chav and that's never good. NEVER.

Check out this tremendous jumpsuit. In the same navy print as Kelly's dress, interspersed with the yellow of the transparent trousers, it focuses in on the waist and elongates with the yellow stripe down the side. Clever. I just love that it's a nice fusion of floaty elegance and silly fun.

Dear Giles. This is the one I'd like please. Sugar sweet, bow covered, boob cupping perfection! Admittedly pastels wash me out something chronic so I'd probably need well oranged up to stand a chance of looking good in this but when the dress is this cute, who cares. Plus, haven't you ever heard of Dylon ;-)


Alexandra King Make Me A Dress said...

Oh that dress is special, I think I's best pump up my skirts as they look a little sad next to this! Great writing by the way, always great to read! xxx

Little Scribbler said...

oh, as if your skirts could ever be sad - they're amazing! I'd happily wear them every day!