9 November 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Now I may not, a la Mr Dumpty, have sat on a wall on Friday night but my lord did I have a big fall. Yes I toppled in a not particularly Naomi Campbell-esque style from the top of shoes #35. Red or Dead ones from schuh. Another cheeky wee sale bargain too! Silver lining and all that...

Look how high they are! Yes it wasn't a small fall, it was spectacular...and their lining isn't silver, it's pink. Lookee!

So what was it that caused the aforementioned perilous fall? Well, the wine may not have helped. BUT I hadn't actually had that much so I'm dismissing it. No, to my mind it was the lethal combination of running for a bus in the dark, cobblestones and drizzle. And lo and behold and drizzle my nizzle, lethally combine they did, and I plunged elbow first (and have the bruises to show for it) into the gutter. The wet puddly gutter. (It could have been worse - I stood in poo the next day). Oh mortification. And as if to make it worse, the bus I was running for drove past me while I flew nimbly into the gutter, pulled in at the bus stop, even though no-one was getting off or on, waited until I got to the stop and then drove off while I was alongside it! What a bastard! Pardon my language. Seriously though, he was a bigger shit than the one I stood in.

Look at the scratches on my poor shoes. Thankfully they wiped down alright. I love these shoes. I imagine Abba might have worn them if they (Abba) were chicer. They're a kind of watered down gold metallic leather, with a nice solid platform and a sturdy heel (that I so shouldn't have been able to fall off! I'm usually alright on a heel!). Here's what I wore them with:

I'm hiding here because I'm still pissed off about the bus at this point.
Socks: Urban Outfitter £8
Belt: H&M
Dress (which I've fallen a bit in love with - who doesn't appreciate a matching collar and cuffs?): Urban Outfitter £22
And that's my tale of woe over ;-)


Smeeeff said...

I cannot believe that he drove off after your fall! How bloody rude.

Needless to say, you will have better shoes than the mean bus driver so the joke my friend is on him!

Vintage Vixen said...

What a scumbag! Poor you and your fabulous shoes. I love them. xxx

Style of a Fashionista said...

OMG what a dirt bag, but those shoes are pretty spectacular and look totally amazing with that dress. Hope you are not too sore xoxo

Vicki said...

i LOVE those schuhs!! they are awesome!!! love the heel esp! :) x

sarahbetty said...


I love the colour of these shoes, but gosh I can understand why you fell off them! Hope you're okay?

Just came across your blog and followed! I hope you like mine enough to follow too?

Sarah Betty xx

Pink Haired Princess said...

I laughed through this whole post, but not at your misfortune, more the way you narrated! The dress (and shoes) are gorgeous and damn that bus driver! Cobbles are the bane of my life : (