16 November 2010

Take it to the max(i)

Yay! I'm back after my birthday hiatus. And, no, I'm not yet 30.  And I'm not well enough organised to have planned scheduled posts or anything while I was busy so, post last post, time simply ran away ahead of me and I'm just finding the time to blog now. However, I hope you'll agree this one was worth waiting for. Not because I've suddenly started taking amazing quality pictures. Or because this post is gonna be super funny. Or even because I wore the awesome giant leopard print wedges (though I do think you should spare a mo' to revel in their greatness). No, this post was worth the wait because I finally wore the gorgeous electric blue maxi dress I bought months ago from Miss Kitty Litter Vintage (which sadly closed down just after I bought the dress - I'm fairly sure it had nothing to do with me but who can ever really be certain?)

I wore it for my birthday night out to Electric Circus in Edinburgh. You walk in and you see a bar with some seating and a wee dance floor - it looks alright and on the cool side. However, the hidden cheesy genius of Electric Circus lies along the corridor off the dance floor. Seven rooms. Seven private karaoke rooms of varying sizes for between 4 and 50 people. Oh yes. I'm one of those losers who cannot help themselves when the karaoke cracks out and who gets more and more carried away and excited as the evening wears on. Therefore, this place was perfect for my wee party and, once you stopped smelling the sick-masked-with-bleach (mmm!) in the room, it was such fun! You program in the songs you want to sing and away you go. You even get waitress service to your room so you don't waste any singing/laughing time going to the bar. It's such fun! Plus after we finished with our room they had a wee indie nightclub going which suited me just fine.

Would you believe, this picture is from the END of the night and, if I do say so myself, I reckon I look in not bad nick, given the vigorous sweaty dancing I did and the fact that we walked most of the way home in the pissing rain (good old Scotland living right up to its weather stereotype).

Dress: Miss Kitty Litter Vintage, £12.50
Wedges: 20-ish quid from a saucy sounding shop on eBay
Belt: French Connection sale
Necklace: Lady Luck Rules OK

I'd decided the dress should be styled up in a Studio 54-esque disco style on account of the karaoke partying, which is why I went for the sparkly belt and wedges. There are a few reasons why I love this dress so much. I absolutely adore the colour. It's good for dressing up but I reckon it'll be cute with wooden/tan sandals and a tan belt in summer too. It was £12.50 and when it arrived it fit perfectly. How often does that happen when you buy something that's a good price and vaguely sized from a vintage site you've previously never heard of?! Almost never - that's how often. I reckon we all have plenty crappy eBay purchases to back that up. Plus, it's one of those items that, when you put it on, it's like it was made for you and it makes you feel awesome. And you gotta love a dress with that kind of power, right? I even looked graceful in it when I fell off my wedges on the dance floor (well I did in my head at least. In the same way that, dah-dah, dah-dah, I'm the greatest dancer). If you're gonna fall though, off your wedges on the dance floor seems to me to be a good way to do it. I must start being careful - I'm going to do myself a mischief with all this shoe falling off!

Here's the stag ring I wore. My very kind friend Lynsey, knowing my recent obsession with animal rings got me a set that included this little guy, a squirrel and a fox. Between them and my bunny ring, I'm one finger (or a thumb) away from a hand forest!

Before you go, I thought it seemed only fair, as blog pics are all too often all nice and posed, to share a pic of me maintaining my dignity while belting out a bit of Whitters. The moment was almost certainly topped by my rendition of the Jay Z section of Crazy in Love (seriously - that little Cher on X-Factor ain't got nuffink on my mad rapping skillz) but who can resist a bit of karaoke Whitney?


Carol said...

Love love love the dress!

sallyannie☆ said...

That dress is amazing! It makes me want to go out and buy a maxi dress too...HMM

Happy birthday, by the way! :D

Vintage Vixen said...

You look fabulous. That dress is just divine, very Studio 54, you're right. Love the shoes and rings. Hope you had a brilliant birthday. xxx

katieafox said...

Gorgeous dress, the belt goes perfect with it- thought it was part of the dress!

Looks like you had a great night ;)

I love your blog lady, you're getting followed!
(sounded a bit stalkerish there)


Danni and Maria said...

You look drop dead gorgeous, end of the night or not! The colour really makes you pop and I adore the wedges too *swoon*

Maria xxx

Little Scribbler said...

Aw, thank Maria! You make-a me blush!