18 November 2010

I'm goan catch me a bear - aar!!

It's the furry hat and checked shirt, innit. Something about them says that I'm gonna go catch a bear or wrestle a squirrel or something. My friend, after seeing my checked shirt on t'blog before, had a dream that I told her I only bought a checked shirt to try to bag a King of Leon (none in particular, just A King of Leon). Now, to my mind, this seems like a perfectly good reason to buy a checked shirt and I feel that if sales assistants used that line, more checked shirts would be sold the world over. However, I simply bought mine because a) I like it and, b) I'm apparently regressing back to my checked shirt and leggings wearing 14 year old self. These days I wear a dress too though as I no longer have my 14 year old self's thighs. Admittedly they were still on the ample side back then. Anyway, here's the bear catching look in all it's glory:

As you can see, there's also a definite bag lady vibe going down here too (a multi-faceted look, this one. Bag lady, bear hunter and, I'm putting it out there, I reckon I could walk onto your average trailer park and not an eyelid would be batted.). It's because it's been so FREAKIN' cold that I've needed the layerage.

T-shirt and (faux fur) hat: Primark
Denim dress: New Look
Shirt: H&M
Cardi: Toppers or Primark
Leggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Lady Luck Rules OK

In the word of Chandler Bing, "Could I be wearing any more clothes?!"

Shoes # 36 are, as above, from Topshop. From about 3 years ago when their shoes suddenly got awesome but before they became almost entirely unaffordable. I feel head over heels (actually, I really have fallen off these shoes too and I did myself a proper ankle mischief. I had to cancel the gym and everyfink. Satan's minions at work.) in love with them on first sight. The grainy cream leather, the chunky wooden heel, the gorgeous frill up the front, the girlie styling. They're just dreamy. Dream-a-licious!


Vintage Vixen said...

You look adorable! There's a gap between your tights and the ankle socks...cover it up quick! xxx

katieafox said...

Shoes are lovely :) And I'm loving those cute socks too; remind me of the ones I rocked at Primary school!

Haha I love that episode of Friends


Cowbiscuits said...

that keybaord kitty necklace!! ahh I have to have! :D xx

sallyannie☆ said...

aww your hat is adorable! PS friends is amazing :D

Vintage and Cake said...

Loving this playful outfit, I have those shoes in the blue suede and that hat (mine is a little different) loving your checked shirt BTW and what a cute necklace xxx

Pearl Westwood said...

I just got a similar hat, I love the layered up look!

dinoprincesschar said...

I just got an leopard print hat like that, and can't think what to wear it with..I totally agree about topshop shoes being wildly expensive, and also with the person who says that necklace is fab!

devilishlypleasurable said...

Channeling your 14yo self? Sounds fab to have a little time spin! LOVE how you did those shoes with the lace socks

Little Scribbler said...

Ooh, vintage and cake, I loved the blue ones too! And dinoprincesschar - I say wear that hat with anything!
Thank you for your kind comments ladies! xxx

LadyBugSays ... said...

Keyboard cat necklace?! AMMMMMAAAZING!