14 October 2010

Donchoo step on my white leather shoes

I have a question when it comes to these Irregular Choice shoes. Has anyone ever seen Carrie wear them on Sex and the City? And, if so, what episode? Because a rumour did the rounds about 6 years ago that they were in there somewhere and, through all my viewings, I've never once spied them. Which would seem to point to the rumour being a bit of an urban myth. You gotta love a good urban myth though, really. Especially ones that 'definitely happened to her friend so and so!'

And right about now, I guess the Elvis-tastic post title's making sense, right? It's like a shoe tribute to the big man himself. Or his jazzy jumpsuit at least. I think they were called Elvis but I can't be sure. Let's face it, my 'facts' thus far, when it come to these shoes, are questionable at best. Facts apart, I totally fell for these shoes and, flying in the face of all that is good and safe, I bought them off eBay from a girl selling another pair. She was a doll and tracked down my size, I paid, she sent them, she didn't have to pay eBay fees and we all lived happily ever after!

Anyway, let's get down to the business of discussing the immense awesomeness of the shoes:

Dude, they're white leather and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
Dude, they're bejazzled and covered in rhinestones and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
They have a cutesy round toe
Dude, they have AWESOME metallic blue shiny lining (you can just see it peeking out above, like a secret lover from a marital wardrobe) and yet nothing about them says 'cheap' or 'hooker'
They have a high but walkable in heel - sometimes sensibility is a consideration!

And with all the bejewelled excitement, what was I possibly going to wear with these striking items of footwear fantabulousness?! Ah, wella, wella, wella huh! A bunch of stars, that's what! Do you think I've slightly dropped the demented red eye factor in this pic but slightly added a bit of a freaky waxwork factor?

Shoes - Irregular Choice, you guessed it, circa ages ago!
Leggings (worth a mention for a change since they're not plain black) - Uniqlo (get a piece of them here for £6.99 - bargain!)
Dress and Cardi - Primark

Tee - Primark
Necklace - I think from Exile (chav designer place with the odd decent buy) in Edinburgh. Hail Mary for kitschy gifts from friends! (Apologies to anyone this offends. Lighten up though, eh?)

Let's finish up with an artsy shot then I'm off to repent and have a bath. (Genuinely, I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I don't even know if it's supposed to be Mary even. Can you tell I've been burned on this front recently?! Sometimes I just don't learn though...)


behindtheshoes said...

Very nice.I'm sure Elvis would give his blue suede shoe of approval ;)

Rachelle X

Theresa said...

It's St.Therese of Liseux, it's a lovely necklace. I like your starry dress too. x

Ellinor Forje said...

From the top, I though they were flats so it's interesting that they are indeed heels. Nice photos, and blog. Come to mine when you have time.


Lee Oliveira said...

the studs on your shoes are amazing

vint junky said...

You're documenting your shoes?! Excellent idea ladyyy! Great blog x

Little Scribbler said...

Thanks for that Theresa! I am now officially informed! And thank you everyone for your comments. I'm just bursting that anyone actually reads this! xxx