27 November 2010


This year I decided to go less high street and more local, small and crafty for Christmas presents. Twitter and blogs have proved to be a goldmine when it comes to discovering individuals running small craft based stores and I've been getting my own craft mojo on too. I figured I'd share my questionable efforts with y'all as well as giving a cheeky wee plug to a couple of the best shops I've come across.

So, it's my blog - let's start with me. I started with some fancy nail painting last night:

 I am no artist - this will become apparent when you see my Christmas cards - but I was feeling inspired while watching Kirsty's homemade home.

I have a gorgeous H&M maxi dress - it's orange and has peacocks on it. It's lovely for wafting about in, in summer (remember summer?). Or it was until some punk cycled too close to me, making me rub against a fence which snagged then ripped the dress irreparably. I spent the rest of the day having to be on constant guard against accidentally flashing lady garden (well, knickers but still...). Anyway, as I love the dress so much, I decided I'd keep it and do something with it. Here's what I did...

 Et voila! An owl cushion for my friend's house warming present!

And onto the Christmas cards:

I was one of those kids who quite enjoyed art but was ultimately sort of shit at it. I haven't got much better but I don't really care. And who doesn't love the personal touch?

So that's about as far as I go craft-wise. When it come to jewellery, I have to rely on others. I mean I could knock out something and have made the odd brooch here and there but I'm not massively skilled when it comes to jewellery. Unlike the lovely Stars n Scars, who I discovered through Twitter.

I can't show you what I bought from her as it's for a Christmas present and I don't want to ruin my friend's surprise but look how prettily presented the, er, present is! How lovely. Here's a little selection of some of my favourite pieces from the store:

 I believe all the designs are hand drawn/doodled by Vicky, the talent behind Stars n Scars. I also believe she's doing free P&P today so pop on over and have a look! 

Next up is Crown and Glory whose stuff I came across on Magpie Girl's blog. I saw her teapot and cup hair slides and couldn't resist popping over to the shop for a look.

I love how cute and kitschy they are. Crown and Glory sell all kinds of, mainly hair related, goodness, including clips, slides (some of which double as brooches), fascinators and hairbands. It's not your usual run of the mill fair though and items are adorned with flowers and laser cut felt. Here's a wee look then get yo' ass on over there!

Time to head off out for dinner!


Missy Vintage said...

That dress is stunning material.Would have been a shame to waste it. grrrrr at that pesky biker tho! x

cupcake_couture said...

this post is great! supporting the bloggin community and saving yourself pennies!


Danielle said...

I love DIY moments - I make my own Chrimbo cards every year. Making every single one individual is hard but I think the receiver really likes it.

I love your Owl cushion - I can do most with arts & crafts, and a spot of jewellery but add sewing into the mix and I am useless

Vintage Vixen said...

You did brilliantly with that cushion, it's gorgeous. xxx

Little Scribbler said...

The happy ending Missy Vintage is that I got a replacement for the dress on eBay - yay!

If anyone else has suggestions for good small online stores I'd love to hear 'em BTW x

Sara Louise said...

thanks for introducing to me stars and scars !
im always looking for new folsksys!

Missy Vintage said...

I like a happy ending. The cushion is fab and at least you have a fun story to go with it. Who'd have thought an owl and a lady garden would ever be in the same the same sentance??? I wish many punctures on the biker though. x

sallyannie☆ said...

Your owl cushion is really cute! I think you're pretty good at art :)

Alex said...

The owl cushion is quite ridiculously gorgeous, you clever so-and-so! Did you freehand it or is there a pattern out there that I can pinch to attempt my own?

ps - I LOVE the googly eyed mince pie card!!

Little Scribbler said...

Hey alex-nope just winged it (pardon pun) on the owl. I cut out the shape of Hal of the front of it on pattern paper and then used that to cut the fabric to keep it symmetrical. That should say 'half' further up my comment btw-doing this on my phone and it's hideous to type on!

Abbie said...

Love the owl cushion, it's brill!! :D xx