29 October 2010

Vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I'm gonna be honest. This is going to be a rushed post and, as the title suggests, I be beggin' on my knees baby!

I've been shortlisted to win the chance to spend a week at cosmopolitan.co.uk in a fashion journalism capacity. It's so very exciting and could be a fantastic chance for me to put my skills into practise and would be a great wee coup for my CV. But here's the bummer: getting into the top 10 was down to written talent, good times. However, winning it is down to a facebook vote. Now don't go feeling too sorry for me - I'm in 3rd place as I type, but it means it's all about the networking rather than the talent (which is quite frustrating). So, here I am, networking and BEGGING (I know it's not very classy but I'm dressed head to toe in the print du leopard today - I'M NOT CLASSY!) you to please just click on over and vote for me. And if you see fit to share my link on your Facebook page then more's the better. Here's my link:


Virtual hugs n kisses! And a proper post later too!

Little-Scribbler xx

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