11 November 2010

There must be an angel...(or two, or three)

I have a confession. Whilst I love all the fashion weeks and I LOVE couture fashion week (it's so costume and so make believe and there's just something wonderful about that), one of my absolute favourite shows is...the Victoria's Secret show!! Does that make me a pervy teenage boy!? I love that it's not too serious and that it's so colourful and sexy and fun! What's wrong with that? I also love that I can happily look at it on my lunch break at work, where if the boys did (and they want to. Oh, they want to), they'd get a slap. Tee, hee!

This year, in a genius masterstroke, my lady crush Katy Perry, current queen of the rubber dress who somehow pulls off Barbie fashion and still looks good, played the show/party. She has the same fluffy and girlie vibe as Victoria's Secret (whose underwear I actually think is a bit over priced and usually on the crap side - it really is just the show I love!) and her shiny pop (which I can take or leave a lot of the time. I'm not kidding - this is all about the aesthetic for me) just feels perfect for the occasion. Anyway, I'm not gonna do too much more chattering - this one really is just about looking at ladies in not many clothes - haha! But, the clothes they do have on feature rubber and feathers and basket and sparkles and a million other embellishments. Oh, and wings. Gotta love wings.

Yes, the skirt is minorly dodgy but Katy gets away with it! And don't even THINK about stepping on her blue suede shoes.

Hooker boots...give me back my blue suede shoes!

No-one can pull off a crinkly lilac crotch. Sorry K. Good wiggly head piece though.

I want peacock wings and black feathered ass curtains! And Karolina Kurkova's body.

Or a blue 'splash' backing board!

An outfit made of basket! Why don't we see this used more in fashion?!

Wooly arms and legs and everything else on display. Taste the rainbow of the flavours! Plus, perspex-a-licious!

Nice, er, wings...

Awesome wings!

Saddle up cowgirl! Farmhand? Whatever.

This one's sugar sweet. I'd wear that jacket!

Is it me or does Lily Donaldson not pull off smiling? Cos that's what we're looking at.

More peacock mega action!

This one's so good it deserves a close up too. Wings made of bubbles!! Poufy dress! Polka Dots! Exclamation marks!

You could kill/collect people with those wings. Awesome.

Hope you enjoyed the frothy fun. I'm off for a frothy bubble bath full of Lush goodies now!


Vintage Vixen said...

Anything harnessing the beauty of peacock feathers is good by me! xxx

Pearl Westwood said...

Wow Ive never seen a VS show and I had no idea how fun they are! I love the cowgirl angel!

Eva Karen said...

Loved the bubble wings!

Stevia said...

i want channel iman wings!
It's bubbles!
And it looks so fragile yet so amazingly . . . bubbly!


Vicki said...

looking at their wash board stomachs makes me depressed! seriously too stunning for their own good! lol.. love katy perry!! she rocks :) x

M.rolez said...

Love that boddys ! :D Your blog is super cute ! love it !! XOXO

Y said...

wow these outfits are CRAZY! I love the colourful/rainbow ones!

devilishlypleasurable said...

Oh Gosh. .I love Vic Secret's fashion shows and these are awesome!