1 November 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Ladies and gents, I know you all think of me as being some busy little fox (and you think that's the reason for my slightly sporadic blogging last week) but, this weekend I was house-wifely! (In between parties and gin. Though drinking gin is a pretty house-wifely thing to do if you ask me. It's just that I'm still celebrating with it and not drowning my sorrows). I polished stuff, tidied up some other stuff and, gasp, I baked the Christmas cake! Yes I did. Apparently it's important to do it in advance to make sure you allow enough time for it to ferment and fester and for the Christmas magic to brew. Exciting times! Here's how the magic unfolded!

I'll be dousing it in amaretto sporadically until it's time to marzipan it. I can't buy marzipan in advance because I only eat it. I am lacking badly in, er, what's it called? Willpower!! And, yes, you better believe I licked the spatula!

And onto shoes # 32! 32! A higher number than there are days in any given month!

And it's this delightful pair of Irregular Choice shoes from schuh.

Here are some reasons why they are, in fact, awesome. They're green and that's a good colour. They're super soft lovely suede - really soft. They have a kinda funny shaped heel and I appreciate that detail. The toe is rounded but not round - very nice. And finally, yes you better believe I am loving all over that big enormous green and silver sequined flower. They've really considered the practical here, making the petals wire edged so you can easily shape them up/down/off the ground! I've had them ages and don't wear them that often but every time I do they feel like a revelation and I get a wee excited glamorous feeling in my feet.

I decided that the only way to wear these shoes was to embrace the floral theme in my Trollied Dolly dress and to keep it cutesy in my heart print leggings. Top it off with an Asda cardi (I know - it looks totally vintage! Well I think so. I shoulda thought to take a pic of the buttons too as they have tiny flower details on them - unusual for a cheap cardi. I've got so much wear out of this thing though - green lurex is surely another one of my essential neutrals) and a funny face and you are good to go.

For next time, I'm hoping my friend got a decent pic of my Halloween costume as shoes #33 are at the bottom of it and I needs proof!!

PS - Mr Scribbler actually did way more house work than me this weekend and he deserves credit for it. He really is tremendous.


Vintage Vixen said...

Get you making a Christmas cake and polishing! A proper little housewife. Well I though you were until I noticed the last line about your man doing most of it (he's well-trained, like mine).
Love those shoes! xxx

Shirley said...

wow, those shoes are gorgeous! love it!