17 October 2010

Evening people. How are we all? Good, I hope! Me? Ok. Had a good weekend but am suffering from complete and utter pizza face right now. I look like a teenage boy who discovered beer, chocolate, girls and that special feeling all in one weekend. It's face-splosion and I am NOT loving it. Here's the thing, I figure if you're old enough to be showing early evidence of wrinkles, legally, you should not be allowed to get spots anymore. It's only fair, right? It's too much face harshness. So, while I watch x-factor results later, I'm gonna bang on a 'Blemish Mud' face mask and hope for the best...

And onto the shoes. Pair #27 are from New Look and were around £7 in the sale - bargain!

There they are. They've fallen over. Or been 'artfully' arranged on my hall floor. The reason ALL my pictures are in the hall is because there's a handy nail in our toilet door with a 'toilet' sign and the camera hangs off it at a good height. Mr Scribbler ain't so good for taking the pics (he's well good at other stuff though so don't feel bad for us/me) so I just do my own. Plus, if I'm completely honest, I feel like a prick posing so in many ways it's preferable to do it myself. Anyway, here's a shot that's not great in colour but shows off the heel nicely:

I like the reasonably chunky heel on these shoes. I also like the concealed platform. I love the Barbie pink patentness of them and the pretty ruffle come t bar up the front. I do enjoy a good ruffle. In conclusion, these shoes are good and were a complete bargain. However, the patent is poor quality and snags easily. Here's what I wore with them (this picture predates the facial pizza) :

Primark Cardi. Obvs.
Black Uniqlo leggings with pink hearts - aww!
Urban Outfitters dress
Primark tee
Primark necklace

Note how the ridiculous face I'm pulling clearly says (I feel like a prick doing this)

 Right, I'm off to watch Strictly. What? I like that and X Factor. Get over it. It's not like I watched Big Brother or anything. Seriously, I didn't. (BTE see below right for snag in crappy patent)


Helen said...

Cute shoes - I love that they match the little love hearts on your leggings.


Lovely shoes and post!!!

Little Scribbler said...

Thanks guys! xx

Victoria India said...

LOVE your shoes! xo