10 November 2010

We'll have a yabadabadoo time!

This is one of the those blog posts where I show you something I bought. But this wasn't just any old purchase, oh no. These are Wilma. They're from Aussie brand Senso via US website Solestruck. Uh-huh - serious international commitment to the purchase.

Although eventually purchased slightly on a whim (maybe more an impulse), I'd been coveting these boots for ages. I first blogged about them in straight up leopard print back in July when they were only my 9th ever blog post (my first few posts were genuinely just shite as I figured out what was even gonna go on this thing!). The pink version came to my attention in September and it's fair to say an obsession developed from there. They were out of stock in my size and I signed up to get an email alert when they were back. I got my alert and by the time I looked there were only 3 sizes left including mine so I took it as a sign, did a little excited dance, whipped out the credit card, bish, bash, zoom across the Atlantic, customs charges ahoy and they were mine! Kids, credit cards are NOT cool. Don't use them. For your peace of mind I'd like to inform you I shall be paying off the amount in full before the interest kicks in. Don't be a credit card sucka! Foo!

I enjoy Solestruck with their mantra to 'Rid the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time'. Plus their delivery boxes have quirky little slogans and stuff on them and that kind of thing just really appeals to me. I enjoy the detail. As far as Senso go, I don't know much about them although I'm sure I'll read up one day. However, they do fierce-ass kick-ass shoes and use freaky bunny heads in their ads.

And half naked dudes:

Really, they could use anything in their ads though, it's all about the shoes for me!

So why my excitement? OK, leopard print goes without saying by now, doesn't it? Here's the full list of awesomeness:

  • Bumper chunky HIGH heel (6 inches fact fans)
  • Whopping great platform
  • Eye bejazzling pinkness - I'm not sure the pictures show it to its best advantage but they are seriously pink - Barbie ain't got nuffink on these bitches
  • Foxy shoe boot shape with nice wide ankle hole
  • Nutty almond shaped toe
  • They make your feet look neat and that's always a bonus for my size 7 hooves
  • They're hairy!! I've developed a bit of a thing for hairy shoes - I just want to stroke them. Luckily I'm pretty bendy so even if I'm out and about I can just double over and have a feel.
  • They have a beautiful and luxurious leather sole. Mind you, for the price, I was kinda hoping for diamonds on the soles of my shoes. A wuh, a wuh! (Paul Simon - Google him. Or don't. Whatever)
Here they are on a fez. No, there's no reason, it was just there. It came from a wee shop in Turkey and I couldn't resist it. I'm adamant that myself or Mr Scribbler will one day go to a fancy dress party as a monkey in a fez.


Charlotte said...

these shoes are AMAZING. i think i need the more conventional leopard in my life. BEAUTIFUL.

Susan said...

OMG! Those are the most fabulous shoes I have ever seen :)

little rambling rose said...

lol these are the craziest coolest shoes ever X

sallyannie☆ said...

OOH wow those are amazing! Are they comfortable?

Vintage Vixen said...

Did you say a size 7? Where do you live? I MAY COME AND STEAL THEM IN THE NIGHT.
Words can't describe how much I love those beauties, so glam rock and 1970's inspired it hurts. xxx

Little Scribbler said...
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Little Scribbler said...

Haha! Yup, size 7 - bang on with the glam rock vibe! My secret covet, if I ever find myself with the perfect bod, is an all in one gold catsuit which would be perfect with these. Hee, hee!

Sallyannie - I think comfortable would be the wrong word but they're not UNcomfortable! The platform helps!

hiven said...

hah amazing
x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Pink Haired Princess said...

Wowee, they look fabulous! Solestruck dispatched mine within a few hours of ordering, so I should get them soon. How much is the customs charge if you don't mind me asking? I hope it's not too much-totally bankrupted myself buying them in the first place!

Also how is the fit? I ordered a US9 (I'm a biggish UK5), praying they'll be ok, going by the measurements solestruck gave. I'm now completely coveting them in bright purple like in your image, think we should beg them to release this colour too, heehee!

Little Scribbler said...

Hey Pink Haired! I'm usually a UK 7-8 and I ordered the 10 which, when it arrived was a 40 (UK 7) and fits but snugly so it sounds like you prob have the right size! I got an extra coupla sale pairs (seduced by free delivery over $199!) so on a total of (I think) $205, customs was about £35 inc the admin charge (yes they charge an admin fee!). Hope this helps! xx

Pink Haired Princess said...

Eek, ok thank you! I was $30 for shipping which I suppose isn't too bad. Keep having panics they will be too big or too small! From what they said about the sizing an 8/38 would be too small at 24cm, so hopefully the 9/39 will be better as I'm sure 24.5cm is the norm for a UK5 (not that I'm geek enough to know that, ahem!). I got a pair of Harajuku Lovers shoes in what I thought was a UK6 last month and it turns out they were a US9 and way too big...not even sure insoles will help. I hate when the sizing is US but the sites only put the UK size, because I don't know if they've gone up a size up or not! Geez, shopping for shoes can be so stressful!

asha said...

They are just gorgeous. How good is solestruck!?

Miss N said...

They are to die for! My kind of shoes ;)