8 October 2010

Dotty about shoes

I'm well jealous this evening. My pals are off to see the Charlatans and I couldn't afford a ticket. Boo! So here I am typing away instead, but, oh what a pleasure it is to be here. The shoes I'm wearing here (pair # 23) are from schuh, by Irregular Choice. Circa 2003 ish. Practically vintage, non? And as far as I'm concerned, they're one of the prettiest pairs I own!

So what's so good about them?

They manage to combine red and pink and still look good. I once had a pink t shirt with the outline of a lady in red (is dahn-cing with me!) with a big afro. It looked shit. Plus it was too short. So tragic.
They've got a frilly trim!
They're the perfect round toed shape
They have polka dots!

It's a shame the heel's been a wee bit munched by the mean cobbled streets of Edinburgh. It's just one of life's inevitability's - get nice new heels, wear them outside, catch them between paving stones.

Here's what I wore them with indoors (oh yes people - you're getting indoor AND outdoor looks! Aha! And don't even try to tell me that a little bit of wee didn't sneak out there in your excitement)

Look at me kidding on at being all demure. So, the shoes we know about (schuh, Irregular Choice, keep up!). Here's the chat on the rest...

Dress: Trollied Dolly (check out their new range - some ace stuff in there...)
Sparkly Lurex Cardi: George at Asda! It totally looks like something vintage though!
Leggings: Uniqlo
And here's the outdoor look (apologies for the slight 'dead person' look again)

What do you mean, "what's changed?"?! I've got a foxy aviator jacket on, of course! It's my bargain H&M one (£24.99 site says sold out I'm afraid) which, despite it's bargainousness is really cosy and doesn't look too plastic fantastic. However, if anyone wants to trade it for the Burberry, I will consider the request.

And one last shot of the shoes:

Final thought - is all the glitter and sparkle on Strictly giving anyone else that Christmassy feeling?


Abbie said...

Love this post, love the polka dot shoes, love the dress!

A Better Roni said...

Ditto to Abbie! Also, I think we're doing the same blog project! (I'm docu-ing all my shoes too!).

Thanks for your comment on my site, if you've got the same H&M dress that I do, then I'll be proud to wear it! :)

Little Scribbler said...

Ladies, I believe us to be a fine set of great minds!

Vintage Vixen said...

You look fabulous and you're right, that dress is very vintage-y.
Fancy missing out on the Charlatans, mind you with poor Johnny Brookes out of the picture it wouldn't be the same. xxx

sallyannie☆ said...

How lovely! Spotty anything is the best, and pink spotty shoes are just amazing.

LadyBugSays ... said...

Gorgeous shoes, pretty much all the heels on my shoes have been maimed by kerbs, cobbles & my clumsyness!

Little Scribbler said...

It's just such a pain isn't it?! Then there's nothing you can do but try to pull the leather back down and glue it in place. Crap bags!