23 October 2010

tFi Friday!

It's Saturday now (weeekeeend!!) but it was Friday yesterday and that's when this outfit and shoes # 29 happened. Roll with it people.

I had free tickets to see a show called Blaze, a street dance affair featuring a couple of the dancers from last year's UK version of 'So You Think You Can Dance'. My friend Ian and I are forever talking about auditioning for these shows but my dance skills are, sadly, much like Colleen Rooney's husband choosing skills (girrrrrrrl you can do bettah!) and I don't want to offend anyone's eyes or accidentally whip them out with a badly timed kick. Mind you, fear of offending people's senses doesn't stop me wailing along to the radio or rocking out at karaoke. It also doesn't stop me wearing glittery peep toes with lurex socks. More to come on that...

Oop-there they are! So Blaze! It was pretty good - the dancers were brilliant and I never fail to be impressed by people who can break and street dance - I just can't imagine my body having that capability plus, if I try to dance anything remotely streety, I just look like an awkward arse. The music was a mixed bag from Michael Jackson to Ellie Goulding (I think, I think she's super cute - I'm yet to decide) via Missy Elliott and some old school funk and disco. Good times. I only got the tickets on Thursday so myself and my pal A decided to make a night of it and tank some wine too. Which we did at the Brass Monkey in Edinburgh, home to the world's surliest barman. Hey, I don't care too much if you're not up for banter but if we're polite and whatnot, hearing more than just "9 pounds" wouldn't go amiss. There's your tip back in my pocket PAL! Anyway, point is, I decided I should whap on some sparkle and lippie in honour of the weekend and the dance. If you were 'lucky' enough to be in Edinburgh last night, you may be aware that it monsooned it down and it was cold:

So I needed my big denim cosy parka: Topshop years ago - I got 10% off for a missing popper as I recall.
Leopard print bag: Accessorize a few years ago (another one of those things that was more than I'd usually spend but that I've used a million times and love!)
Glitter peep toe heels: Office Vintage collection, 99p on eBay! Bargain!

Dress: Urban Outfitter
Belt: Accessorize
Leopard scarf: Accessorize
Cardi: Topshop
Socks: Can't remember

My hair's a state by this point on account of running about in the pissing rain with the big hood up. Surprisingly my feet didn't get that wet. The shoes fairy must've been smiling on me. Thanks shoe fairies!

And finally, t shirt: Primark
Necklace: Accessorize. Oddly I really don't have much of their stuff (I love it but I'm too cheap/skint/spend all my money on shoes to buy loads of it) but I seem to have covered myself in it!

Too cute!


And now back to the day job - the shoes. Firstly, wow, what a bargain these babies were! 99p and new! They're one of the things I love about eBay - there genuinely is the odd astounding bargain to be had in amongst all the shit that's on there now. I absolutely adore the fact that they're like old skool 'come dancing' shoes with their stumpy almost Cuban heel, little ankle strap and cute peep toe with pretty bow. I swoon for the fact that they're so sparkly (I woke up with some glitter in my ear this morning. No idea how that happened. I mean I'm pretty bendy for my size - I can get my big toe in my mouth and my little toe up my nose [don't ask] - but my shoes were nowhere near my ear. I think it just attests to the travelling and adhesive qualities of glitter). They're like foot mirror balls. And while I don't think I'd have thought to try it, I really like the silver and nude colour palette. I'm a big peep toe fan and the peep on these is as big as you can go before it's too big, in my humble opinion. Even if they do look a bit like giant fish mouths here:

I'm going to eat yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!


Vintage Vixen said...

What glorious shoes, very ballroom in a nice sparkly way.
You look uber-cute with your denim coat on. xxx

Pearl Westwood said...

99p Awsome!!

Anne-Marie said...

amazing shoes! god Im jealous!